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Last Updated: April 8, 1998

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* General Information
* Specific Shows
+ Babylon 5
+ Blake's 7
+ Quantum Leap
+ Red Dwarf
+ seaQuest DSV
+ Sliders

General Information

* The Complete Director to Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Television Series: A Comprehensive Guide to the First 50 Years, 1946 to 1996

Every sci-fi show in the history of television is in this book.

* The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows

This is THE book on television. Find all your favorites here along with pictures, information, and more!

* Cult TV: A Viewer's Guide to the Shows America Can't Live Without

Written by the same author of now out-of-print The Best of Science Fiction Television, take another look at American cult television.

* Total Television: The Comprehensive Guide to Programming from 1948 to the Present

A total guide to American television, including very obscure shows you may have forgotten or never knew existed.

* Blockbuster Entertainment Guide to Television on Video

Like its companion movie guide, this television guide includes a great deal of information about many favorite classic and cult television programs now found on home video.

* The Complete Book of Scriptwriting

Written by Babylon 5 writer/producer, Joe Michael Straczynski, this book is THE guide to writing professional scripts in any field -- along with inside knowledge of how the industry works. This is an updated guide from his 1981 version (which, BTW, helped me write and secure my very first agent at age 17). If you are serious about writing your own scripts for television, you NEED this book!

* Science Fiction Audiences: Watching Doctor Who and Star Trek (Popular Fiction)

A closer look at the people who watch science fiction television.

Specific Shows

Babylon 5

* A-Z Guide to Babylon 5

A handy guide to all the aliens, technology, and goings-on in the Babylon 5 universe.

* The Babylon File : The Definitive Unauthorised Guide to J. Michael Straczynski's TV Series Babylon 5

An excellent critical look at Babylon 5 with episode synopsis, reference guides and more.

* Creating Babylon 5

A behind the scenes look at how the special effects, makeup and costumes has helped form the universe of Babylon 5.

* Babylon 5 Security Manual

A technical guide for the station, Babylon 5.

* Babylon 5 Screensaver

A CD ROM packed with screensavers, character profiles, bitmap images and sounds from Babylon 5.

* The Babylon Project: The Roleplaying Game Based on Babylon 5

A roleplaying game based on Babylon 5.

* In the Beginning

A novelization of the first TNT movie leading in to the Babylon 5 series.

Blake's 7

* Terry Nation's Blake's 7: The Programme Guide

The original program guide of Britian's Blake's 7 with complete descriptions, cast lists, terminology, and interviews.

* Blake's 7: The Inside Story

A behind the scenes look at how Blake's 7 was made.

Quantum Leap

* The Complete Quantum Leap Book

The series has ended, but the adventure continues. This official publication has interviews and behind-the-scenes pictures. Needs to be updated to the end of the series.

* The Making of Quantum Leap

More about the series.

* Quantum Leap: A to Z

Very comprehensive guide to characters, storylines, and adventures. A must for any Quantum Leap fan.

Red Dwarf

* Red Dwarf: Programme Guide

Completely revised and expanded, this guide includes all you need to know about Red Dwarf.

seaQuest DSV

* seaQuest DSV: The Novel

A novelization of the pilot episode of seaQuest.


* Sliders: The Novel

A novelization of the pilot episode of Sliders.

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