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Here are some new things pertaining to Megavolt. Enjoy!

January 1, 2009 : Poking around this ancient time capsule on behalf...of a FRIEND. [strikes a pose] Actually, one of the many contributors to this site desired that I make an edit to protect a youthful indiscretion. So here's a call-out: if anyone else wants me to change their name/email, or even remove something of yours altogether, I will do it. Let's enjoy the new year safely.

And, because poking around this site has made me terifically nostalgic, if anyone wants to send me any new stuff to put up, drop me an email. Who knows, maybe I'll actually update. 8)

July 14, 2005 : Four of those cool CGI pictures by Radric. a biker? And more images coming soon, if I can just stop being so lazy.

May 22, 2005 : Hit the Images page for three pictures by Radric - and if that teases your pallet, be sure to drop by the Forum for more of his stuff (both current and forthcoming.)

August 14, 2004 : Captain Chaotica's "Reversed Polarity" relates her conception of the Negaversion of events in "Clash Reunion." The story and its accompanying illustrations can be viewed on her subpage, which may be reached via either Images or Texts.

August 8, 2004 : Wow, quick update. The old forum on network54, which had caused a lot of us problems, has been shunted in favor of a new Yahoo! group. I hope you will all find it an improvement.

August 7, 2004 : Funny how "soon" translates as Lauderdale-speak for a month and seventeen days, ja? Heh heh. Er. Well, go to the Links page for Wakka's "Fried" website. It's a lovely Megavolt-intense site with lovely art and other neato torpedo stuff that you've probably all of you already seen.

But I haven't! [is both embarassed and excited]

June 20, 2004 : Hotchie motchie, talk about a backlog! Well, the deluge shall commence with Captain Chaotica's well-deserved subpage, since the four images I just added bring her Megavolt contributions to a total of sixteen. Thanks CC! I'll be putting up more of your stuff soon (as well as that of the other lovely folks I have so rudely kept on hold....)

April 18, 2004 : In addition to excellent line technique, wakka has a wonderful command of color. Two more of her pictures make their debut....

April 11, 2004 : Happy Easter, all! Where to start? I've received so many excellent contributions lately, I hardly know which to put up next. So for now I'm posting one that Virvatuli drew me for my birthday. It amused me. I think it will amuse you too.

March 16, 2004 : Ok, it's been a while, but you'll love what I have to show you. Go swoon over the two gorgeous images by wakka, a talented new contributor and fellow fan of Megavolt.

December 25, 2003 : Hope you've all had a great Christmas Day! Here are three lovely new gifts--two sound files from "Inherit The Wimp," courtesy of Brandon, and Lost Duck In Weird Pond's delightful picture of Megs 'all wrapped up' in the Christmas spirit.

December 24, 2003 : It's Christmas Eve! So enjoy two new spoofs on classic carols, "Do You Hear What I Hear?" and "Santa Buddy" by The Lauderdale, or reread old favorites like Zebeckras' "Making Christmas Bright" and Zippy the Wonderpest's "T'was A Night Truly Strange." Both great.

December 18, 2003 : Two new sound files--one from the episode "Duck Blind" and one from "Stressed to Kill." It's so rare that I get sound files. Thanks, Brandon!

December 15, 2003 : Three more images from "Comic Book Capers." The last three, I promise! At least for now....

December 8, 2003 : ...and five more pictures from "Comic Book Capers." (*blink*) At some point I need to organize the images on that page in chronological order.

December 3, 2003 : Check back often--this should be a busy month for updates. Meanwhile, five more screen grabs from "Comic Book Capers."

November 22, 2003 : Hit the page for "A Revolution In Home Appliances" for three more screen grabs, and the "Comic Book Capers" page for two.

October 31, 2003 : Here's a fun Halloween treat for all you Megavolt-lovin' boys and ghouls--four more screen grabs for "A Revolution in Home Appliances" and, thanks to the kindness of Brandon, two .wav files from "Clash Reunion" on the Sounds page. No tricks--actual fresh new sound files!

October 28, 2003 : "A Revolution In Home Appliances" gets four more screen grabs and its very own page.

October 25, 2003 : Ever wonder how Megavolt would look with fur? Find out now, thanks to the clever Lost Duck In Weird Pond. 8)

October 10, 2003 : Not that it affects you guys one way or another, but I finally got the counter fixed. Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha.

October 9, 2003 : Could I possibly be more irregular with my updates? Why, yes I could. Is that what you want...punk? But seriously, five new screen grabs from "A Revolution In Home Appliances."

September 1, 2003 : Two great pieces of art from a new contributor, Lost Duck In Weird Pond. I particularly enjoy the comic. Excellent!

August 28, 2003 : Leaping light bulbs, Lauderdale actually updated again! Ah, but that's because other folks were busy whilst I was lying idle. Two new pictures by the talented Snap.

August 14, 2003 : Greetings and apologies after my longest hiatus yet! For starters, there are two lovely new pictures by Laserbeak on the Images page. Secondly, I'd like to make an especial apology to those contributors who have sent me various items which have not been put up. I shall definitely be doing so. Please swing by the message board if you get the chance!

January 8, 2003 : First update of the New Year, and it's my own material! Check out three pieces of artwork on The Lauderdale's subpage: "Megavolt becomes a live wire!" "Horror show" and "Dance." I think you'll find them a little different from anything you've seen before. P)

December 28, 2002 : What's wrong with Megavolt? Read Snap's first fanfic, "Shock Treatment," to find out! "MATURE" for adult themes and some profanity, but I gotta tell ya, this story had me in stitches the whole time I was reading it.

December 25, 2002 : For an excellent Christmas present from Snap, see her newest piece of Megavolt artwork on the Images page. Happy holidays!

