A Second Chance for Love

Her bare feet stepped lightly one after another on the soft muddy ground. She could feel the ground in-between her toes. It felt as if she were walking in quicksand. She looked down at herself and saw she was wearing a white almost see through nightgown that went down to her ankles. The bottom of the nightgown was rustling through the wind.The trees around her were bare and hung to the ground like a childís ratted hair in the morning. She knew this place very well, but tremendously regretted the fact. The place she was at brought her the most sadness she had ever known.

Finally her feet stopped, but she wished with all her heart they would keep going! She tried to turn away, but it was like she had no control over her head or body anymore. Something forced her to look down. It was the most horrible sight sight she had ever seen. In front of her stood a headstone. The top of it was smooth as it rounded to the ground. She knelt down beside the headstone to read it, even though she knew the words as though they were ingraved in her heart. The words were so deep and so clearly written you could see them for more than 12 feet away.She sucked in a deep breath of cold air and breathed it back out as a single tear ran down her cheek. The words that were so heavily written on the headstone read:

Christopher James Lorenzo

Died: December 10, 1995

Born: April 12, 1963

A wonderful Husband


Great Detective

She ran her fingers over the words as tears ran quickly down her cheeks. She looked up into the dark starry sky above her and said a little prayer into the sky. She tried to calm herself down. She stood up slowly and held the wedding ring she wore on a chain her neck tightly.

Just as she was about to leave, the ground beneath her started to shake. She tried to run, but her feet felt as if they were nailed to the ground. She tried to scream for help but when she opened her mouth no sound came out. The ground began to quake harder. All of the sudden she fell to the ground helplessly like a rag doll a child threw to the floor. She tried to find something to hold on to, but there was nothing in sight! A bright glowing green light burst through the ground surrounding her loveís grave. She tried to get up but an unknown force held her to the ground. All she could do is lie there and watch the horrible scene.

As the ground continued to shake and glow a large object began to lift up from the ground. Tears were streaming down her face and her body was trembling all over. Slowly the object became visible. The green glow vanished and the ground stopped shaking. Everything around her was still except the wind that whistled the trees and rustled through her hair, which gave her a chill down her spine. Slowly she helped herself up to her feet. The object that was shaken for the ground was a big white coffin.

She wanted to run non-stop so far away from this awful place, but she knew she couldnít. She was terrified, but also she was very curious of what was to happen. She began to make her way slowly to the coffin. Her feet felt like they were dragging a slab of cement. She extended her hand out to touch the pure white as snow coffin it burst open as if it were a jack in the box. She jerked back frightened, afraid that someone or something was going to come out at her. But still she stood there in her tracks waiting in anticipation and fear of what was coming next. To her surprise nothing came out at her. the coffin just remained open. The only noise she could hear was the wind. She took a deep breath and again slowly made her way back to the coffin. When she have reached it she closed her eyes afraid to look down at what was the in there.

As she bent her head down she slowly flickered her eyes open. Her stomach felt nauseous, her whole body felt numb and she felt as though her heart had just stopped.She knew who she was starring at.The man just lay there so stiff and still.He was so precious to her.This man was her parter,husband,best friend,and soulmate all at the same time.

Suddenly his eyes popped open like a cork on a champagne bottle.She gasped in fear.His sad bright beautiful blue eyes were building tears as he looked into her warm overflowing forest green eyes.She felt as if she were swimming into a deep sea of blue.

Finally almost not even audible,he whispered something.She had to listen closely in order to hear him.He kept whispering the same thing over and over again.

"Help me Sam.I love you.Please help me! Sammy I love you,please donít run from me! I love you and I need your help Sammy!"

The words were being blown into the wind.She went down to the ground and formed herself into a little ball against a nearby tree and began to sob.

* * *

Rita Lee Lorenzo jerked straight up in her queen size bed drenched in sweat and crying uncontrolably.The nightmares just wouldnít stop.She had gotten to the point where she was terrified to go to sleep at night.Her husband Chris Lorenzo had died almost seven months ago and the nightmares were still coming.

A few seconds later Benny Lorenzo burst though her door.Benny was Chrisí father.He wasnít a very good father to Chris,but then again his mother wasnít much of a saint either.Benny always regretted not being much of a Dad and he was thrilled when he found out Chris and Rita had finally tied the knot.

After his sonís death Rita didnít know where to go,but she did know she had to find a place that was best for her and the baby.Benny was more than happy to invite Rita to come move in with him.He also thought of it as a way to repay Chris for being a terrible father.

Another reason was Rita was carrying his grandchild.He loved Rita just like a daughter and it was so lonely around the house being all alone.

He had always wondered why they hadnít got together earlier.In fact the first time he saw Rita was when he came to Palm Beach to meet Chrisí girlfriend Jillian.Jillian was a doctor which at the time Chris thought to be his future wife.Benny had first saw Rita going down the hall trying to find the Homicide Division.At that moment Rita was just happening to walk that very way and asked him if he needed any help.He then asked her to run away with him without even knowing at the time who she was.

Ritaís reponse was "rub a lamp".

When she made her way back to her desk Chris asked why she was smiling.Rita told him about an older but attractive man that was just hitting on her.Chris said that she had lost her touch and she should be outraged.Just the Benny walked in and Rita thought he had followed her in there when Chris informed her that he wasnít looking for her and went to go give his Dad a hug.They were then introduced and an embarrassed Rita then left to go talk to George.

After she left Benny thought she was the girlfriend that he was suppose to meet and was extremely shocked to find she wasnít.But Benny now always tried to convince Rita that he knew they would end up together someday.

Rita loved staying with Benny.She could see where Chris received most of his charm from.She also knew that choosing to take Bennyís offer to stay with him was for the best and decided Chris would like it this way.

Benny quickly saw Ritaís condition and knew it well.He raced to the bed and tried to the best of his knowledge to comfort her.He practically scooped her into his arms and started rocking her back and forth patting her head against his chest.When Benny came to her rescue she felt safer and also a sense of belonging.

"Shhhhhh.....Itís OK, itís ok,Iím here now your going to be ok.Are you still having those same nightmares of Chris?"Without receiving an answer but continuous sobs he tried again to soothe her."Shhhhhhhhh..........Itís ok your going to be fine."

