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Here are some images of Megavolt. Enjoy!

Art Work!

"Darkwing Forever" : (But don't tell me Megs isn't the star!) by

Stuff By Ang D.

"Yep, that's working." : Megs looking wicked and pleased at the same time in this pic by Aurora
"D'OH!!" : Maybe he's reacting to something Quackerjack did
"Hmph" : No words to describe this but "miffed"
Fried kitty : A nice colored pic of Megavolt and Luminas
"Whoa!" : Megavolt reacts to Luminas in less than subtle fashion
Disgusted or thoughtful? : His facial expression is fun to interpret in this one

Spielberg's Brain: A scary crossover by

Stuff by Captain Chaotica

Doubletake: Excellent use of a mouse by Gadgetluv
"Rescue Rangers" crossover: Gadget dressed like Megavolt
"Dexter's Lab" crossover: Dex and Didi as Megs and QJ
"Happy Valentine's Day!": Megavolt with an appropriate, albeit unusual, bouquet

A cute scan of Megavolt: By Serena Hikariwa
"Megavolt Trips an Old Lady": Hey, no one ever said he was any boy scout....
Another neat picture: Hail to the righteous rodent!
A simple headshot: Cute expression!
Megavolt zapping his food: Based on a scene from the episode "Jailbird"
Just whistle while you weld....: Don't try this at home, kids!
Big hug!: From the episode "A Revolution in Home Appliances"
Chibi Megs: He so chibi! 8)
An Easter theme!: Megs as Easter Bunny is almost as big as Megs in drag

Couple: Based on Lady J's fanfic for Ricia and Megs' wedding. By Lady J

Easter Megs 1: From a contest awhile back to draw Megs as a certain bunny, by Kat

The Hermit Tarot card: By Lar
Megs and Gadget exchange headgear: Cool crossover pic
Megavolt is tired of people getting his name wrong!: Darn that silly "Pokemon" show....
Megs about to fire: A really superb sketch

"Star Wars: The Phantom Mallard": Look who's Anakin! A poster parody by Laserbeak
Two Megs are better than one: A pleased and a startled...
And another two: ...looking up and glad...
And another!: ...and a puzzled and a thoughtful, all from the talented Laserbeak
Megavolt being cool: Can he help it if the chicks dig him? 8)
"You Light Up My Life": Megavolt and his object of affection
"HUH?": He's been framed!
"Nobody said it was easy...": Megs, with appropriate Coldplay lyrics
Cool pose: Nice dramatic lighting. P)

Stuff by The Lauderdale

Captain Megawatt: A pic of Megavolt's nega-version by LL
Sparques: I'm not sure about this one, but LL's fanfiction will probably explain it
5000: A kind gift celebrating's 5000th hit. Thanks, LL!

Satan's Roller Coaster: Discover the meaning of too much fun in this pic by Lost Duck In Weird Pond
Megs helps QJ with his game: A short weird comic
Furry Megs!: I bet this is how he would have looked with fur on the show
Wrapped and ready: I wish this would turn up under my Christmas tree....

Hug: Alice comforting Megavolt in a scene from "Remembering Alice," by Mainecoon
Hug again: A delicately colored version of this beautiful pic
"Karaoke Night": A poster for Mainecoon's "Remembering Alice II"
"Well I never said my cousin had any sense of fashion..." : A scene from said fic
Megavolt carrying his clone: A tragic scene from her fanfic "Copyrat"
"Drama runs in the family": Megs with his cousin Mina from "Moonshowers"
"You drive me mad! Mad, I tell you! MAD!!!": Multiple Megs with Mina
Two hugs for the price of one: This is so cute!
"Prepare...": were you prepared?

An insane picture: By

"Megsy In Love": ..."Smookums"?....By NegaCrissy
Portrait with raygun: Watch out, world!
Sleeping: (*blink*) Is is! It's a DW plushie! Oh, this is the cutest picture!
Megavolt looking bemused: With a very cute female bat named Callista
Megavolt and Quackerjack: I really love NegaCrissy's design for QJ's outfit
"But who will take me to the dance?": Mondo chortle factor
Pat pat pat: What is it about this particular side of Megs that so tickles one? 8)
Megs looking cool: With NiN lyrics in the background
"iT'S PLAYTiME!!!": Wow, this picture gives me the shivers. I love it!
"The Shocky Horror Picture Show": Hey, you knew it had to happen at some point....
"Help me": Sad and vulnerable. (*swallows and looks away*)
Suspenders: Self-explanatory
Hatless: I like the way he's standing