December 15, 2002 : (*yawn*) Wow, I'm happy to be home. Well. New for your viewing pleasure, five screen grabs from "A Revolution In Home Appliances." I don't think we've had any previously from this particular episode. Thank you, Star and Mike!

November 28, 2002 : Let's all give thanks to Tinselcat, a new contributor who has presented us with two cool pictures just in time for Thanksgiving. Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

November 24, 2002 : If you go to the Images page you will find that the episode "Duck Blind" now has a subpage of its own, as well as four new screen grabs.

November 13, 2002 : Today the 13th is a lucky day because it brings us three new pictures from Snap. I particularly like the one of Megs and QJ standing next to one another. Great facial expressions.

November 8, 2002 : Hey, Laserbeak has made a return with "HUH?"--her latest piece of Megavolt artwork. Very cute!

November 5, 2002 : Five more pictures from "Duck Blind," thanks again to Star and Mike. 8)

November 2, 2002 : Five pictures grabbed by Star and Mike from the episode "Duck Blind," Megavolt's debut!

October 28, 2002 : now has its first Megavolt comic--a fan-created one by Snap. I wasn't sure quite where to put it, so go read "Static Sickness" on the Images page, under Other. Funny, with great art. Snap makes panel design and layout look like, well, a snap. I wish I could do that....

October 23, 2002 : I have enjoyed watching Brandon's poetry develop. Three new pieces up on his page--"Someone's Waiting," "Emotional Sacrifice" and "Schemes."

October 20, 2002 : Snap is a Megavolt fan who has a great knack with colored pencils. Go check out her two very excellent pictures--new, on the Images page.

October 6, 2002 : Updated the Other section of the Images page with stuff I hadn't seen before. Do the Megavolt Monopoly money and the porcelain figurine from France come as a surprise to you too?

September 20, 2002 : Been hankerin' to see Megavolt in his infamous maroon bathrobe and blue lightbulb slippers? See the five new pictures from the episode "Clash Reunion," submitted by Brandon.

September 3, 2002 : Just been settling in at college again--I know, takes me a while, huh? Well, those of you who have been coming by the forum (hint hint) have probably already read Brandon's "Sparky In Speedos" (heh heh, funny image), "Elmo" and "Electricity And Fury". The latter two read nicely as companion pieces. "Elmo" in particular struck a chord with me for some reason. (*sigh*) Poor Elmo....

August 15, 2002 : Two more poems by Brandon--"Sparky Can" and "Mr. Megavolt." Also, Serena Hikariwa let me put up two of her pictures, so remember to hit the Images page.

August 10, 2002 : Brandon gets himself a separate page! Hit the Texts page to get there, where you will find "Not Just A Rat To Me" and "The Likes Of You". This second poem is a touching tribute to Megavolt's fans. Also, you may have noticed the link on's main page to the site's very own brand new forum! Go post there--I look forward to seeing you! 8)

August 3, 2002 : Two new pictures up, one by Laserbeak and one by Sideshow Jaq. Both talented artists, both great pictures.

Some news: according to the counter, had its 10,000th visit today. Also, I'm thinking about creating a message board. As for those of you who come by the site, what are your thoughts on this? Please e-mail me if you have any opinions, or even if you don't--it's always nice to hear from fellow Megavolt fans....

July 20, 2002 : In a spirit of thanksgiving that wasn't accidentally deleted (as was the impression I was under yesterday) and in celebration of the site's four year anniversary today (or at least the four year anniversary of the What's New? page) there are six new poems up by Brandon--"Don't Stick Your Nose There," "Love Me Like Electricity," "Love Me Like Electricity Part 2," "Dandy Villain," "Intimate," and "My Generator Gyrates."

July 17, 2002 : Did I mention that I like Captain Chaotica? She's cool. She's also responsible for two more pictures.

July 13, 2002 : Three new pictures by Captain Chaotica, including illustrations for her new fic "Phantom Hero (The Innocents)" also up.

July 8, 2002 : A cool new picture from Sideshow Jaq! Less cool is how long it took me to put it up. Sorry about that. 8/

June 24, 2002 : "Harry Potter" and alternate universe fans will get a kick out of three more pictures by Captain Chaotica.

June 20, 2002 : Captain Chaotica blasts onto the scene with three pictures! Actually more, but I'm a tease and am putting those up later. HA-ha!

May 5, 2002 : And another three pictures from NegaCrissy! Any more and she's gonna be getting her own section. 8)

April 30, 2002 : Five more really cool pictures from NegaCrissy. Sweet! I can't say which one I like the most.

April 27, 2002 : NegaCrissy gave me the go-ahead to put up some of her art! Hit the Images page for five pictures by's newest contributor. I particularly like the sleeping Megs. Kawaii!

April 17, 2002 : More poems from Brandon--"A Boy Can Dream, Can't He?" "Where Is Elmo?" and "Naughty Song." Take that last title seriously, by the way: this piece is's first "MATURE" content.

March 31, 2002 : Renovated the Links page, adding "Megavolt and Ja Tarra" under Associates and my new "Disney's Darkwing Duck Comic Adventures" under Other Cool Sites. Catchy title, no?

March 26, 2002 : So it's been a while, but today, mes amis, I bring you various and sundry articles of interest. In Images, under Other, you will find a wallpaper created by Brandon, a sprite created by ToonQueen and a Megavolt puzzle thing from a DW activity book. Plus there's a new screen grab for the episode "Just Us Justice Ducks."

March 7, 2002 : I don't know what it is, but Brandon's poems have an odd quality to them, kinda more like song lyrics. (*shrug*) "You're Just Too You" and "Addicted To A Doomed Relationship," on the Texts page of course.

