In Merlin's Woods

....It was no easy task to find the wily wizard. There were many woods to search but only one Merlin. So the poor knight rode on, day after day, night after night, becoming weaker and weaker.
....As he rode through the woods alone, the knight realized there were many things he didn't know. He'd always thought of himself as very smart, but he didn't feel very smart at all trying to survive in the woods.
....Reluctantly he admitted to himself that he didn't even know the poisonous berries from the edible ones. This made eating a game of Russian roulette. Drinking was no less hazardous. The knight tried sticking his head into a stream, but his helmet filled up with water. Twice, he almost drowned. As if that weren't bad enough, he had been lost since entering the woods. The knight couldn't tell north from south or east from west. Fortunately, his horse could.
....After months of searching in vain, the knight was quite discouraged. He still hadn't found Merlin even though he'd traveled many leagues. What made him feel worse was the fact that he didn't even know how far a league was.
....One morning, he woke up feeling weaker than usual and a little peculiar.
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