After 13 years, Maynan's Care Bear Connection is be closing it's "doors." I am selling off a majority of my Care Bear inventory this summer.

I have plushies (no British versions, but mostly vintage!), and hundreds of books, accessories, bedding, etc. Most of it's going up for sale! Thanks to so many of you who showed me your support and love over the years. Take "care."

Hugs and Tugs $10
traditional vintage crib bedding set,$25
Red vintage $7
Same lunchbox with no thermos, $4
Tons of
books, make offer
Large 18" plushies, $5 each
2 vintage suitcases (pretty dirty, but then again I've never tried to wash them), blue and pink available, $2.50 each
Assorted vintage audio cassette tapes, $1 each
Care Bears Music Video VHS, $2
Cloud keeper poseable, $15
MIP Bedtime Bear poseable, $15
Cross stiched framed "G" with Tenderheart bear on it, $5
My First Care Bear play cube for baby (rare!), $5
Care Bear Suncatcher set (rare!), $20
Set of 4 Care Bear wood figurines (rare!), $25
Cloud car (not in great condition, stickers rubbed), $5
Care Bear valentines, $2 each package
Funshine ceramic bank, $5
Plastic Cheer Bear bottle figure (head is missing screw portion, so it just sits on the base instead of being water tight), $1
Handmade Good Luck Bear bank (cute and well done), $1
Cheer Bear plastic Halloween costume ($4)
Rubber toy - Tenderheart Bear in Cloud mobile, $2
Tenderheart with Balloons ceramic figure, $5
Bedtime Bear and Good luck bear small juice glasses, $7 set (RARE!)
Care Bear mint in package plastic headband, bracelet, and ring set, $3
Care Bear kleenex in plastic pack, $1
Ceramic "head" mugs, $7 each - Funshines, Friend, Bedtime and Tenderheart available, most with original tags!
2 Purple Care Bear play phones (never tried to see if they work, no cord to connect them), $7 set or $5 each
Vintage 36" Tenderheart plushie - some damage. Tear in hand (easy to fix, it's a straight line. I could do it for you if you'd like. And a melted heart nose (still, it's a rare display item), $20
Complete set of 6 Care Bear Pizza Hut glasses (Tenderheart, Cheer Bear, Friend Bear (RARE!), Funshine, Good Luck Bear (RARE!), Grumpy, $80--This set cannot be broken up
Care Bear Toy chest and matching desk (RARE!), both in good condition, $75 for set (can't be broken up... I have no idea what shipping would be)

Other 80s toys:

Strawberry Shortcake:
Strawberry Shortcake metal shelving unit-three shelves, GREAT condition! $25
Custard ceramic Christmas ornament, $2
SSC round fabric Christmas ornament, stuffed, $1
Strawberry Shortcake food container-plastic, insulated, $3

Herself the Elf ceramic figure - laying on a leaf, $3
Herself the Elf necklace charm - metal, enamel, $5

Moondreamers doll - pink and silver outfit, I think she was the main character, clothes but no shoes, $3

If interested in any of these items, please Email me for photos, shipping prices, and any additional information.

E-mail me at Care-A-Lot Inc.

You can watch my eBay auctions HERE!!!