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Here Are My Wacky Dreams!

To say that I had a weird dream is to be redundant. All my dreams are wacky in the extreme. Friends and
family cringe when I begin  "I dreamed last night that......."  But I like to share, so here they are:

  August 18, 1998
    (actually 1/27/98) - Dreamed about Xander. He and I and some other people were out in a downtown area walking down the street - maybe some event going on that night. We were window shopping and one of our group (Peggy from work, I think) saw a dress in a store and wanted to go in. Xander was all for shopping but when we walked in he kind of stopped and said "what kind of store is this?" It was a plus size store (and Peggy is 5 feet tall and petite!). We went in anyway and the sales lady was helping Peggy. Evidently, we had already been shopping, because Peggy had a dress I knew was new, but none of us liked it. The sales lady didn't either and seemed eager for Peggy to try on something else.

    Xander was talking to me very earnestly - explaining to me about Cordelia (maybe I was Willow?). He said something like because he didn't know her well, he could act like this with her. He really seemed to think that was a valid explanation. I felt a really strong bond with him - like we'd been friends a long time. At one point in the shop, I looked in the mirror and it was me (Mel) in a plus size red sheath dress, looking tacky and very large. At this point I remember when we first went in the shop, I felt paranoid that everyone wanted to go in because they knew I wore huge sized clothes.

    Changed to we're at my grandmother's house. Lots of people there. I don't recall any of what happened after that. I don't think any of the others from the 'Scooby gang' were in the dream.

    (comment: my first Xander dream - what a treat!)

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  August 17, 1998
    (actually 8/9/97) - Me, Mark and a guy I don't know were searching for a hair salon. Not in greatest part of town. Entrance was at bottom back of a strip mall. We drove around later looking for something else. We stopped at a diner, and some girl comes in, paranoid someone would break into her T-bird because the top was down.

    Changed to I was talking to Mark on the phone. We were discussing a previous joke about invisible people on TV and then Bohdi (one of my cats) said "maybe you should evaluate/check your......" or something like that. I told Mark and kept saying "no, really, Bohdi can talk!" Then Bohdi started talking like crazy and I just held the phone to his mouth so Mark could hear him.

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  August 16, 1998
    (actually 8/13/97) - Don't remember first part of dream - something about being at the store with Mom and my brother. Next segment was at a big house - Heidi's family were there, others, Harrison Ford and his young sons. Teena and some of the others from the firm were also there. We were ghost hunting - for a poltergeist - there had been two things happen involving a shower curtain. We were watching a video for awhile, then were using office to change clothes but two guys came in.

    Changed to I was talking to Harrison Ford, sitting beside him outside as he worked doing ?? - maybe chopping wood or carpentry. I was hitting train track trestles with sledge hammer, and then later fell asleep with my head resting on his knee. (I had my tapestry blanket with me). He left for a minute and came back. I woke up and there were two other guys there and they were going to play poker and Harrison had dealt me in. I kept having too many cards.

    Changed back to ghost hunting. Everyone was going except Harrison and his sons. He opened a ceiling panel with a boost from the others. They let him down head first on floor. I helped him up. We were alone at that point, as everyone was getting ready to leave. He seemed shy. I asked if he wanted to go and he said no. Then he leaned down as if to kiss me and I reached up and kissed his cheek.

    (comment: I felt very fond of Harrison Ford after this dream )

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