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Newest update, as of July 16, 2004. I will NO LONGER be adding to this site. Unfortunately, my ex has the address to this page, seems to believe that he needs to come here to get daily updates on my life. I am moving my page to some other location. Although I will leave the content up on this page, I will NO LONGER be adding anything to it. You can thank Steven Dunn for that. My wretched gift that keeps on giving. IF you are one of the people I like and one of those I don't really mind having around, you can find my e mail address located at the bottom of the page. E mail me, MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR REAL NAME! Or even your screen name, if that is how I know you, and I will send you the address of my new place. I am sorry to all of you who I have "known" for many many years. Unfortunately, those who should go away and die, don't really know how to go away and die and everyone must suffer because of this. You have won Steve. Finally, you have forced me to change everything about me in order to get rid of you. Thank wretched "gift" that keeps on giving. What the hell was I thinking?? My gut feeling was indeed correct. Perhaps I will follow it more. I really do wish you would go and find some other to torment, to make her life miserable, to make her hate you more than anything in this world (including her dad), make her wish you were dead (an honor only bestowed upon you).

Last updated Friday July 16, 2004

Many of the backgrounds, buttons and whatever were actually made by me....I don't mind if you take them but it would be nice if you asked me first or linked back to my page . Do remember that I do a lot of moving around as well, and if you just link to a specific picture or something, it may not be there later ;) If you want one of you own, perhaps I can help...all you have to do is ask. Oh, and here is my e mail address to do so


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