The Castle of Silence

....Left on his own, the knight cautiously poked his head inside the doorway of the castle. His knees trembled slightly, which, with his armor, caused him to make a low metallic rattle. Not wanting to look chicken to a pigeon in case Rebecca could still see him, he pulled himself together and walked boldly inside, closing the door after him.
....For a moment, he wished he hadn't left his sword behind, but Merlin had promised that there'd be no dragons to slay, and the knight trusted him.
....He walked into the huge anteroom of the castle and he looked around. He saw only a fire blazing in an enormous stone fireplace on one wall and three rugs on the floor. He sat down on the rug nearest the fire.
....The knight soon became aware of two things: First there seemed to be no door leading out of the room to other parts of the castle. Second, there was an extraordinary, eerie silence in this castle. He realized with a start that the fire wasn't even crackling. The knight had thought of his own castle as quiet, especially at those times when Juliet didn't talk to him for several days, but it was nothing like this. The Castle of Silence is well named, he thought. Never in his life had he felt so alone.
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