The Castle of Knowledge
....The knight, Squirrel, and Rebecca started out once more on the Path of Truth, heading toward the Castle of Knowledge. They stopped only twice that day, once to eat and the other time for the knight to shave off his scraggly beard and cut his long hair with the sharpened edge of his gauntlet. The knight looked and felt much better when this was done, and he was freer now than he'd been before. With the helmet gone, he could eat nuts without Squirrel's help. Though he had appreciated the lifesaving technique, he really didn't consider it gracious living. He could also feed himself the fruits and roots to which he had become accustomed. Never again would he eat pigeon or any other fowl or meat because he realized that doing so would literally be having friends for dinner.
....Just before nightfall, the trio trudged over a hill and beheld the Castle of Knowledge in the distance. It was larger than the Castle of Silence, and its door was solid gold. This was the largest castle the knight had ever seen, even larger than what the king had built for himself. The knight stared at the impressive structure and wondered who had designed it.
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