February 17, 2002 : Correction, "Surged Up Solo Soul." Plus, there's another new poem by Brandon entitled "Questions Concerning The Rodent I Love." And on the Links page there are two new ones under Just Megavolt and one under Other. Just 'cause I wanna spoil you guys. 8)

February 13, 2002 : Coolness and coolnessossity, we have two poems from a new contributor! Now on the Texts page are "Shocking" and "Surged Up Super Soul" by Brandon.

February 7, 2002 : Lomihahamech (say it three times fast!) has given us a treat--go read "A Happy Ending For Sputterspark." Longish, and a real hoot and a half. 8)

January 31, 2002 : And now I've put up Zebeckras' "Making Christmas Bright," in which Megavolt has an excellent role as the chief villain of the piece. Also a great short story in general.

January 27, 2002 : YES!! Zebeckras gave me permission to put up her classic fanfic "My Kingdom For A Double-Plait Bolt!" and two pertinent pieces of artwork in the form of a poster and an illustration. So go see them! Although heck, if you haven't seen her stuff up till now, what you really oughta do is head for her site so you can get the full experience. Otherwise you're gonna be stuck with one heck of a cliffhanger....

January 18, 2002 : Eight new pictures from the episode "Negaduck," plus I've been doing more fiddling. Fixed as many of the sound files as I can for the nonce. Heh heh. Nonce.

January 15, 2002 : It's nearly two in the morning and I've spent most of the past ten hours working on this place with nothing new to show for it. Pathetic, ne? Well, actually that's not completely true: I've been going through the whole site renaming files and fixing links. If you couldn't see it before, you most likely will now. I also revamped somewhat by assigning subpages to contributors or episodes with an unweildy amount of stuff.

January 9, 2002 : So I says to meself, I says, "Lauderdale? You haven't updated the Links page lately." "Adopt-A-Bulb" and "The Lighthouse" under Just Megavolt, and "Licence to Steel" is finally listed under Other.

January 1, 2002 : In honor of making it through another three hundred and sixty-five days, here are three new screen grabs to bring in the new year. There's one for "Darkwing Doubloon," "Just Us Justice Ducks" and "Negaduck."

December 22, 2001 : Wow. Something like sixteen new screen grabs from the episode "Dead Duck." Season's greetings, everyone!

November 23, 2001 : Ah, finally. At the bottom of Images page's "Other" section you will find three items pertaining to the Nintendo Capcom "Darkwing Duck" video game.

November 12, 2001 : Another song parody--heh, I love these things--from Melissa. "Megavolt's Serenade," to the tune of a lovely little ditty you may remember was popular a few years back.

October 31, 2001 : Check out "An Ode To Megavolt" by Rowena S. Not to be confused with the infamous "Ode to Megavolt's Butt," this particular ode is a parody of Robbie William's "Millenium." Happy Halloween!

October 28, 2001 : Oh wow, Aurora is back with her third fic! You remember Aurora, the really cool author? I'm sure you will all be delighted to read "Triptych." If you remember, when we last left our villains....

October 21, 2001 : Four more pics scanned by Zebeckras. From an episode we haven't had up to this point--the fabulous "Dead Duck"!

September 30, 2001 : And I should probably do the same thing with screen grabs. Ooh la la, what have we here? It's three new pics from the infamous "Comic Book Capers," brought to you by Zebeckras.

September 27, 2001 : Four new pictures by Zippy. You know, I need to start giving these people their own separate sections!

September 25, 2001 : Beware, ramble alert.

I'm sorry I haven't updated lately. Following the tragic events of 911, I realize a lot of people actually need something lighthearted with which to pass their time. I notice more of you have been coming by lately, even though I haven't updated. Check back in a day or two. There will be stuff. I'd do it now but stuff has been happening for me RL. See, my dad's dog Peorun (A.K.A. Peepers, PP, the Big P, etc.) was put down at 11:00am today. I'm gonna have to call later tonight to find how everyone is doing. This will be following my dorm's meeting to discuss the loss of a friend of mine named Nicole Kohn, who died this past Friday. I know she's fine, but she's left behind a lot of very sad people. Plus, due to a less-than-sensitive decision on the part of one of my professors, we watched "Waco: Rules of Engagement" in class today. I don't really want to say anything about that. Don't get me wrong. Good stuff has been happening in my life as well, but I'm kind of bombarded at the moment, as are many of the people I care about. I'm sorry to unload all of this onto you guys but I just needed to say something. I hope all of you are well, and if you aren't, I hope it gets better for you soon. Things happen in patches, I guess, and eventually you will get through this bad one. Good vibes.

August 30, 2001 : New fanfic up by The Lauderdale called "Megavolt Meets Someone Cool." Find out why three out of three readers thought I'd "dun lost my last mind."

August 14, 2001 : Fiddled with the Links page today--fixed some, deleted others. New link under Just Megavolt: "Megavolt Madness," a computer game at the Toon Disney website. Have fun. 8)

August 7, 2001 : It appears that Laserbeak is a writer as well as an artist. "What A Ghoul Wants" and "Double Date, Double Trouble" are up on the Texts page, and there's another beautiful picture up in Images. They made my day--let them make yours.

July 31, 2001 : Four beautiful pics from a new and talented contributor. Laserbeak has excellent technique, impeccable taste, and there's a bonus for "Star Wars" fans. Well? Go check 'em out!

July 28, 2001 : Fanfic! Go read Maggie Griffin's "Static Shock." Gives a different slant to events in the life of Elmo Sputterspark and introduces a striking new villain. As Gos would say, "Keen Gear!" Er, before she remembered that this is a Megavolt site and Megavolt is Darkwing's arch-nemesis, that is....

July 23, 2001 : Three new pictures by an illustration for Cristi Muth's "Dark Queen of the Sea"!--with some provocative experimentation with Megavolt's design.