A scan of the Fearsome Five: By NegaQuiv
A headshot of Megavolt: Heh heh. Bright boy

Lighthouse 1 : Based on the "Labyrinth" poster, the cover to "Lighthouse," by Paris
Lighthouse 2: Enter the Bunny King
Lighthouse 3: An ordinary lightbulb
Lighthouse 4: "Thirteen. Final offer."
Lighthouse 5: Gosalyn and Megavolt and multiple bunnies
Lighthouse 6: Surprisingly threatening, considering the get-up
Lighthouse 7: Megavolt and The Voice--guess who's in the kimono?
Lighthouse 8: "We need David Bowie back"

"Magic vs. Technology": A sheer piece of art by Matt Plotecher
"Need a Light?": Another lovely piece of work
"Prelude to a Roast Duck": Darkwing's about to get the shock of his life
"The Inventors 3": Megavolt's not too happy about Gadget hogging the spotlight
"Volt Fiction": Megs and Quackerjack as two hitmen

Megavolt No Hibi: A Midori No Hibi parody (long story) by Radric (aka Lycanis Khan)
Second Life Megs: Megavolt, CGI-style!
And another angle: Is it me or does he look a little smug?
Biker Megs: Leather becomes him
Looking insouciant: [amused] And rather as if he's going to spit
Appraising his hog: What's a biker without a bike?
Gunning it down the highway: And we all eat his exhaust

Lookin' *dan*-gerous!: A cool picture of Megavolt by Renard
Easter Megs 2: Megavolt isn't so enthusiastic about the whole Easter scene in this pic
Christmas Megs: It's the return of the revenge of the holiday spirit!

Megavolt as the Overlord: Based on the episode "Whirled History", by
Move over....: Megs threatening a certain familiar fuzzball....
A heavy load: That one big enough for ya, Megs?
"Megavolt frustrated": A different experiment in style
Megavolt and Adrienne: An illustration for Cristi Muth's "Dark Queen of the Sea"

Megavolt and Quackerjack dining out: Hilarious picture by Sideshow Jaq
It looks like someone called him Sparky: When Megs is mad, he's really mad....
The diabolical duo: Dig that devilish look on QJ

Megavolt in an interesting outfit: Looking very punk in this picture by Snap
Megavolt and Snicker Snap: Beware of naughty innuendo....
He seems worried about something: Is something behind him?
Taking his shirt off: I know some fans who will appreciate this one. P)
It's Megs and QJ!: Um, why are they giving us that look?
Making spirits bright: Megavolt as Santa Claus
Snap's room: Poor Megs can't take her snoring
Snap's gun shop: I'd be scared too! Better walk softly, guys....

"Save time...see it my way": By Sparky (the human one)
"But travelling through time....": A piece inspired by the episode "Time and Punishment"
Megs with his raygun : A wonderful pencil sketch of Megs
Megs with his raygun again: A colored version of the above
Heh heh: Megs is thrilled to death with his latest scheme

Stuff By Sparky (the robot one)

Megs is lookin' cool!: By Tracy

Megavolt and Bushroot get drunk and sing karaoke: Yup, that pretty much sums it up. By Tinselcat
"Nice fishnets, Sparky....": Now there's a change--both Megavolt and Quackerjack cross-dressing!

A dangerous pastime: Megavolt just can't resist in this pic by Virvatuli

A new look: Megavolt's costume and gear are dramatically updated by wakka
"My hero!": A great sketch of QJ and Megs in a classic sci-fi pose
Final designs: Megavolt and Quackerjack model the gear Wakka designed for them
"Get your own comic!!": Sparky takes on Corkey "Fusebox" Sparks, an OC he inspired

"Cable Guy" : A poster for a crossover flick by

"My Kingdom For A Double-Plait Bolt!" : A poster for the fanfic of the same name by Zebeckras
"One Less Pigeon" : A humorous illustration for the aforementioned fanfic

Stuff By Zippy The Wonder Pest

Screen Grabs!

