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Ok, so you want to hear about me huh? Whatever for? It's not as though I actually have a life, or have done something great. Heck, I can't even make a half decent webpage (not by my standards anyway).

Of Things Me

If it was a photo of gorgeous me you were expecting, you are sadly mistaken. That is something I never planned to put out for the world to see! But you might actually be in luck soon, you never know... but in the meantime, here's one of my wife, it's a bit old now - 2 years or so - just don't tell her it's here 'cause she doesn't know :-) Katrina (there should be a few wedding photos on here soon, most likely featuring me as well as Trina)

Righto then, to tell you a bit about myself... I am 21 (or was when I last edited this bit) I live in Christchurch, NZ. I'm currently working full time grooming cars at a storage yard near the airport. Not a bad job, and pretty cruisy compared with grooming campervans like I was. Bit boring for the old noggin though, not a lot of intellegence needed to vaccum a car :-)

Of Hobbies

I'm deeply into all things Red Dwarf as you have probably noticed if you have ever talked to me for more than a few minutes. It's gotten that I don't really watch a whole lot of TV lately, mainly because there is only rubbish on, and I'm getting sick of all the tampon ads! Even when I was working for Sky TV doing satellite installations I didn't bother putting a decoder in a home because I'm really not interested in it. Far better things to waste my time on. I would rather be doing this than blobbing in front of a TV.

Of Things Music

My music tastes are pretty much all Grunge and Rock & Roll. Stuff like the Smashing Pumpkins, Live, Radiohead, Van Halen, G'N'R and so on. Chuck a bit of Suede, Beach Boys, Queen some classical, and a couple of other old bands in, and you have my music collection. My tastes run pretty broad though. Theres not a whole lot that I won't listen to, but then again, not a whole lot that I would buy either.

I have been involved in a couple of bands doing sound. The main band the I helped out is called Parousia (meaning the 'Second Coming' in Greek), who are a Christian hard rock group. Three of the members were my flatmates and friends and the other guitarist is also a good mate. Another of the bands is Chorboy - a sort of christian alternative pop sort of a sound. They don't have a web site ATM but I hope to help them with that in the future. They have a lot of skill and potential and I reackon they could go far. Their vocalist (Skot Penfold) has already done a tour of Australasia with his old band The Edmunds. Parousia is in the throes of breaking up ATM. They have had a guitarist and the drummer quit, taken on another bass player, moved the old bass player to drums and changed their style to become almost death metal. The ex-bass player (now the drummer) is planning on leaving as it doesn't suit his tastes in music.

Of Things that go broooom in the night...

One thing I am very into is muscle cars. When I say muscle cars I mean things like 351 Falcons and other great Australian cars (excluding Holdens). I also like a lot of the American cars like the Plymouth 'Cuda, Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro. Generally the older cars circa 1960-72 but a few earlier and later cars like a nice 23 T-Bucket or 97 Mustang still get my heart pounding. Things like the boy-racer Escorts and Minis just make me laugh as they putter past with their spoilers, skirts, big bore exhausts and pointless bonnet scoops.

Of Things Legion

If you were wondering where I got the aliases The Legionnaire and Legion from I guess I will have to tell you. One of my friends got a couple of books by a Danish guy called Sven Hassel. They were called OGPU Prison and The Commisar. They were about Sven's time in the German army during the second world war. One of the men in his section was Alfred Kalb, formally of the French Foreign Legion, thus he was named The Legionnaire by his comrades. I grew somewhat attached to the little legionnaire and took on his name.
The other, Legion, was from a Red Dwarf episode of that name about a lifeform called Legion, who took his shape and personality from those about him. When I say he took his shape from them, he only existed on the one planetoid and was only physically there when there where other beings there. He said "My name is Legion, for we are many". I thought that was pretty cool, being the RD fan that I am, and the fact that it was so close to my current alias.