"They havenít stopped and they wonít go away.I love your son SO MUCH!!!Chris was my whole world.Itís like loosing half of myself.Your son was.......is so precious to me and I canít live without him!Why?Why did he have to leave me Benny?"she stops for a second to try to breath normally and then continues."I need him.We need him.The baby and me.We were supposed to be a family!"she practically screamed and started to sob again.

"Shhhhhh.....I know I know.I also know you were his whole world to.He talked about you all the time.My son loved you more than anything.I could see the love you shared for eachother in your eyes before you two did."at this time her sobbing had lessened and he had her total attention."But I also know he wouldnít want to see you suffering like this."he explained soothingly to her.

"In my dreams I am walking through the cemetery that he was buried in.I make my way to his headstone and his coffin is shaken from the ground.I want to scream or run, but I canít.All I can do is stand there and cry.I look into his beautiful blue eyes",she the suddenly had a slight smile on her face just picturing him and went on,"I can see the tears in them.He keeps asking to help him,but I canít.I wish I could,but I canít.All I can do is look at him and wish I could help him."she explained trying to give him a picture on what her dreams were like.

"Well it might mean something, but what I really donít know.It does sound like the dreams are getting worse.But try and calm down right now.You are to upset to talk about it."he looked over at the alarmclock and saw in bright red numbers that it was 6:32 am.

He pulled her away from him a little to look in her tear stained red eyes."Rita,why donít I go downstairs and fix you some breakfast while you,my pretty get ready?"

"Benny you really donít have to make me anything.I can do that myself really."she replied.

"Nonsence,you are in my home now and you are carrying my grandbaby.You will be treated the way any lady should be treated.Like a queen,like it or not."seeing that she was about to protest again he replied"Besides if you donít let me treat you like royality,it would be the same as insulting me."he smiled.

Well what could she say to that?So she just decided to let him have his way."Ok,you win"she answered.

"Wonderful!So how does blueberry pancakes and milk sound to you?It will be ready as soon as your finished."

"Thanks,that does sound wonderful."she replied still feeling guilty.

"Great!",he said with a clap,"Itís a done deal",with that he kissed her forehead and was out the door.

Rita made her way out of the bed and headed towards the bathroom.She walked in and looked at herself in the mirror.Her short wavy brown hair touched her shoulders lightly.Her face was pale and her green eyes were bloodshot.

She sighed and looked down at herself.She was wearing a black nightgown that went down to her knees.Her stomach in her opinion was huge,but really she looked fantastic for being 8 months pregnant.

* * *

After she had showered,she had her way to the closet.She looked down at her stomach again when she felt a light kick from her baby.

"Ok sweetheart weíll go eat,but first letís decide which parachute we should wear today."she let out a little sigh,"You do realize little one that you are destroying my figure donít you?"She laughed silently to herself."How about the blue outfit?"she asked herself,but also to her unborn child.

"I canít wait until you are born.Not only will I get some normal clothes,but I will get to see your father again.At least in a way.I hope you look so much like him"she paused and began to rub her belly,"so I can see your Daddyís smile and deep blue beautiful eyes again."she sighed again and finished getting ready.

* * *

About an hour later Rita came down the stairs and sat at the kitchen table In front of her was a plate with three blueberry pancakes and a tall glass of milk. Benny sat on the other side of the table drinking a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper.He put the paper down as soon as she sat down.

"Good morning".he said with a smile

"Thank you Benny.This looks wonderful. She replied grabbing her fork.

"My pleasure doll.So are you planning to go any other places other than seeing the doctor while your in Palm Beach today?"

Rita took took a drink of her milk and replied,"Yes actually I was planning on stopping by the police station and talk to my Captain,Holly,and some others.Also maybe take a walk on the beach and,"her face saddened,"before I leave I will go by Chrisí grave."There was a long silence as they looked at eachother."

"Ok,but do me a favor alright?Be careful driving and doing anythingelse.You look out for yourself and that grandbambino of mine.",he then tried again convince her to let him go,"I really wish you would let me take you."he pleaded.

"No,really itís ok Benny.I want to go alone.I feel like I need to think some things out that way maybe my nightmares will even go away"she replied scooting her chair out as Benny leaped up to help her."Actually before I go anywhere I need to give Cap a call.I want to make sure he will be there when I come."she called as he made her way to the phone.She picked up the black receiver and dialed Harryís number

ring................ring...............ring "Yeah what is it?Have I changed my policy about disturbing me?" replied Captain Harry Lipschitz.

"Hey Cap itís me Rita."she replied with a huge smile on her face as she thought about her dear captain.

The captain thought of Chris and Rita as his own children.He was upset about their relationship at first,but then he loved it.He claimed he knew it when they told him they were pregnant.He was very upset when he had to find out about their wedding in a newspaper.Actrually really just hurt in Ritaís opinion.And she could understand why.He was extremely upset when Chris died.To him it meant loosing a best friend,son,and one of the best detectives in the whole force.His heart was even more crushed when Rita told him that she was leaving.That meant loosing another great friend,daughter and the other great detective in the force.The captain always said that they were the best damn team he had ever worked with!Rita hadnít called for a couple of months and hadnít seen him since she left.She couldnít wait to see him again.And it was nice to hear his voice again.

"Rita?!Is it really you?WOW! It has been a long time!How are you?Are you still living with Chrisí Dad?Howís the baby?Nothingís wrong is it?Are you all right?Is my Godchild alright?"he asked fanatically.

"Woh!Woh!Cap calm down.Iím fine and so is the baby.Yes I am still living with Chrisígenerous father.Actrually I am coming down to Palm Beach today for a baby checkup.I was wondering if you will be in your office today.If you are I will stop by and say hi.But I canít be long ok?Everything is going to remind me of Chris and that isnít good for me or the baby.But I canít wait to see you.Maybe we can catch up on old times.So what do you think?"she asked.

"Really?That sounds wonderful Rita.Iíll tell Frannie your coming in town,so she can say hi.I canít wait to see you!You have no idea how much we miss you.What time will you be around do you know?"

"Well my appointment is at 1:00pm so how about I see you around two.Is that ok with you?"

"Sure that sounds great.Thanks for the call and Iíll see you then.Bye sweety."

"Bye Cap,talk to ya later."she said hanging up the phone.