June 21, 2001 : Great picture of Megs and QJ by a new contributor, Sideshow Jaq. I'm sure you'll all like it. I love this person's style.

June 17, 2001 : After some delay, a new fanfic--read "School House Rocked" by The Lauderdale. Another Voice story, but plenty of Megavolt and other characters from the show as well.

June 11, 2001 : And if that wasn't enough, Mainecoon has returned with a lovely new piece of art. Check out "Prepare..." on the Images page.

May 25, 2001 : We're back! And we're profiting off the productivity of others--specifically, Ang D. Check out the three new pics in her section of the Images page.

May 10, 2001 : Six new screen grabs--one from "Darkwing Doubloon" and one from "Negaduck," thanks to the Darkwing Duck Page, and four from "Comic Book Capers," thanks to the DAFT.

May 4, 2001 : A nicely succinct poem from a new author, Melissa: "Why Megavolt Speaks to Lightbulbs", a scan of some old sketches by yours truly of you-know-who, and I reentered this site at the Top Darkwing Sites. Now I really must be getting back to my Kubrick paper....

April 21, 2001 : After a considerable lag, finally a new update--ten screen grabs from the first half of "Just Us Justice Ducks," scanned by Zebeckras. DW site owners the World Wide Web over owe her a great debt. Thanks, Zebeckras!

A note to Melissa/ thank you for e-mailing and jumpstarting me out of my recent stupor. Unfortunately I couldn't access the attachment and I got a "User's e-mail name not found" when I tried to respond. Perhaps you could try again? I'd love to see your poem. The same goes for anyone who may have submissions for this site. Remember, there can never be too much Megavolt. 8)

February 15, 2001 : Would have updated yesterday but circumstances prevented it. So a belated Happy Valentine's day as showcases an excellent picture Gadgetluv executed for the occasion.

February 5, 2001 : Put up a huge batch of Zebeckras' excellent screen grabs from the wonderful episode "Comic Book Capers." Also fixed some broken links, with special thanks to Zippy for bringing them to my attention!

January 25, 2001 : A small update of two pictures by The Lauderdale--an illustration for LL's fic, "The Ice Cream Cone," and the reason why Megavolt isn't a duck.

January 20, 2001 : Three extremely impressive pictures by a new author, Gadgetluv--one very nice shot of Megs, and two interesting crossovers.

January 14, 2001 : Paris rocks! Wanna know why? Does the word "Labyrinth" mean anything to you? In the sense of the movie starring David Bowie? What would you say if I told you that a hilarious, epic DW parody of said movie is now up on And illustrated, no less! First released into my lazy clutches back in early October of 2000, "Lighthouse" is finally making its debut for your online enjoyment. Be sure to stick around for an "exclusive, behind-the-scenes look" at the making of this masterpiece, following the frightening credits. Also, eight illustrations from the fic with Megavolt are making their appearance separately under Paris' name on the Images page.

January 10, 2001 : Another cute picture by Mainecoon. Huggles! Also two new ones by The Lauderdale--a "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac" crossover and a headshot minus the helmet.

January 7, 2001 : Another new fic by--guess who?--Mainecoon, called "Moonshowers." And two more pictures by her as well. You'll know who the kid is if you read the fic. Go to, go to. Thanks, Mainecoon!

January 4, 2001 : Great new fic on the Texts page, Mainecoon's "Copyrat," and an accompanying picture on the Images page. From now on giraffes are going to be linked with Megavolt in my mind.

January 1, 2001 : Well, a happy happy New Year, and a merry millenium to you all. There are four pictures by the talented Mainecoon up on the Images page in her unmistakeable style. I'd definitely advise you all to go see them. Just lovely.

Also, in attempts to make up for the dreadful lag in updates, I did some minor fiddling with the site. This included setting up a new counter on the Main Page, and moving LL's kind present concerning the old one to her section on the Images page. That'll be all. Happy belated holidays!

August 24, 2000 : Had a small fiesta on the Links page. Under Just Megavolt is Megaspark's Megavolt sounds page. Under Megavolt's Associates are Megaspark's DW fanfiction page, "Tegwen's Bridge" and "Remembering Alice". Under Other Cool Sites is "The Swamp". I hope you enjoy perusing all five of these great places.

August 18, 2000 : A particularly funny and bizarre new story by Charlie Stadele--read his "Blast From The Future". On the Texts page, of course. Remember, folks: twice the Megavolt is twice the fun!

August 14, 2000 : Shameless begging and pleading *does* pay off! Paris (aka has produced two more song parodies for us--"Pretty Fly (For A Bad Guy)" and "The Duck Frying Song". If you know me, you will understand why I am particularly partial to the latter.... P)

August 9, 2000 : Not an update but an important bulletin. Mainecoon's "Remembering Alice III: A Christmas Gift" is now up at the "Animated Lust" website. While it is not really a Megavolt fanfic at all, it is a good story and if you've enjoyed her other two, you should really check this one out.

August 7, 2000 : New scan in the Images Other section that Renard obtained from a DW coloring book. Also, a new picture by a Pokemon spoof. Excellent! 8)

August 2, 2000 : Four new pictures in the Other section of the Images page: another Cel Art picture, two more pictures of Megavolt MOCs and one of the Megavolt PVC. I'm not going to put up all the photos I find of the same Megavolt figures, only the ones I think are cool or unusual for some reason.

July 30, 2000 : It's true. At long last, I have returned from my month of hibernation with a cool song parody by a new author,, who will hopefully grace us with further contributions of a Megavolt persuasion. Yes, dear, this should definitely be read as pressure. Anyway, read "This Megavolt Guy" on the Texts page, everybody!

