Wanna know how you could make this part of the page better, go to the part where you sign it. It will take no more than 5 min. I promise

- 06/04/00 17:49:29

Jodi McCafferty - 02/29/00 16:35:57
My Email:jodim@megalink.net
Do you watch GL?: every day!!
What do you like about this page: pictures
What could I add: more characters
great page

Georgia - 02/25/00 17:52:43
My URL:http://www.compuserve.com
My Email:Peaches31592@cs.com
Do you watch GL?: definately
What do you like about this page: the setup
What could I add: nothing
What could I improve: nothing
I have been a fan since it started on the radio eons ago.Have seen so many changes and all for the better.I just want Vanessa to wake up soon.P.S. Good luck with your page.

Sandy - 01/24/00 07:56:48
My Email:cheaksta@aol.com
Do you watch GL?: YES
What do you like about this page: Your 2 favorite actors are my 2 favorite characters
What could I add: MORE INFO. on them
What could I improve: Just keep doing what you're doing.
Like to get any/all information on these 2 fabulous actors. I've been a long time fan of Patti D. and Paul...oh that Paul. Can you tell me what the necklace Patti wears all the time is? It looks like some sort of a cross but I never get a close enough ook to figure it out.

Herkiss - 09/02/99 02:45:11
My Email:Herkiss@Yahoo.com
Do you watch GL?: Yes 30Yrs

Gina - 08/03/99 17:04:07
My Email:GHoopsNgl@aol.com
Do you watch GL?: Yep, everyday :)
What do you like about this page: All of it is great!
What a great page, two of my GL favs! :)

sholanda - 07/20/99 02:59:24
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/cgi-bin/geoplus_apps/ans_entry
My Email:Si3216@aol.com
Do you watch GL?: yes!!!!!!!!!
What do you like about this page: the pictures
What could I add: more pics of manny
What could I improve: i like it a lot
I love danny and michelle such a perfect couple i love finding websites of them. Yours is pretty cool.

Angelbaby - 07/08/99 22:29:07
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Hollywood/land/4425
My Email:belladonna67@hotmail.com
Do you watch GL?: Oh, yes.We are intimate! LOL
What do you like about this page: It's a very nice compliment to both Paul and myself!
What could I add: Research your subjects and try to find out stuff no one else knows.but this is a GREAT start!
What could I improve: Graphics....
Hey Hayley! Nice start! If there is anything we can do to help you from this end, please just let us know! You can contact Susie on the e-mail addy for her on our webpage or contact me at the addy above(the hotmail one)Thank you so much for all your kind ords!!!! Love, Patti

- 07/01/99 03:43:07

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