"Well Benny Iíve got to get going if I want to get all my stuff done.I will call you and tell you when I will be home ok?Iíll see you tonight and maybe we can talk if Iím not to tired from the drive."She grabbed her purse and slung it over her shoulder,"Donít worry about me.Iíll be fine."She went over to him and gave him a quick kiss on the check and was out the door.

* * *

It was about 12:20 when Rita arrived in Palm Beach.She knew where her first stop was,she was just nervous about going.She drove up to the cemetery and put her car to a stop.She picked up the red and yellow roses from the passenger side and got out of the car.She walked over to Chrisí grave and knelt down beside it.She laid the roses down gently in front of the headstone.

"Hi Chris.You know I always thought you would be the one to buy me flowers."she smiled slightly and let out a laugh."The yellow roses stand for friendship and the red stand for love.I miss you SO MUCH!.You really donít think about how much someone means to you until their gone.You are still my whole world.I love you Chistopher and I wish you could come back to me.

"I came to Palm Beach for a baby checkup today.The baby kicks and I can hardly wait to see him or her.Iíve decided Iím not going to find out which it is and let it be a surprise,but that was something we should have decided together.........I canít wait to hear your laugh..........see your smile.............see your beautiful blue eyes"She stops as tears run down her cheek.

"You said we would be together foreverYou were so confident about our marriage!You told me we should get married before our mind blew the whistle.You.......you were so excited about having this baby even when I had doubts that we couldnít do it.You said you loved me!Why did you have to be taken away from me when I need you most?Things were so perfect.I have wonderful people taking care of me.Your Dad is letting me live with him,Harry and Fran are always there if I need them.And of course the baby is coming soon,but.........but I need you.I think about all our memories on and off the force all the time.Do you remember when I turned away during the soul search?The reason I did was because I couldnít handle the fact of not being with you in the future.Us marrying someelse and separating,or how about our first night together?My heart skipped a beat when you admitted your feelings.What really bothers me is the fact that your not going to see your baby.You wonít be there to see itís first walk...........hear itís first words.........and so many other firsts with our child.

My nightmares about you wonít stop.You keep telling me to help you but.......but I canít.I wish this would all go away and we could be back together again just like you planned.

Iím going to go see the Captain after my appointment.I donít think I can bear to see your desk across from mine though,"she lets out another deep sigh,"I love you Christopher,but Iíve got to go if I donít want to be late.I will try to visit you one last time before I leave but no promises.But before I do would you do me a favor?In my dreams would you just hold me for awhile?I love you never forget that.bye Sam."she kissed the tips of her fingers and touched his headstone lightly.She helped herself up slowly and made her way back to the car.

In the background against a tree stood a tall dark figure not noticeable to Rita.He had watched the whole scene and tears were steaming down his face.He felt terrible for just standing there not letting his presence be known,but he that was for the best.He watched her car drive away until it was out of sight.He then made his way over to the gravestone.He knelt down and picked up the yellow and red roses and just stared at them.

"I love you too Sammy.Your wish is granted.Just be paitient.I promise your nightmares will stop.Just a little while longer Sam,just a little while longer.

* * *

Meanwhile in the captainís office Harry is at his desk working on some files.He has been working on them for over a week now and the case didnít make much sense.The file in front of him was beginning to give him a headache.He put down his pencil and started to rub his temples with his fingertips.He closed his eyes and sighed deeply.


He grapped the phone to make the ringing in his head stop."Yeah?What?"he said impatiently.

"Hi Harry itís Jillian Depree,do you remember me?"she spoke lightly.

"oh yeah hi,I remember you.Your Chrisíold girlfriend,the doctor that moved to Boston right?"

It saddened her to know he will always remember her as Chrisí x-girlfriend.Chris and Jillianís relationship was extremely well.Actrually even though they never talked about it,they both thought they were going to marry eachother.Then Jillian got a great job offer she couldnít let go by in Boston.Chris told her that he wouldnít follow her.He said it was because he had spent ten years of his life invested in that department and didnít want to leave.But she knew better.She knew it wasnít the job he wouldnít leave it was Rita.His Rita.Jillian was always jealous of how he was always at her beck and call.She wasnít exactly excited when she found out about their marriage,but was glad that he was at last happy.

"Yeah thatís right look,can I talk to you for a second?Itís about Chris.

"Is it a bad record or something at the hospital or something cause Rita could help you more than I could."

"No,nothing like that,I have something to tell you........but it will be quite shocking.Are you sitting down?"asked Jillian unsure and very nervous.

"Yes I am why?Whatís wrong?"he asked with curiosity.

"Well......what Iím about to tell you is going to be very hard to believe,but you have to believe me.Ok here it goes.The FBI did a horrible thing to all of us.But they did it to assure Chris and Ritaís safety..........oh boy this is the hard part."Jillian stops and takes a deep breath.

"Harry........Chris is alive. I know you probably donít believe me but it is true.Chris is right here standing beside me.He was afraid to make this phone call for obvious reasons,but you have to believe me."Jillian pleaded.

Harry tried to gather all of his thoughts.He was stunned to say the least,but actrually he knew the FBI well and believed Jillian.But also he didnít want to get his hopes to high.

"Jillian I do believe you,but I want proof.I want GREAT proof!"

"Ok, hold on.........Chris the Cap wants to talk to you NOW!"

"Hey Cap itís me.Listen,sorry I didnít call you myself,but you understand my reasons right? I just found out from the FBI that all of you believed I was dead.They said it was to keep us safe,but I thought they were going to tell you and Rita that I was still alive.Trust me Cap,Iím pissed to say the least.Help me Cap! If itís more proof you want Iíll give it to you.Do you want me there in person?You could even take my fingerprints if you want,heck you can take blood if necessary."

"Chris?Oh my gosh!It is you!Yes,I will help you.When can you come in?Warning you have to come before or after two cause thatís when Rita is arriving here today.Wait! Wait! I went to your funeral!If we didnít bury you,who did we bury?"he asked confused.

"I really donít know,but their plan worked so well that you probably buried an empty casket."

"Wow! Can you come now?"he couldnít wait to see his friend again!

"Sure thing.As soon as I hang up with you I am out this door."

"Ok the,get your butt down here Lorenzo!"he exclaimed with a huge smile on his face.

"Yes sir.Iíll be there in a couple of minutes.See Ya."

