Tick Quake Is Back!!!

No you're not going crazy, you're going sane in a crazy world. That's right, after two years, I've decided that Tick Quake was too good an idea to let go. All my original work has been erased in a small computer mishap a while back, but that's okay 'cause some of it sucked. My plan is to change all the skins and some of the non-moving models (ie pentagram/quad damage/ring of shadows etc.) as well as the console and health bar graphics. The reason for my not changing the character models is simple: not enough resources, not enough time and not enough talent. I can skin pretty well and I can make static models look somewhat realistic but I'm not an animator. I'm also changing the majority of the sounds in the game using sounds from the show (duh). The game is true to both comic and show, although most of the characters come from the show due to the fact that comics don't make sounds. I wan't it to feel as if the Tick were actually battling a crew of his worst enemies, and some heroes as well. For a complete list of what's going to be what, check out the changes page. There are also screenshots available at the aptly names screenshots page.

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