July 4, 2000 : Some pretty (cruddy) new art up by yours truly: Megs in the "Final Fantasy VII" video cover pose, and one of him engaged in mortal combat with The Voice. Eh. Pretty poor clean-up job on the latter, I'm afraid. If you don't want to see more of my bad art, you're just gonna have to submit.

Happy Fourth of July, everybody!

June 30, 2000 : A sequel to Mainecoon's story, this one called to "Remembering Alice II: Karaoke Night". Well, I knew Mainecoon was a talented poet, but....Well, suffice it to say that Megavolt's revenge is as studiously metered as it is funny. 8)

June 28, 2000 : Now here's one update you didn't have to wait forever and a day for. Mainecoon has returned with the submission of a new story, "Remembering Alice". On the Texts page, of course.

June 26, 2000 : Yes, it's true: a follow-up to Aurora's "Time For A Change" in the form of her new story, "Dangerous Type". It is lengthy--there are *chapters*! ooh! shiny!--and quite good. Enjoy. 8)

June 20, 2000 : Today's update is not to any of the usual pages but in fact to the Index page itself! If you haven't already seen it, sandwiched between the Table of Contents and Sparky the Spirit Flower is the picture LL made in acknowledgement of's 5000th hit. Thanks, LL! I love ya, dude!

June 14, 2000 : First of all I want to apologize to Zippy, who gave me permission to put up her latest story days ago, but which I've only gotten around to this morning. Similar apologies to the other people I've been lax in whatever regards. Slowly but surely, people. Meanwhile, Zippy's story is (duh!) on the Texts page and is called "Tron-Split Personality". Have fun, folks!

June 9, 2000 : Sorry for this latest gap. I'm just settling into my new job RL--this could mean more updates or fewer. We shall see. Meanwhile, "Project MID: Megavolt In Drag" makes its comeback with two new pictures. Check out Dresses 9 and 10 by The Lauderdale on the Images page.

June 1, 2000 : Four new images in the Other section of the Images page. Look for "Cel Art", "Pin", "Stamp" and "Valentine", and yes, those titles can pretty much be taken at face value. And no, I don't have any of them except for the pin. Say it with me, people: Ebay! Now I must be heading--I have a new Bessie Smith CD that I gotta go zone out to. Ciao!

May 26, 2000 : Zippy, the blessed Pest, has graced us with seven pictures, all of which can be found on the Images page, at the end of her very long list of contributions. Thank you, Zippy! We don't deserve you!

May 24, 2000 : Eeyew. This is not as lazy a summer as I was hoping for, but I do have some updates for ya. Two new pictures by Aurora up on the Images page, one of which is with her character, Luminas! Also a fanfic by LL up on the Texts page called "The Ice Cream Cone", in which Megavolt has an interesting encounter with a very special little boy. This might make more sense if you've read her "Time Pirates" stuff, and Ricia's trilogy, or it might not. (*shrugs*) Whatever--I enjoyed it, and my opinion is the only one that counts. Kidding!

May 20, 2000 : I linked to another new fanfic up on the Texts page, the robot Sparky's "Oil Is Thicker Than Water". Check it out today. Oh, and this really isn't related, but for all of you good people who may not have heard about the new virus, VBS stands for Very Bad Sh--well, I think we can all work it out. Don't download any files with that extension. Ok, I'm done being insultingly patronizing.

May 17, 2000 : A new fanfic up on the Texts page: D. Jones' "The Revolution Season". But I'd suggest you see it by going to her "Doctor Ohm" site, which is now on my Links page under the Just Megavolt section: that way you can see all of the excellent work she has up thus far. Extraordinary! I await impatiently what is to come....

May 13, 2000 : Six more pictures under the Other section of the Images page. These are of the Megavolt MOC, which is the jointed action figure. I got one of these off Ebay as well. He came packaged with two accessories--a lighting bolt (when did Megavolt use *lightning* bolts in the series, I'd like to know?) and an electrogun. His action is shooting sparks out of his chest, and I hear tell he was declared unsafe and pulled from the market because of that. Personally, I think it sounds more like something that would happen to Quackerjack. 8)

May 11, 2000 : Peace, peace! Many are the updates I have to make, many the people who's permission I must obtain. And this will all be soon, as my last final is in less than an hour and in a few days I will be going home. But here, now: on the Images page, I have decided to expand the Others section with pictures of Megavolt merchandise. So at the very bottom you will find six pictures of the Kelloggs Megavolt PVC. He's terribly cute, and yes, I have one myself. Got him on Ebay. P)

April 24, 2000 : Another great gap, and only one picture this time. But what a picture! Megavolt, as seen through the eyes of Sparky the Bot. Um. There's really not much I can say about this one. Well, a lot actually, but it would save time to simply say, go see it, and then go worship at great length both Megavolt and Sparky and whatever deities you believe in that have seen fit to grace mortals with such talent. Oh, you think I'm exaggerating, huh? Just get your little booty over there, my friend. At the end of the long list of Sparky's pictorial contributions....

April 16, 2000 : There, what'd I tell ya? Another Great Gap. Next thing you know we're going to have Great Gap Dragons taking up residence. Hmm. Well, all things Xanth aside, there is a rather slashy new picture up by Sparky the Bot! You will find it at the end of her *lonnnnnng* list of pictures on the Images page. "Darkwing! I didn't know you cared!" (I think it looks rather like a love-bite myself....)

April 10, 2000 : My apologies for the enormous gap between updates. My life is very busy at the moment and unfortunately more, rather than fewer, of such gaps are to be expected. Two new links, both in the Just Megavolt section of the Links page: a cool profile from the very cool "Toon Obsession" site (the URL of which I suggest you seek out for the purpose of pleasant perusal), and the "Darkwing Duck Diary" Megavolt stats.