They both hung up waiting in anticipation to see eachother again.

* * *

Meanwhile on the other side of town Rita was at her doctorís appointment.She was very nervous and she wished Chris was there to comfort her and share this moment.

"Alright Mrs.Lorenzo so far so good.Your baby is completely healthy,but there is one thing Iím concerned about."Dr.Jones explained,"Iím concerned about your blood preasure.Are you under a lot of stress Mrs.Lorenzo?"

" Well,like I mentioned before my husband died in December and Iím still not over it yet.In fact Iím still having terrible nightmares.I am just finding it really hard to get on with my life without him.That was the main reason I moved away from this town."she calmly explained.

Dr.Jones looked at her with cocern."Well I canít help with that itís not what I do,but in my opinion I think you need to find someone to help you.If not for you then do it for your baby.Also,donít work as hard.You seem to be the kind of woman who wants to do everything herself,but lighten your workload ok?Can you come again in about a week?"

"I sure can doctor.Thank you so much and yes,I will seee if I can find someone to help with my problems."she shook his hand was out of his office.

* * *

Back across town Harry was waiting impatiently in his office for Chrisí arrival.Just seven months or so ago he was at his funeral and in a couple of minutes he would be talking to him again.All he could do was stare at the double palm tree doors.Everytime they opened he would jump in his seat! What was he going to say to him?How were they going to tell Rita if this really was her Chris?What if it turned out that it wasnít him after all?Could he handel it?

Just as he thought he was going to loose all control Chris burst through the doors just as if he never left.He looked around the station and smiled.He was decked out in tan slacks,a white shirt,and a blue sports jacket.To finish off his look he wore one of his famous colorful ties.(Handsome as usual).

Harry stood up from his desk as Chris knocked on his glass door.He had the biggest smile on his face as he greeted him at the door."Yeah come on in Lorenzo and give me a hug." said Harry.

Chris made his way in filling finally as if he were home. He felt comfortable in the office. He looked around and memories came flowing into his head. He could all of the sudden see Rita and him sitting on that very couch telling the captain about their relationship and threatening to quit. He looked at the two chairs in front of his desk and remembered them telling the captain about them being pregnant. He also saw Rita sitting on the edge of the desk cross-legged stirring coffee. Rita did this often when talking about a case. When he first came in he looked at their desks and Rita was right, it was hard not to cry. He tried not to pass anyone the knew and was surprised to find out he succeed. The Captain went out from the back of his desk and gave Chris a big manly bear hug. Harry just stood there are stared at him. It was definitely Chris.

Wow! It is so weird to see you again. I am so glad you are back! I canít wait another second. For one say something to me and two, are you ready to take fingerprints? I wouldnít do it but itís for Ritaís sake. Harry explained, "Yes!" Definitely no problem what so ever. But, please tell me, how is Rita and the baby? Chris asked concerned.

"Do you really want the truth?" Harry asked. "Yes, of course I do." Well actually as far as I know the baby is completely heathly but, Rita herself is a wreck. She is having the most difficult time with your death, but you also have to remember what she lost when she lost you Chris. She not only lost her husband but, also her partner, and even worse her best friend.

It would be very hard on someone to lose someone like that. You can tell if you know her, or even if you donít know her that something is missing. itís like she lost a half of herself. What is even worse is we all love that half. She needs you Chris. We have to tell her as soon as possible but, first letís go get your fingerprints. Harry exclaimed. " I am so sorry about this cap!

You have to believe me. This was not my idea. I would have never in my life want to hurt Rita. She is my whole world. Hurry, letís go get these fingerprints." they sat in Harryís office talking about cases. Then the subject of telling Rita about came up. "So are you going to tell Rita?", the captain asked.

I donít really know yet, but I want it to be suttle. Also, I want to make sure she canít run away. I also want to do it romantically. Can you help me with an idea? It is only two days until July 4th.Maybe we can do something on those lines what do you think?"

Just then a policeman stepped into his office.They both looked up.

"Here are the fingerprints you wanted.It identifies whose they are and everything about him."the officer explained handing him the folder.

"Yeah thanks Sergeant Greene."

The officer left the office.They both looked at the folder than at eachother.Harry picked it up and opened it.He looked down and a huge smile spread across his face.

"Well,Sargent,it seems you have risen yourself from the dead.It says here you are definitely Sergeant Christopher James Lorenzo.Welcome back among the living!Now all we have to do is give this wonderful news to your waiting wife! Iím glad to have you back son." Harry replied with a proud smile.

Thanks Cap,itís great to be back,but Iím extremely nervous about seeing Rita again.I donít want her to become scared and run away,or be angry with me.She would have every right!"

I donít think sheíll run off from you.But letís make it a public thing so more people will know your back."he suggested enjoying planning the event."My idea would be a 4th of July PBPD party.What do you think?I could invite the whole department.Since Rita is in town she can stay with me for the weekend."

"That sounds wonderful,but I bet sheíll want to leave for home tonight,sheíll just say she has nothing to wear."Chris pondered.

"No problem,Iíll tell her we....well I have a surprise for her,plus it would be a chance to see old friends from the department again.And her and Frannie can go shopping together for a new dress.Fran will love the idea! Iíll pay for it all."

"Nonsense about the dress,Iíll give you as much as she needs, plus a diamond ring.I broke my Sammyís heart and I intend to make it up to her!"he said still in thought.

"I guess ok about the dress,but why the ring?"he asked curious.

"Iím going to ask her to marry me all over again.Only this time with a real wedding in front of our friends and family."he said with a Lorenzo smile.

"Really?Thatís wonderful! Pardon me for interrupting your wonderful perfect plans Romeo,but how are you going to tell her about you?Walk up and say hi Iím back from the dead sorry Sam?" he said sarcastically.

"Actrually I picked out the perfect song.I want you to ask her to dance and Iíll cut in and finish the dance with her.What do you think?"Chris wondered.

"Oh Chris! That sound perfect! With that romantic touch.You do realize your making me look bad in front of my Frannie donít you?"he laughed.

"Yeah well,itís my Lorenzo charm what can I say?" he teased.

"Yeah yeah,how did Jillian get in all this anyway?"he questioned

"Well my body was transferned to Boston hospital.And Jillian found out about it.She looked at my record and learned the whole story.She was upset that I was married to Rita,but was happy for us.So she agreed to help me."he explained just as the phone rang.

