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Here are some cool Megavolt sounds.

"Hel-lo, light of my life!" : From "Duck Blind"

Cooking with Megavolt : From "Comic Book Capers"
"Over my dead batteries!"
Megavolt's electrogun
Megavolt's assistant
Megavolt's ignominious defeat by Java (the coffee, not the code)

"Whoa!..." : From "Clash Reunion"
"Excuse me!..."

A less than professional exchange between Megs and Licky : From "Darkwing Doubloon"

(Thanks to Renard for the five below. They're from his DW site.)
Look who woke up on the right side of bed this morning. 8) : From "Inherit the Wimp"
Megs comments on DW's ancestry
See, Megavolt *likes* Darkwing!
Megavolt with a refrigerator bulb
Megavolt with the bulb, part 2
How does he feel?
Megs makes a joke, (*wince*) a really bad one

"I love the smell of voltage in the evening!" : From "Just Us Justice Ducks"
Megavolt's less-than-helpful response to doctors' pleas for electricity to run the hospital

(Thanks to Brian Robbins for the six below. They're from his Cartoon Wavs site.)
Megs is really cooking now! : From "Life, the Negaverse and Everything"
Megavolt corrects Negaduck
NegaMegs negotiates with DW
NegaMegs and his dogooder buddies
Losing confidence
Darkwing, he's stealing your gimmick!

"I AM RELAXED!!" : From "Stressed to Kill"

"But travelling through time...." : From "Time and Punishment"

Megavolt, glad to see DW?! : From "Twitching Channels"
"Oh, lighten up!"
Megavolt's insane ranting

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