March 30, 2000 : "The Zebeckras Zone" and "Darkwing-itlan". What do these two sites have in common? Both are awesome places that I've had more than ample time to link to but never done so. Fortunately I have now rectified this. Go to the Links page, under Other. May their two respective maintainers reign in coolness forever.

March 27, 2000 : Ricia Fedora's fanfic, "Till The End Of Time", is now up on the Texts page. This is the last story in her awesome trilogy. Read it, and then e-mail her on a job well done.

March 23, 2000 : 'Allo! Couldn't update yesterday, but here's some new stuff--another new picture by Aurora up on the Gallery page. Finally, we get to see Luminas, the character from her fanfic. Also, thanks to Zebeckras there is a new wav up on the Sounds page, from the episode "Comic Book Capers". I've had this thing forever, but what with my screwy brain and various weird obstacles, I've only just put it up now. 'Tis quite cool--go to, varlet, go to.

March 20, 2000 : Have I mentioned lately how cool Zippy is? So cool that she has two more new pics up. By the way, Megs, ya know who's nineteen today? NO, IT'S NOT ZIPPY--unless there's something she hasn't told me....It's me, you knob, me! Sheesh....

March 18, 2000 : Hmm, a while between updates, but it's worth the wait. I have three new drawings by Aurora up on the Gallery. And am very much looking forward to future efforts by her--these are quite nice.

March 11, 2000 : Two more stills, these ones taken by the ever-cool Renard from the episodes "Darkwing Doubloon" and "Negaduck". Very nice--thank you, Renard!

March 9, 2000 : Gee, how is Zippy cool? Let me count the ways....Eh, too long, but I will tell you this--there's a fun new bit of nonsense by the Zipster up on the Texts page. Check out "Gender-Switching Fun". No prize if it reminds you of certain pictures....

March 6, 2000 : Another lot of nine stills from Zebeckras, grabbed from the episode "Life, The Negaverse, And Everything." Again, they're brand new. And yet again, thank you, Zebeckras!

March 4, 2000 : Well, if you've been by this site at all lately, you probably know that the Spirit Flower LL sent us died. Oddly enough, Megavolt seems to be the one who's really taking it hard.

Megavolt: (*blinking violently*) Am not! After all, it was only a...(*sniff*) weed.
The Lauderdale: Oh, I'm sure.
Megavolt: I mean, who cares about some dumb flower.
The Lauderdale: Gee. Well. I got a second one today, so do you want me to take it down?
Megavolt: What?! I mean, oh. Well, um, let me take a look at it first. (*looks*) Ok, it's not bad, I guess it can stay.
The Lauderdale: You know, if I didn't know you better, I'd say you were starting to like flowers. P)

[RL note--My rat Sparky, Megavolt's namesake, died the other day at the age of two years. I'm gonna miss ya, boy. Say hi to Fieval for me. And don't you be chewing on none of those angel's robes, y'hear?]

March 2, 2000 : Oh, I just love screen grabs! And I just got a whole bunch of 'em from Zebeckras: eight brand new ones from the episode "Life, The Negaverse, And Everything". Go see. Under the appropriate section on the Images Page. Thanks again, Zebeckras!

February 29, 2000 : So how could I not post on Leap Day? 8) Two pics by Zippy having to do with a which Megavolt and Electra were both involved....

February 18, 2000 : Go to the Texts page for LL's fanfic "Grounded, Part One", which is (hopefully) the first installment in a series about Captain Megawatt, a kinda nega-alterna version of Megavolt. You would not believe the h*ll I've gone through to get this d*mn thing! Geez, LL! Anyway, go read it, peoples.

February 15, 2000 : Hope y'all had a nice Valentine's Day. So...two new pics by Zippy: one's a lovely pastel and the other's--well, actually, it isn't new and it's not a picture, it's an animation she made of one of her previous pics. Very cute--go see! (Pressed for time: I'm in me computer class at the moment, sorry....)

February 8, 2000 : Extraordinarily pleased to be able to tell you that I have linked to LL's "Volt Fiction" on the Texts page. This is the only known DW parody of "Pulp Fiction", and is, amazingly enough, entirely PG--an incredible feat. Important: if you have not seen the movie "Pulp Fiction", Do Not Read This Fanfic. It's like trying to read "The Volatile Creative Types Horror Picture Show" without having seen "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" first. It will make NO SENSE. And yes, "Volt Fiction" is most definitely of a Megavolt persuasion as he has the John Travolta/Vince Vega role, who is as close to being the main character as this movie gets.

February 3, 2000 : Yes, it's true. That thing at the bottom of the Table of Contents is a Spirit Flower. Yes, Megs, I *know* this isn't a Bushroot site., c'mon, it's from LL! She says she's writing you a fanfic! The least we can do is put up with this little weed for a while. Hey, I know what'll make you feel better--Texts page, new story by Ricia: "To The Tune Of An Electric Lullaby". Can it be? Megavolt, a prospective...*father*?!

Figured that'd get his attention. P)

January 30, 2000 : Zippy's fanfic "A Christmas Error" is now up on the Texts page. And on the Links page, in the purely Megavolt section, a link to Megaspark's new "Megavolt Mail" service. If you're a true fan, this is a must.

January 28, 2000 : Zippy's "Tell-Tale Signs That You're Obsessed With Megavolt" has been linked to on the Texts page. Following reading you should all e-mail to bombard her with contributions. Three new pics by Zippy up on the Gallery: a rather amusing one of Megavolt having laundry difficulties, and two adapted from a scene in "Comic Book Capers". Also, Zippy's site now goes by the title "High Voltage Studios".

January 25, 2000 : In case you haven't noticed, is now on Zebeckras' "Darkwing Duck Fanfiction Ring". Lauderdale finds this very cool. 8)

January 21, 2000 : Two more new pics by 'Rena. She's on a roll, folks!
Megavolt: Hey, Serena, I was going to eat that! (*rimshot*)
The Lauderdale: I know, I know, that was just sad....

