Ever since their discovery in the early 20th Century, radio waves have known no
borders. While some governments have tried, there has never been a true tariff on radio. Radio has acted as a means of liberation from West to East, as their wide spanning waves easily infiltrated every receiving home across the former Soviet bloc of Eastern Europe. Today, with the global audience of the internet, there have been even further reaches of radio broadcasting soon to exist in every home across the world. Duty-Free Radio is a celebration of this airwave-freedom.
Based in Milwaukee, USA on the campus of Marquette University, D.J. Max brings the world Duty Free Radio every Friday from 9 to 11 AM Central Standard Time. If you've come at a time other than that, please send in a request you would like to be played over the air. I, D.J. Max, personally guarantee that it will be played on my next show. If you want to hear a song right away, please call the studio of WMUR at: (414)288-7687 to tell me what you want to hear. If you like, I will put you on the air so that your voice can be heard worldwide as well. This is radio with no restrictions. This is Duty-Free Radio.
-D.J. Max

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