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Hello how's it going ?
My name is Jonathan Bond-Caron, I'm 15 and I live in Beauport, Quebec. Quebec isn't that french ? Ya, well when I was 7 years old, my dad got a job in New York ! We stayed there 4 years, so now I'm bilingual. As you can see, I love to play soccer. I even made a webpage for a soccer team I used to play for : The Dynamo of Québec (click for more info). So mostly for my soccer and also to study ZZZ for one year, I went to France in (Angers) for the year 97-98 ! The best part is that France was hosting the World Cup (France 98) that year ! I had a so much fun, it's incredible. Well, enough talk about me, have fun browsing through my site.

What's new :

A totally new Simpsons Site with lots more pictures, sounds movies and new features !
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What's hot :

Coming soon : Lots more ressources for my Simpsons Site and new animations to come !

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