"Yeah what?"he said into the reciever.

"Hey Cap,sorry to bother you itís Rita.Iím on my way to your office if thatís ok."

The Cap signaled to Chris that it was Rita on the phone.Chris got a huge smile on his face as he leaned up to try to hear her voice.

"Yeah Rita come on by."he smiled.

"Ok,Iíll be there in about 10 minutes.bye."

He hungup and looked at Chris."Well prince charming,you better get out of here so I can convince your Cinderella to come to the ball."

"Ok Iím outa here.Iíll call to make sure everything went as planned.See Ya!"Chris exclaimed and was out the door.

* * *

About 12 minutes later Rita burst through the door.It felt exactly like old times.She sighed deeply as she looked around the brightly lite department.The neon cabits were a bit much but it was home.She quickly spotted the two desks once belonged to her and Chris.No one was sitting in them so she went over and ran her fingers across both.

Finally she looked into Harryís office.She walked over to the door and knocked lightly.He looked up from his work and smiled as he stood up and went to the door.

She opened in and was greeted by a warm friendly hug.

"Wow Rita you look fantastic! You are as beautiful as ever!"

"Thanks, but I feel huge!"

"Nonsense!How many months along are you?"

"About eight months.Not to long before I can get my figure back and hold a tiny miniature of Chris!Iíve decided not to find out the sex yet.I canít wait Cap!"she said with a glow to her face."Anything new around here exciting?"

"Not really,the only major talk of the department is the 4th of July party being held here tomorrow night which you are attending."he replied,"and thatís not a request Lance."he said to her with a smile.

"Sorry Cap I canít,Iíve got to get back tonight,if not Benny will be worried out of his mind!Plus I donít have the money for a hotel with me and I have nothing to wear.Sorry to disappoint you Cap,but I canít go."Rita apologized.

"All covered Rita so calm down.Your going to stay with us for a few days.(Even though he knew it would only be tonight cause she would be with Chris).The dress is going to be my treat.Frannie and you can go shopping together sheíll love it!She hates sitting at home alone everyday! Also remember the dress you pick out has to be formal.So no arguements."he fought back.

"I couldnít do that Cap.Chrisí dad would go crazy worrying about me!Besides I canít take money from you and barge in your house on you like that!Thank you for the offer Cap but I really canít."

"Iíve already called Benny about it,and he thinks itís a wonderful idea.Plus I found out from him that your doctor is worried about your stress level.We both think this is just the thing you need to calm down for awhile.Besides you will if you donít want to hurt my feelings! If you argue Iíll have 3 of my officers drag you there.One or even two wouldnít be enough."he threatened with a smile.

Well what could she say to that?There was no way to turn him down without hurting his feelings! And it was only 1 more day.Besides she kinda liked the idea.She wanted to see all of her friends and Frannie again.

"Ok,you win Iíll do it.Besides it sounds like fun.Thanks Cap!"Rita said giving in.

"No problem,just go to my place now cause Frannie canít wait to see you again."he smiled.

"Ok then Iím on my way.Thanks again Cap."she picked her purse up and headed out the doors.

Just then the phone rang.


"Hey Cap itís Chris.Well?How did it go?Or is she still there?"he asked ansiously.

"Calm down Lorenzo,you have great timing.She just left my office,and after a lot of begging I got her to agree to the plan."

"Thanks Cap.You donít have any idea how much this means to me!See Ya!"

* * *

It was the day of the party and Rita and Frannie were both shopping for a new dress.You could easily tell Fran was having a blast!

"Rita dear,I think we should find something for you that matches your eyes.How about this dark forest green formal dress?Do you like it?"she said holding it up for her to get a better look.

The dress was beautiful!It was pretty long and it was made of satin.It had spaghetti straps and the neckline came down to a V shape.She ran her fingers across it and smiled."Itís beautiful Fran.It really is!" she said still examining the dress.

"Well why donít you try that dress on and Iíll try on this maroon dress I just picked out ok?"she suggested.

"Are you sure itís not to expensive Fran?"Rita asked glancing at the pricetag.

"No dear donít be silly,donít worry about the price thatís what Harry told me."Fran said looking at another yellow dress,"Ooooo,she exclaimed,this one looks nice to.I think Iíll try on both to see which one I like better.What do you think sweety?"Fran asked holding up both the dresses in front of her.

"I like them both."Rita smiled at her enthusiasm.

"Well come on dear letís go try them on."she said making her way fast towards the dressing rooms.

They walked up to the lady at the desk to pay for the dresses.It became obvious to Rita that Fran came here quite a bit.All the employees knew her and she had a lengthy conversation with the lady behind the counter named Sabrina who evidently had two children a daughter Angela and a son Darrell.

"Well Sabrina dear I must leave you know how Harry worries if Iím gone to long."Fran explained,"tell the children I said hi."

"I understand it was nice seeing you again Mrs.Lipschitz."

"Itís Fran deary Fran."she reasoned.

"Of course Fran and it was nice meeting you to Mrs.Lorenzo.Come back soon both of you."

"Thanks and call me Rita."

"Ok,you two have a nice day!"

"You to."Fran called back,and they were out of the store.

* * *

It was finally the night of the party.Chris was in his hotel room getting finished with his tux.He was so nervous he could barly button his shirt! A lot of questions were popping into his mind all at the same time.íWould she be mad at me?Would she try to run from me?Would she even believe me?íOf course he couldnít answer any of these questions.The time when her exboyfriend pretended to die and suddenly came into his mind.She was so upset at him,but wasnít this different?Eric had done that on purpose! He would never hurt her like that!He tried to calm down cause if he didnít he was going to go crazy!

Again he checked himself in the full length mirror for like the millionth time.He looked handsome as always! He wore Ritaís favorite cologne that she had bought for him when they were first seeing eachother. There was just one thing that he was missing and that was his wedding ring.He hadnít had it for long,but he felt so incomplete without it. He had no idea where it was and he was hoping Rita wouldnít get to mad about it. He looked at himself and let out a heavy sigh,"Well,here I go.Good luck Lorenzo." he said silently to himself.

