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    Which Richie did you like more?
  • Before Richie died for the first time and realized he was immortal.
  • Before Duncan recieved the Dark Quickening and try to kill him.
  • After Duncan tried to kill him because of the Dark Quickening.
  • When Duncan beheaded him (in other words you are trying to say "I never liked Richie").
  • I never had an opinion on Richie.
Aug. 9, 1998 - Sept. 20, 1998
All 3 people liked Richie before Duncan the Dark Quickening and try to kill him.
From a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is not so sad and 10 is very sad, How sad were you when Tessa died? Sept. 25, 1998 - Nov. 29, 1998
The average was 7.45

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