The Castle of Will and Daring

....By dawn of the next day, the unlikely trio came to the final castle. It was taller than the others, and its walls looked thicker. Confindent that he'd soon pass through this castle as well, the knight started across the drawbridge with the animals.
....When they were halfway across, the door to the castle flew open and out lumbered a huge, menacing, fire-breathing dragon, glittering with shiny, green scales. Shocked, the knight stopped dead in his tracks. He'd seen some dragons in his time, but this one beat them all. It was enormous, and flames roared not only out of it's mouth, as was the case with any run-of-the-mill dragon, but also out of it's eyes and ears. To make matters worse, the flames were blue, meaning that this dragon had a high butane content.
....The knight reached for his sword, but his hand fell away empty. He began to tremble. In a croaky, unrecognizable voice, the knight called out to Merlin for help, but much to the knight's dismay, the magician didn't appear.
...."Why doesn't he come?" the knight asked anxiously as he dodged a jet of blue flame from the monster.
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