He looked at the dresser right beside him and saw the little black velvet case.He picked it up and opened it.Shinning back at him was a beautiful diamond engagement ring he had picked out earlier that afternoon.He smiled his famous smile and shut it. He then slipped it into his coat pocket. He sightly said a prayer of thanks for this very special evening. And then headed out the door to be reunited with his love.

* * *

On the other side of town Rita was at Harry and Franís guest room getting ready. She was seated in front of a vanity. This room was especially designed for their niece Dawn. In Ritaís opinion it was the prettiest room in the house. Rita remembered Dawn well. In Chrisí words the teenager from hell! She remembered walking into work finding her partner almost dead asleep on his desk. He told her that he ended up getting arrested and searching everywhere for her. At the end sneaking her in the house around dawn. That day Chris found out she got a tattoo on her chest of a police badge and another one of a pair of handcuffs in a place he apparently didnít want to mention. Dawn blamed both of them on Chris. Rita had teased him a lot about the incident with Dawn.Truthfully she felt sorry for him,but also thought it was hilarious!

But of course there she was again thinking about Chris. It amazed her how much he was a part of her. Would she ever get over him? It didnít matter who she brought up Chris would always be the next to come up.

She picked up a tube of lipstick and applied it on her lips. After she put it in her purse which matched her dress perfectly with her dress. She wore her hair up in a french twist with a curl down at either side. She stood up and smoothed out her dress that went down to her calves. She really did look fantastic.

She was extremely nervous about seeing all of her friends at the station tonight.Espicially looking like this. She was very self conscious about her figure and really wasnít thrilled to let them all see her 8 months pregnant!

All of a sudden a knock at her door interrupted her thoughts."Rita honey are you ready? Can I come in?"Fran asked excitedly.

"Yeah sure Fran come on in." Fran burst in the room and went quickly over to Rita,"Oh Rita you look absolutely gorgeous! Everyone there is going to die when they see you!"she squealed.

" Thanks Fran you look wonderful yourself. That maroon color looks great on you."

" Thanks you dear,but the real reason why I came in here is there is a stretch limo out front and a chauffeur is at the door waiting for a Mrs.Lorenzo!",she said almost to fast for Rita to understand.

" This must be a mistake. Who would send me a limo?",she asked shocked.

" I donít know but come out here yourself and see." Fran begged."Alright Iím coming."she answered unsure of how to react. She grabbed her necklace which displayed Chrisí wedding ring on it around her neck. She picked up her purse and was out the door. Sure enough there was a man dressed as a chauffeur at the front door waiting for her.

" Are you Mrs.Lorenzo?" he asked professionally.

" Yes thatís me. Who is this from?" she asked still very much confused."Iím not aloud to give out such information,but he did tell me to tell you it is from a very special friend!" he answered again professionally.

She turned towards Harry who was wearing black slacks,a white shirt and his normal everyday gray sports coat (does any fan but me notice how much he wears this coat?)He had a innocent grin on his face."Do you know anything about this Cap?"she asked

"Me? No I donít have a clue who it is from! Why would I?"he replied innocently.

Rita looked at him with a Ďyeah rightí look before ansewering."Ok,I havenít a clue about what is going on here but I am willing to go along with it."She was still concerned for hre own safety,but willingly went the man.

"Follow me Mrs.Lorenzo." the chauffeur said escorting her outside to the limo and opening the door to let hre inside.

"Harry? Do you think she expects anything?"Frannie asked excitedly.

" How could she honey? She still thinks heís dead."Harry ansewered his wife.

* * *

Chris was already at the party. He saw a lot of people he knew, but he kept out of sight. He was waiting patiently for Ritaís arrival.

The station was very nicely decorated. It was held in the lobby. It was pretty large in size. It held seventeen tables in all plus the large table at the front that held the refreshments. The tables were decorated in red,white,and blue along with the balloons and streamers that were everywhere. There were two large cakes in the middle of the large table. One saying ĎHAPPY 4TH OF JULY PBPDí, and the other saying,íWELCOME BACK Lt.RITA LEE LANCE-LORENZO. This cake was especially ordered by Harry Lipschitz himself. And to top the room off was a huge banner that went across the room that read,íHAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!í

Chris was in a corner so he could see the double doors perfectly,but at the same time no one could see him.

Everytime the doors opened his heart skipped a beat. The anticipation was killing him! He was so nervous his hands were shaking and his whole body broke out in a cold sweat. He felt as if there was a huge rock in his throat and he could barely breath!

Just when he thought he was going to go insane Rita finally came through the door. All time stood still for him for what seemed like forever. Chris just starred at her. She was so beautiful! How could one man be so lucky he thought?( in my opinion how can one woman be so lucky! hehe)

Rita was looking around the room when suddenly one of her old friends George Donavon came up to her. "Rita! Is that really you? You look fantastic! Man have I missed you!" he replied as he gave her a huge hug.

"Thanks George! Itís really good to see you too." she replied with a smile.

All of a sudden a soft song was being played on the saxophone.

"Rita? Can I please have this dance?" he asked offering his hand to her.

"Yes,she replied gratefully,"I would love to."she took his hand and he lead her to the dance floor.

Just then Harry and Frannie walked though the double doors.

Harry looked around quickly for both of his favorite detectives. He easily found Rita dancing with George on the dancefloor, but he couldnít see Chris anywhere! Was he there yet?

Frannie took one of Harryís arms as he led her to one of the tables.

"I thought you said Chris was here. I donít see him anywhere." Frannie whispered to her husband.

"Well maybe heís just not here yet, or maybe heís trying to keep out of sight."he suggested whispering back as he pulled out Frannie a chair and sat down himself.

"Oh Harry! This is going to be so romantic!"Fran exclaimed in a excited whisper.

Just when he was about to comment, Harry felt a light tap on one of his shoulders. He quickly turned around and saw Chris halfway in the shadows.

"Lorenzo! There you are! I was about to get really worried about you! After the next song comes your entrance." He explained as he stood up and joined Chris in the shadowed corner.

"Well are you nervous?excited?" he asked excitedly.

"Both actrually, but yeah I canít wait Cap, I canít wait. Does anyone else know about this besides us?" Chris asked nervously.

"Only you and me and .....Frannie. Sorry Chris I canít keep something like this from her. Besides if she just found out she would most likely freak out and faint. Itís either that or she would get furious at me for not trusting her enough with a secret like this and I would really be in the doghouse."he tried to explain.

