...."When you learn that," stated Merlin, "you will never again have to climb on your horse and ride off in all directions."
....The knight was too tired to question this. Somehow, he felt comforted and fell promptly asleep.
....When the knight awakened, he saw Merlin and the animals all around him. He tried to sit up, but he was too weak. Merlin held out a silver cup with a strange-colored liquid in it. "Drink this," he ordered.
...."What is it?" asked the knight, eyeing the cup suspiciously.
...."You are so afraid," said Merlin. "Of course, that is why you put on the armor in the first place."
....The knight didn't bother to deny this, for he was too thirsty.
...."All right, I'll drink it. Pour it into my visor."
...."I will not," Merlin said. "It is too precious to waste." He plucked a reed, put one end in the cup, and slipped the other into one of the holes in the knight's visor.
...."This is a great idea!" said the knight.
...."I call it a straw," replied Merlin.
...."Why not?"
....The knight shrugged and sipped the liquid through the reed. The first sips seemed bitter, the later ones more pleasant, and the last swallows quite delicious. Grateful, the knight handed the cup back to Merlin. "You should put that stuff on the market. You could sell flagons of it."
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