Okay Boys and Girls It's time to play Peanuts Trivia!

Here are the rules and conditions:

  1. The questions I will ask are pulled from my collection of Peanuts books I own (over 78 and still collecting!)
    So looking in the Peanuts FAQ may or may not help you.
  2. The answers are not, I repeat not, hidden in this or any other source code.
  3. Winners' names will be posted in the winner's spot unless they specify not to.
  4. The winner will be the one who answers the most questions right for each round. (several of these questions are meant to be hard, I couldn't answer alot of them without my resources)
  5. All answers must be in my box before 5pm on the last Friday of the month.
  6. All people who entered the contest will NOT have their address sold to a mass marketing company.
  7. Every who tries will get the answers sent back to them for future references. (yes I may ask them again if not many people know the question)
  8. I will send a certificate to the winner each time as a prize. (everyone will find out how good or bad my graphics skills are)

Time to play

What is like a forrign language to Peppermint Patty?

What did Charlie Brown say was the one thing you must be absolutely sure of when getting ready for bed?

Who went to look for Charlie Brown and Harriet when they got lost in the woods?

How did Harriet find the Beagle Scouts in the woods?

How did Sally once convince someone that her religion was better than his?

What ws the name of the book that got Peppermint Patty into reading?

What does Marcie think Peppermint Patty's baseball team needs?

Why did the neighbors call Charlie Brown once in the middle of the night?

Who mugged Woodstock at a fishing trip?

What did Linus compare the poverbial clean slate to?

Thanks For Playing, Hope You Had A Fun Time

Please enter your name, where you live in this box.

I prefer not to have my name shown if I win

The deadline for this month is July 31

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