January 15, 2000 : Three new pics by the robot Sparky. Need I say more? You can find them at the bottom of her *looong* list of pictures.

January 12, 2000 : Two new pics by Serena Hikariwa: a cute headshot, and a pic adapted from a scene in the episode "Jailbird".

January 8, 2000 : A link on the appropriate page to a real and promising new site for The Liquidator. Who woulda thunk?

January 7, 2000 : Waited long enough for another update, didn't you, Lauderdale? Oh well, two new pics by a new contributor named LL up on the Gallery. We now have to wait for her to produce some fanfiction to go with them. Meanwhile, is everybody enjoying the year 2000?

January 1, 2000 : Well, appears to have survived Y2K unscathed. But then again, look who we have protecting us! 8) Ok, a short and simple update to bring in the new year: a headshot by Zippy up in the Gallery. It's very kawaii.

December 25, 1999 : Some updates in the Christmas spirit: "'Twas A Night Truely Strange", a parody of "'Twas The Night Before Christmas", by Zippy, and two song parodies, "Megavolt! Megavolt!" and "Be Real Afraid", by The Lauderdale.

December 17, 1999 : New fanfic up, or rather, linked to (one of those wonderful big things that I'd rather link than upload myself): Zippy's "The Origin of Electra". Megs, while not the protagonist, plays a pretty important part.

December 14, 1999 : Well, now that finals are out of the way and three weeks of uninterrupted holiday bliss stretch on ahead, I *suppose* I can fit updates into my busy schedule....Oh, wait, you wanna know what they are. Ok, another poem, "To Lead You Home", by Ricia and "The Megavolt Theme Song" by Zippy are both up on the Texts page. Serena Hikariwa has a third pic up on the Images page, and a cute Christmas pic by Renard is up there as well. 'Tis the season to check it out.

December 5, 1999 : A new pic by Aero of Megavolt and Ricia, inspired by "Pokemon"'s Team Rocket. Too cute. 8)

December 1, 1999 : Had a party fixing various defunct links. Thanks for pointing that out, Megaspark! Also on the Sounds page, under the episode "Just Us Justice Ducks", a new file. Long link, short wav. But amusing. Go check it out.

November 29, 1999 : A colored version of that pic by Zippy, and another she did right under it. On the Links page, under Just Megavolt, a profile by Zippy and, under Associates, a link to (you guessed it) Zippy's page. I will spare you all and resist singing the song that is currently going through my mind....

November 25, 1999 : Just had to put up this pic by Zippy the Wonder Pest on the Images page. Happy Turkey Day!

November 24, 1999 : A new fanfic up on the Texts page: "Time For A Change" by Aurora. This story is long, and, more importantly, it is quite excellent. Go read.

November 22, 1999 : I like this--I'm actually being somewhat productive. Ok, three song parodies by The Lauderdale (hee hee, that would be Me Myself!) on the Texts page: "Send A Volt Your Way", "Your Light Bulb" and "Short Circuits".

November 20, 1999 : It has come at last: the series yours truly has termed "Project M.I.D.: Megavolt in Drag" is now up in the Gallery. View at your own discretion. And feedback is nice. I am an insecure little Lauderdale. Thanks again, Aero!

November 17, 1999 : What's new, what's new? Alright, three pics on the Images page: Hikariwa's "Megavolt Trips an Old Lady" and Aero's "Fresh Donuts" under the Art section, and a pic from "Whirled History" scanned by the human Sparky under the Screen Grabs section. At least the general consensus seems to be that it's from "Whirled History". Please correct me on this if I'm wrong. Put up links to Renard's site (under Other) and to another of the human Sparky's profiles for Megavolt (under Just Megavolt). Submitted this site to the Animated Sidekicks Webring. And by the way, I don't think I ever mentioned that I also submitted it to Renard's list for the Top Darkwing Sites. So if ya happen to wanna vote for, then....

November 15, 1999 : Ah, six new pictures. Yum. So what've we got? Ok, all under Aero on the Images page: pictures include "Megvin", one of Megavolt and Tegwen, and the miniseries "Megavolt v. Pikachu". The fourth and last of which is not by Aero but by her RL cousin, Kyle. Thanks, Kyle!

November 14, 1999 : Not much. A nice new sketch, "Poker", from the robot Sparky up on the Images page.

November 12, 1999 : Like you actually care, but I alphabetized the Texts and Images pages today, so if something's confusing, that's probably it. Also, I put up a link to Hazel's page under Megavolt's Associates. Hey, quit it! It works! Oh, and check under the section for Other on the Images page. I put up a photo by the robot Sparky of her room. If you are a fan of Megavolt, you *have* to see this!

November 5, 1999 : Nothing interesting. I just went through my Links page and fixed all the addies that stupid Crosswinds mucked up. You may here and now mark my stance regarding that particular service: "Yuck-o-la". Thank you.

October 30, 1999 : A funny new wav up on the Sounds page from the episode "Darkwing Doubloon".

October 24, 1999 : An untitled fanfic by Lady J and another pic by Aero. And because Serena Hikariwa was nice enough to scan a pic I sent her, I now have art up on the Gallery as well! Er, a single sketch, at least. Feedback, anybody?

October 23, 1999 : Yah! Ok, there's a new pic up by Aero--go see Megavolt's *real* Halloween costume! And Ricia pointed out a smeg-up of mine: the DAFT screen grab I said was from "Whirled History" was actually from "Time and Punishment". My bad....

