what's required....some of these will make you go "duh.."
+ fan of gh & nlg
+ easy internet access (there's that duh)
+ some html experience (just enough)
+ responsible (lord knows i needed that LOL. but the responsibility is for maintaining the page on a daily basis)
+ a small paragraph (or statement) on why you should take over (yes, something hard)
+ and of course, a positive mind

when you get the job, here's what you get to do:
+ maintain the official webpage
+ run a club
+ basically do whatever you want with this club. you can basically start it all over again, new members and *everything.* i give you my permission (which nobody else can give...except JenW, who used to be my co-prez...damn, i can't believe i remember that), because i haven't done anything with it in about 2 years, so most of the people on the list probably changed their emails and such. i originally wanted to do a newsletter and stuff, and all that good stuff like the gate. just make it an all around good club/website to be in/be at. even though it will tear me apart, i will let you play with my "baby." i hope you, whoever you are, will make this club what i hoped it would be.

if you're 2 or more, or all of these, please contact me as soon as you can. just be sure to put "adga requirements" in the subject line. or, i'll probably delete it, which isn't a really good thing anyway. also, tell me your name! almost forgot that one. it helps me to address you the proper way (i get sick of just writing, "hey..." i'd rather write "hey heather!" that was an example). keep this in mind: don't think that somebody else beat you to the job. someone probably won't come across this webpage in a really long time, so competition is probably minimal. it wouldn't hurt to apply. if you think you're right for the position, tell me. who knows...you might get the job! i'm very easily persuaded. thanks...and good luck! i look forward to reading your emails! :)

+ still have some questions/concerns? write me
+ go to indexpage or adgahome
+ expand your horizons: dustin's passions page