Elmo Sputterspark : In "Clash Reunion"
Megawatt : (Same episode)
The Megavolt we know and love : (Same episode)
A domestic Megavolt receives an invitation: (Same episode) Grabbed by Brandon
He listens to his light bulb friend: (Same episode) Ditto
He proceeds to demonstrate affection towards his lightbulb friend: (Same episode) Ditto
Look at his bedtime slippers! Too cute!: (Same episode) Ditto
Still another pic of Megavolt in his infamous maroon bathrobe: (Same episode) Ditto

Stuff From "Comic Book Capers"

Pirate Megs giving Gizmoduck a hotfoot: From "Darkwing Doubloon"
See, Megs and Licky can work together!: (Same episode)
Megavolt--piratical navigator extraordinaire: (Same episode)

Stuff From "Dead Duck"

Stuff From "Duck Blind"

I never knew they made you do this in prison! : From "Jail Bird"
Megavolt making an unfortunate assumption: (Same episode)

Stuff From "Just Us Justice Ducks"

Stuff From "Life, The Negaverse And Everything"

Whoa, a villainous rat/dog/weasel creature with a split personality!: From "Negaduck"
Megs does a wild take in front of the tronsplitter: (Same episode)
"Ballbearings?": (Same episode)
Come on, Megs, he was just complimenting your tronsplitter: (Same episode)
"Son!": (Same episode)
Megavolt protects his "baby" from his "son": (Same episode)
"If he destroys St. Canard, there'll be nothing left to rob!": (Same episode)
Say cheese!: (Same episode)
He's been itching to try out the zoom lens on this baby: (Same episode)
Gosalyn smells a rat: (Same episode)
What a quandary: (Same episode)

Stuff From "A Revolution In Home Appliances"

AH HA HA HA!!! Get a load've what our boy's wearing! : From "Stressed to Kill"
Megavolt and Quackerjack playing (*snicker*) "Doctor": (Same episode)
One thing's for certain--Megs and QJ sure know how to have fun: (Same episode)

"AAACK!! Watch out, QJ, she's got Darkwing cooties!": From "Time and Punishment"
Seriously burned....: (Same episode) Grabbed by the human Sparky


Don't get him mad! : A scan from a DW comic
Born to lurk : Ditto
Awww...can't you just see the little halo...? : Ditto
Possibly one of the most disturbing Megavolt pictures ever: Ditto. Colored by Zebeckras

"Static Sickness": A fan-created comic by Snap

The ultimate Megavolt fan's room!: Wall and photo thereof by the robot Sparky

"This is wrong!...And in *definite* need of repair!": Animated "Comic Book Capers" gif by Zippy

Cel Art: Lovely original cel from the episode "Negaduck"
Cel Art 2: Episode unknown--my guess would be "Ghoul Of My Dreams"

Coloring book image: Megavolt's framed bust. Print it off and color it in, folks!

The Megavolt MOC: The Megavolt action figure. It's actually surprisingly sinister-looking
The Megavolt MOC 2: From the front
The Megavolt MOC 3: From the back
The boxed Megavolt MOC: Pretty self-explanatory, really
Another boxed Megavolt MOC: Here's a better image. Dig the little accessories
Yet another boxed Megavolt MOC: This is just the back of the box
An extraordinarily bad picture: Yet a nice resulting atmosphere of creepiness
Psychedelic skipping Megs: This would make a lovely background, IMO

Megavolt Monopoly money: It's enough to make me want to play Monopoly

Pin: Beautiful pin that was released only in France

Porcelain figurine: From a group of similarly designed French "Darkwing Duck" figurines

Puzzle: "Follow That Fuse!" is a little maze activity thing. Pretty self-explanatory once you see it

The Megavolt PVC: A lovely mail-away figure once available from Kelloggs
The Megavolt PVC 2: A larger view. Isn't he cute?
The Megavolt PVC 3: From the front
The Megavolt PVC 4: From the back
The Megavolt PVC 5 : This one just looks really cool
The Megavolt and Launchpad PVCs : Doesn't it look like LP's pulling his finger?
Alone again: Here he is in his original little baggie

Sprite: It's an itty-bitty Meggy! And it links to its creator ToonQueen's site! 8)

Stamp: Great image

Valentine: I don't entirely understand the expressed sentiment--but who cares? It's Megs!

Video game Megavolt: A walking Megavolt from Capcom's "Darkwing Duck" video game
A still from the game: Hey Megs, he's up there!
A still from the prototype: Ah, now he's got his act together. You'll notice there's no spark

Wallpaper, Megavolt-style: "Judgements of the Self," created by Brandon

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