The Characters

Ickis | Krumm | Oblina | The Gromble


Voice: Charles Adler

Animated Ickis Ickis is a very nervous little monster, who due to his big ears has had a few humans think he is a rabbit. This tends to make him very unsure of himself. Ickis can be quite whiny at times, and he has a lot to get through before he can graduate from the Monster Academy. He's always losing something, like his Monster Manual, or The Gromble's Amulet of Enfarg. He also has a tendency to get in over his head, and is definitely not the teacher's pet. What he does have on his side though are his two very good friends, Krumm and Oblina, who are always there when he needs them. Ickis also is able to grow bigger when he needs to, and transform himself into a terrifying monster, so despite his shortcomings, don't count him out as being able to graduate from The Academy just yet.


Voice: David Eccles

Animated Krumm Krumm is a filthy, hairy monster, with the most disgusting odor eminating from his armpits. Krumm is one of the best friends a monster could have. He always keeps an eye on his two best friends, Ickis and Oblina. This is easy for Krumm to do, as he holds an eyeball in each hand. When he needs to use his hands, he puts his eyeballs in his mouth. Krumm can eat just about anything, is very laid back, and loves a good practical joke. But don't get too close, 'cause if the sight of Krumm doesn't make you pass out, his "stinky pits" surely will!


Voice: Christine Cavanaugh

Animated Oblina Oblina is the intellectual one of the group. She is very intelligent and charming. At times she can be a know-it-all, and often gets irritated with Ickis and Krumm's antics. But she is a great friend to them, and is always there when they need her. Oblina can put her body through all sorts of odd contortions, in order to take on certain shapes to help with her scaring. She has turned herself into an umbrella, a hockey stick, ropes, etc. She can also pull all kinds of disgusting stuff out of her stomach. She may not seem particularly scary looking to you, but don't underestimate her as she can be ferocious. So be careful of the handle on the next umbrella you pick up, or the next candy cane you get at the carnival, or even the stick that the cotton candy comes on, because you just never know where Oblina might pop up next.

The Gromble

Voice: Gregg Berger

Animated Gromble The Gromble is the headmaster of the Monster Academy. He is a legendary figure in the monster community, and the scariest teacher ever! The Gromble is determined to mold each and every monster at the Academy into the most horrifying of monsters. He is helped with this task by Snorch and Zimbo who are in charge of doling out the punishment at The Academy. The Gromble is very scary looking himself, (except for those red pumps he wears) He is very demanding, ruthless, and relentless, and has been known to chew his students out... literally. But, he has to be brutal, if he wants to make sure that this class of monsters will be the most terrifying of them all!!!

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