"Ok,well as long as no one else knows thatís fine I totally understand. I couldnít keep a secret from Rita either. By the way the limo did show to pick her up right?"

" Yes,and I must say it was a very nice touch."

"My Lorenzo charm Cap!" Chris nodded with a warm smile.

Harry was just about to leave to sit down at his table when he suddenly remembered something."Oh yeah did you get the ring?"

" Of course why?"

"Can I see it?"

"Sure thing." he replied as he pulled out the little black velvet case from his pocket and opened it gently to show him.The beautiful diamond twinkled at him. He stood there in awe.

"WOW! Chris that is a beautiful ring! You realize your making me look like a sap in front of my wife donít you?"he smiled.

" So you think sheíll like it?" Chris asked unsure.

"Like it? Are you kidding? She will love it! This is going to be so exciting! I just canít wait to see the look on her face when she seeís you again!"

" Yeah me neither Cap,but itís her reaction Iím worried about."

" Donít worry so much son. Rita loves you and would never run away from you! Everything is going to work out fine. Trust me", he smiled teasingly,"and even if she does try to run away I would order two officers to go chase after her and drag her back here.But if she faints Chris it will be your responsibility to catch her deal?" he smiled to bring his tension to ease.

"HA!"Chris bellowed

"See? Now thatís the Chris Lorenzo I know!" he encouraged.

"Thanks Cap!" he answered back gratefully.

"Well I had better get back to the party. Your big number is about to come on. Good luck son." he said patting him on the back and making his way back to the table next to Frannie.

Chris let out a big sigh to calm himself down. " Get ready Sammy,soon weíll be the way we should be....together." he whispered.

Rita saw Harry and Fran sitting at a table and gracefully made her way towards them.

" Harry! Fran! I didnít see you two come in!"

" Oh well thatís because you were on the dancefloor with twinkletoes George when we arrived." Harry answered glancing at his watch. Chris song should be the one coming up next.

Chris was banging his fists together trying to get under control! It was taking all of his wheel power not to go over to Rita and kiss her with so much passion it would knock her to her knees! He keep glancing at his watch every few seconds. Every second seemed like an eternity to him.

Just when he thought he would completely loose control the song he had especially picked out for her came on.

Harry stood up from his chair and went around the table quickly to Ritaís. He offered his hand out to her as he asked gracefully,"Rita? May I please have the pleasure of one dance with you?"

Rita smiled at him and turned towards Fran," Fran,are you aure you donít mind?"

" Of course not sweety! Go have fun just remember who he belongs to." she replied as Rita gave a little giggle and took a hold of his hand as he helped her to her feet.

Together they glided onto the dancefloor. Rita put one hand on his shoulder as he put one ever so gently around her waist. They smiled at eachother as they clasped hands and began to dance to the soft soothing music.

When you feel the sunlight

Fade into the cold night

Donít know where to turn

I donít know where to turn

Visions of Chris quickly played in her mind. She tried to block them out, but her mind wasnít listening to her pleas,as they continued to dance.

And all the dreams your dreaming

Seem to loose their meaning

Let me in your world,

Baby let me in your world

All you need is someone you can hold

Donít be sad youíre not alone.

She couldnít hold herself any longer. She tried to appear stong,but in realality she was slowly dying inside. She held onto Harry closer as she softly sobbed in his embrace.

Harry felt her weep, but he knew her sorrow would soon have a wonderful ending.

I will be here for you

Somewhere in the night

Somewhere in the night

Iíll shine a light for you

Somewhere in the night

Iíll be standing by

I will be here for you.

Chris knew this was his entrance. An entrance they both would never forget. An entrance to unit their love for eachother.

As he passed others in the big room he heard gasps all around him. He couldnít blame them, but wished silently that Rita would keep her eyes closed.

As he made his way to her tears were steaming down her face. He whispered quietly to her, but more to himself,"No more tears Sammy no more."

He gently tapped on Harryís shoulder. As he looked up to meet Chrisí eyes he gave him a warm smile and a nod. He quietly let go Rita to let Chris take his love back in his arms where she belonged.

Rita was startled at the fact Harry had let go of her hand in the middle of a dance and was about to question him about it, but stopped dead in her tracks once she looked up.

Her pooling emerald green eyes locked onto his blue eyes.

She stepped back frightened. Her whole body was trembling! Her lips were quivering and she had no control over herself.

"Chris!?" she finally found her voice to gasp."Chris? Is that you? but........but how?" she stammered.

"Shhhhh.......hey beautiful. May I please have the rest of this dance?" he asked offering his hand out to her gently.

As she touched his hand hers was shaking. She was afraid it was all a dream and if she were to touch him she would wakeup.

As soon as she gave him her hand he pulled her fully into his embrace and held her close as she softly cried against his muscular chest. He softly caressed her hair as he tried to calm her down. Again he replied,"Shhhhhhh Sammy Iím here. Iím here."

"But how? When? Why? Who?.......oh who cares just hold me Christopher, hold me and never let me go!" she sobbed.

" I wonít ever let you go sweetheart.....never again!" he quietly promised her as they danced to the rest of the song.

In this world of stangers

of cold and friendly faces

Someone you trust,

oh thereís someone you can trust

I will be your shelter

Iíll give you my shoulder

Just reach for my love,

reach out for my love

Call my name and my heart will hear

I will be there,thereís nothing to fear.

I will be here for you

Somewhere in the night

Somewhere in the night

Iíll shine a light for you

Somewhere in the night

Iíll be standing by

I will be here for you.

" I love you Christopher! Thank you for coming back for me and our baby."she whispered in his ear.

" Remember, I made a promise, and a Lorenzo always keeps his promises. I told you we would be a family. A family forever!"he replied looking down into her glistening eyes. whipping her tears away with his thumb.

" I know, but I thought...... I mean I really thought you died!" she sobbed finding it hard to look at him in the eyes.

He took the bottom of her chin and slowly made her look at him.

" Hey,"he whispered,"not even death can stop true love, it can only delay it for awhile. Besides I love you Sam! Not even the gates of heaven can keep me away from you!" he smiled at her as they continued to dance.

I will be here for you

Somewhere in the night

Somewhere in the night

Iíll shine a light for you

Somewhere in the night

Iíll be standing by

I will be here for you

I will be here....for....you.

