The Path Of Truth

....When the knight awoke, Merlin was sitting quietly beside him. "I'm sorry I acted so unknightly," said the knight. "My beard got all soggy," he added in disgust.
...."Do not apologize," said Merlin. "You have just taken the first step toward getting out of your armor."
...."What do you mean?"
...."You will see," replied the magician. He stood up. "It is time for you to go."
....This disturbed the knight. He had come to enjoy staying in the woods with Merlin and the animals. Anyway it seemed he had no place to go. Juliet and Christopher apparently didn't want him to come home. True, he could get back into the knight business and go on some crusades. He had a good reputation in battle, and there were several kings who would be happy to have him, but fighting no longer seemed to have any purpose.
....Merlin reminded the knight of his new purpose: to get rid of his armor.
...."Why bother?" asked the knight morosely. "It doesn't matter to Juliet and Christopher whether I get my armor off or not."
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