WAV Sound Files

Theme1.wav AAAHH!!! Real Monsters Theme 1 (496K)

Theme2.wav AAAHH!!! Real Monsters Theme 2 (243K)

aaahhmonster.wav Kids: AAAHH MONSTER!!! (18K)

brain.wav Simon: It feels like... someone's stomping around in my BRAIN!!! (20K)

enjoy.wav The Gromble: Did you enjoy that? (11K)

everything.wav Ickis: Oh this is very interesting, (yawn) what does it got to do with us.

The Gromble: Well, let's see, how about EVERYTHING!!! (42K)

fear.wav The Gromble: I want that human to know feeear... (77K)

gromble.wav The Gromble: Today class, I have a special treat for you. (16K)

ickis2.wav Ickis: Alright already... SHEESH! (13K)

ickising.wav Ickis: Going through the ritual to free Oblina from her curse.(100K)

krumm.wav Krumm: I thought they'd never leave. (8K)

krummlgh.wav Krumm: laughing!!! (48K)

oblina.wav Oblina: I didn't know you could be such a monstrous monster. (62K)

oblina2.wav Oblina: I hate to say I told you so Ickis... (43K)

quiet.wav The Gromble: QUIET!!!!! (13K)

silence.wav The Gromble: SILENCE!!! (20K)

shudknow.wav The Gromble: Is there something I should know? (12K)

techdiff.wav Ickis: Sorry for the interruption. We were experiencing technical difficulties. (21K)

uglier.wav Oblina: This really does not do him justice, he's much uglier. (25K)

ugly.wav The Gromble: Well, you all look particularly ugly today! (62K)

western.wav Krumm: Now make tracks you mangy polecat. (27K)

z.wav Zimbo: This most curious behavior definitely deserves Zimbo's investigative scrutinies. (57K)

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