As the music quietly made itís ending they just stood still starring into eachothers eyes. At that very moment they both remembered the soul search.

Chris gave her his Lorenzo smile that he saved just for her and pulled her into a warm hug.

" I love you Rita heart and soul I love you."

" I love you more than words could could describe! Thank you for coming back to us.

" Hey! I couldnít stay away. Iím halfway responsible for that baby Lorenzo." he replied laying one hand on her stomach.

Rita pulled him close to her as they meet in a warm demanding yet gentle kiss. As their tender kiss turned passionate Rita wrapped her arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around his love. The whole room cheered.

All of a sudden Holly ran into the room.

"Hey! Everyone, their shooting fireworks out there like crazy! Come look!" she exclaimed.

They broke their embrace to look at eachother.Everyone went outside to look at the firework display.

"Coming Sam?" Rita asked

" Lead the way Sammy!" he answered as Rita took one of his hands and led him outside to join the others.

Once outside Chris looked around until he found a nice quiet,but romantic spot to give her the rest of her gift."How about we go over there Sam?" Chris asked pointing to a area a little separate from everyone.

"Thatís perfect." she answered as they made their way over to the spot and Rita leaned into his embrace and sighed.

They stood in that position for awhile watching as shooting sparks went across the sky and burst into the night showing all different colors.

"Wow! Isnít that beautiful Sam?" Rita commented.

"Yes, but it doesnít compare to your beauty of course." he complimented.

"Thanks, but Iím as big as a house Sam." she answered back sarcastically.

"You are not! You my lady are the most beautiful Mom to be Iíve ever laid my eyes on." Chris answered back truthfully.

" Christopher? Do you have any idea on how pregnant I really am?" she asked with a challenging smile on her face.

"Yes maem I do. You are exactly 8 months, 1 week, and 2 days pregnant to be precise and your face as a wonderful extra glow about it when your pregnant!"he exclaimed as he replied to her challenge.

"Well I must say Christopher Iím impressed! Your really excited about having this baby arenít you?" she asked as she watched the burning ball of fire explode into the air exposing itís purple color.

"More than you will ever know Rita. More than youíll ever know! I canít wait to see a little miniature of you running around the place. With your pretty brown waves in her hair, your beautiful green eyes,your cute nose, but sorry Sammy she would have to have my famous Lorenzo smile."he replied as she slowly turned to look at him.

" Well, what if your she is a he? Then he will have to have all your handsome characteristics. With that wonderful smile that still melts my heart." she responded giving him a quick kiss and turned back around and leaned into his stong body once more.

" Whatever it is a he or she I just want it to be healthy. And Iím so glad you the father of my child and hope to make that children." Rita replied taking one of his hands in hers.

" You want more than one?" he asked happily.

" Oh,only if you want the same Sam. I just didnít want our child to growup being as lonely as we were, and I canít think of a better way than to give it siblings."she responded quickly.

" No,no I feel the same way you do Sammy. It just amazes me how wonderful you are. I am so glad you are the mother of my children Rita." he responded kissing her forehead lightly.

For a few moments they just stood there in silent bliss as Chris looked up to the heavens and thanked God for letting him hold the love of his life in his arms again.

"Sammy?" Chris asked breaking the silence.

"hmmmm?" she responded kissing his palm.

" I have a very important question to ask you."

"Whatís on your mind Christopher?" she asked curiously.

"You....Once a long time ago,so long in fact you probably wonít remember, but after a case we were working on you were admiring a large diamond ring and there was something you told me that I will never forget. You told me you would rather keep the friendship ring I gave you than to have that huge diamond ring.What you said was so poetic....You told me that the only real value in a ring was the love that it represents,without heart a diamond is just another rock." he said smiling.

She nodded silently. She did remember saying that to him. She just couldnít believe he remembered every word!

"Anyway, Iíve learned that there is no time like the present." he said as he took the small black case from his pocket and held it out in front of her.

Rita slowly took the case from his hand as her eyes began to pool again. She gently opened the case and a gorgeous diamond glistened back at her. She was speechless.

"but if I ever did want to buy you a diamond you liked them really big." he teased

"Oh Christopher! Itís beautiful!" she gasped.

Chris inhaled the sweet scent of her hair before continuing," Rita Lee Lance-Lorenzo? Will you marry me all over again?But this time in front of our family and friends?" he asked as he held his breath.

Rita was touched. He was her every dream come true!

"Can I think about that?" she teased.

He was shocked at her ansewer, but quickly relized the game she was playing.

"Of course.......of course." he said with confidence.

They stood there for a few seconds and watched a few more fireworks burst into the air,lighting the sky.

"Iíve thought about it." she smiled

"And?" he asked back smiling.

She turned around slowly to face him. He held her in his arms unwilled to let go of her. She looked directly into his soft blue eyes which radiated so much trust and faith in her and smiled.

" I love you Christopher James Lorenzo and I would love to become your wife again."

He smiled at her and took the ring from itís velvet surrounding as she slipped her wedding ring off. She held out her hand to him as he tenderly slid the diamond engagement ring on her finger. Then took her wedding ring from her hand and put it back in itís rightful place. He then brought her hand to his lips and kissed her left ring finger. He looked at her and grinning.

Just then Rita put her hands around her own neck to unclasp the chain which displayed his weddingband. She let it fall into her hand and picked it up using two fingers. She then took his left hand in hers and slid the band back to ITíS rightful place.

They slowly embraced as their soft warm tender kiss turned into a passionate imbrace. It was the best Forth of July one could imagine!!!






DISCLAIMER: As you already know none of these characters belong to me!!! DUH! If they did they would have had a better ending like this one. They belong to Steven J Cannell and the USA Network. Some ideas were taken from previous episodes.Also the song,I WILL BE HERE FOR YOU, was from Michael W. Smithís CD,CHANGE YOUR WORLD. I would like to thank Mitzi Kapture ( my hero in life who inspired me to act) and Rob Estes ( my #1 crush of all time) for making the Sams come to life before my eyes!!! Also to Christopher Lanza for inspiring me to write this stories and more to come! Also to all my friends and family for support,I love you all!!! I hope you enjoyed,this was my first story please give me your opinions, I LOVE MAIL!!! SMILE :)