October 22, 1999 : What's new? A lot. And this time I actually wrote it down first, so...(*reading aloud*) "There is a new image in the Other section of the Gallery page from some DW comic, which was colored and provided by Zebeckras. She also provided two screen grabs from the episodes "Duck Blind" and "Just Us Justice Ducks". Another screen grab from "Whirled History" came from the DAFT. Renard contributed a piece of artwork, as did Aero and And Ricia gave me permission to put up her fanfic "The Pride and the Shame", as well as the accompanying poem "Falling Toasters". That is all." For now, anyway. (*grins in anticipation of things she knows are to come*)

October 13, 1999 : Ok, I've created a new section on the Gallery page for "Other" and stuck in three pictures. They were all scanned from DW comics by NegaQuiv ages ago and are now being put up on for the first time.

October 11, 1999 : I have no idea what I've done! But I'll try....New on the Texts page, a beautiful poem by Hazel called "Hazel Watching..." and Sparky (the human one, not the robot one and *not* Megs) has given me permission to put up a link to her hilarious (and long) fanfic, "Back to Basics". There is a cool new pic in the Gallery by Lady J. And speaking of the Gallery, I am feeling, to use a Rimmerism, like a right goit. The e-mail I gave on the 9th is, correctly, Sorry, 'Cedez!

October 10, 1999 : And more is here. Three--well, they're not *new*-new, but new to this site--pics by the robot Sparky and a new fanfic by Mainecoon, or Hazel if you've been by the DW Diary Board. Check it out!

October 9, 1999 : Well, I'm back. Not that I actually left, but I've been busy....So let's see, what's new? Ah...another Easter pic of Megs by Kat in the Gallery, seven new pics in the relatively scrawny Screen Grabs section (snapped by you *sooo* much, 'Cedez!) and a link to Ricia's site on the Links page. And more coming soon.

August 23 1999 : Spent today putting up various stuff at various intervals--a pic by Renard, five more pics by the robot Sparky and a fanfic by her, "It All Starts With Almond Surprise". As long as Sparky keeps up the production, I shall never be out of a job....

August 22 1999 : Put up "Red Duck" on the fanfic page. Ok, so this is the first in a prospective series where Megs is a big star, but he doesn't really come in this first one till near the end. NOW LOOK!! AS MAINTAINER OF THIS SITE I SHOULD GET AT LEAST *SOME* PERKS!! So I've put it up. Read it or not, hardcore Megavolt fans, as you like. B/

August 21 1999 : Put up a third fanfic of mine, "A Night at the Opera". Not to be confused with the Marx Brothers movie of the same name. Never fear--this one has plenty of Megavolt in it, unlike the other two.

August 16 1999 : Added a link under "Megavolt's Associates" to a page for his sister, Livewire. Yes, I know that a blood relative is different from an associate. I'M STRETCHING THE DEFINITION!! *SUE* ME!!

August 15 1999 : Uploaded six great wavs of Megs...*kinda*. I believe they're all from "Life, the Negaverse and Everything." Good chance you haven't heard them before--I got them from Brian Robbins' "Cartoon Wavs" site and haven't found them anywhere else. Enjoy. 8)

August 12 1999 : Linked to three more great pics by Lar. Lauderdale, observe that the name is in fact spelled "L-A-R." Remember and utilize thus in future....

Oh, and this just in: I uploaded Cristi Muth's masterpiece (heh heh) "Dark Queen of the Sea" on the "Texts" page.

August 8 1999 : Added a couple more links. BTW, anyone who wants to link to *me*....8)

August 7 1999 : Added a lot--I mean, a great many more (don't hurt me, STiCHie!) sites to the "Links" page. Not nearly as many as I'm planning, but I had to stick up the ones Megs approved first. Lord, are people ever picky....

August 6 1999 : Linked Plotecher's "There and Back...AGAIN?" on the "Texts" page as there is no way I'm directly putting that monster on my site! Oh, and by "monster" I refer to the size, not the quality. Since when is more Megavolt bad? 8) Hopefully Crosswinds isn't going to make itself a pain about this....

August 5 1999 : Actually this was done over the past couple days. I put up a poem by Angela, two song parodies by Matt Plotecher, five pieces of Plotecher's artwork, five of Sparky's and two of another Sparky's. And neither of the aforementioned Sparkys was His Most Villainess (you're right, Sparky, that doesn't sound quite right!) so don't get excited. Um, well actually *do* get excited, 'cause they're pretty good. Go see. Um, m'yeah.

Oh, this just in--I also added this site to the NegaRing and to a ring for Disney Villains. They just await authorization. And Tracy (may she dwell in coolness forever) made a beautiful pic for me in-just-a-few-*hours* this afternoon! So look at that. Heh heh, it made me laugh....8)

August 1 1999 : Created a "Links" page. Linked some more wavs from Renard's DW page at Thanks, man! And again, I did some other stuff but can't remember what. Um. Yeah. Maybe I should--oh, wait a sec, I also put up another pic!

July 30 1999 : Alright, *lots*. First, I created a "Screen Grabs" section for the Images page and linked a couple. Then I created a "Sounds" page, to which I linked some cool Megavolt wavs. God bless the DAFT Archive! Next, I set up a new Guestbook and...ok, I forget what it was exactly, but I did something else....

July 29 1999 : Deleted two pics whose links were no longer working. Get back to the author on that. Otherwise fiddled about with the page and added two fanfic by yours truly. Megavolt is not the protagonist, but a main character in a series these two fanfic are the first stories in.

June 26 1999 : The Lauderdale (who is I) is going to take a stab at being a responsible maintainer and actually do some stuff with this glorious Shrine. Don't expect anything dramatic, but do expect a few changes.

January 31 1999 : The Shrine is going to have a new maintainer! had no time to update this site so will take her place.

July 20 1998 : The Shrine takes a new look, and made this spiffy "What's New?" page! Enjoy your stay!

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