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Ariel swimming happily under the sea !

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Lion King Photo 01 (sort of), Lion King Photo 02 (sort of),
Lion King Photo 03 (sort of), Lion King Photo 04 (sort of), Lion King Photo 05 (sort of),
Lion King Photo 06 (sort of), Lion King Photo 07 (sort of), Lion King Photo 08 (sort of),
Lion King Photo 09 (sort of).

Crazy Cars! You can buy all those from Keith Dockray, England! ;-)
Crazy Car 01, Crazy Car 02, Crazy Car 03, Crazy Car 04, Crazy Car 05, Crazy Car 06,
Crazy Car 07, Crazy Car 08, Crazy Car 09, Crazy Car 10, Crazy Car 11, Crazy Car 12,
Crazy Car 13.

I'm one of Ariel's friends ! Alf's Saga (in German language)
My mermaid in this city's river (in German language)
Daeumelinchen/Thumbelina (in German language)
Der kleine Klaus und der grosse Klaus (in German language)
Die kleine Seejungfer/The Little Mermaid (in German language)

Doug Webb's brilliant Little Mermaid-stories - 1
Doug Webb's brilliant Little Mermaid-stories - 2
Doug Webb's brilliant Little Mermaid-stories - 3
Doug Webb's brilliant Little Mermaid-stories - 4
Doug Webb's brilliant Little Mermaid-stories - 5
Doug Webb's brilliant Little Mermaid-stories - 6
Lyrics of The Little Mermaid, written down and corrected by me
The Little Mermaid hugs you
Titles of The Little Mermaid TV-series (English/German)

TLM-1 WinAmp-Skin TLM-1 WinAmp-Skin
Flounder WinAmp-Skin Flounder WinAmp-Skin
TLM Halloween WinAmp-Skin TLM-Halloween WinAmp-Skin

The Little Mermaid Poll The Little Mermaid Poll (first TLM-poll form ever)

The Little Merking Quiz - Totally Free Download! The Little Merking Quiz - You Can't Make It! Give Up Now!

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Flounder in 3D ! 3D-VRML-Flounder by David Alejandro (davidturbo@rocketmail.com)
The first TLM VRML-Museum ! My TLM World - The World's first Virtual TLM Museum
The text to the pictures of the 1st TLM VRML-Museum ! Info to the pictures of the World's first Virtual TLM Museum
The first TLM VRML-Trivia ! My TLM VRML-Trivia - What got this VRML to do with TLM?
I'm the sweetest of course !

The World's first TLM Java-Game (works well with NN 3.x only) The World's first Little Mermaid Java-Game (works with NN 3.x only)
How to play the TLM Java-Game ! How to play the Little Mermaid Java-Game

Alf's morphing with Flounder and Ariel (first TLM-morphing ever)

Rotating 3D Ariel-text (first worldwide)
Rotating 3D Flounder-text (first worldwide)
Rotating 3D Sebastian-text (first worldwide)
Rotating 3D Eric-text (first worldwide)
Rotating 3D Max-text (first worldwide)
3D Part of Your World-text (first worldwide)

AlftheMerking's Under the Sea-remix
AlftheMerking's 2nd Under the Sea-remix
AlftheMerking's Part of Your World-remix

Ariel and Flounder on TV
The TLM-Calendar, eternal and international (first one worldwide)
Vote for Sebastian
Ariel Stereogram 1 (stereo-layer invented by me)
Mozenrath Stereogram 1 (stereo-layer invented by me)

Djali in Paradise
Happy Flounder and the Bubbles
Meg waving Hello to Hercules
Meg and the Temple of Zeus Olympios
Mozenrath in Kalach-Nimrud, Mesopotamia
Jasmine in Paris, visiting the Louvre
Esmeralda dancing in front of Notre-Dame
Ariel swimming happily Under the Sea
Sebastian composes 'Under the Sea'
Mushu in the mythical Dragon-Universe

A Portrait of Ariel
A Mermaid Graffiti on the Wall of a Tower of Triton Castle
A Mermaid's Somersault

I'm one of Ariel's friends ! Mermaid Giga-friends standee
Mini Bean Bag standee
Ariel on ad-pillar (TLM-movie '98)
Flounder on ad-pillar (TLM-movie '98)
Sebastian on ad-pillar (TLM-movie '98)
Scuttle on ad-pillar (TLM-movie '98)
TLM-movie in my theaters 1
TLM-movie in my theaters 2
TLM-movie in my theaters 3
TLM-movie in my theaters 4
TLM-movie in my theaters 5

Train of Heroes - promo tour for Hercules '97
Meg and Hercules; Train of Heroes - promo tour '97
Merchandise inside the train; Train of Heroes '97
Meg standee inside the train; Train of Heroes '97
Meg standee outside the train; Train of Heroes '97
Hercules scene inside the train; Train of Heroes '97

TLM-standee from Germany - 1 (Ariel/Flounder/Sebastian)
TLM-standee from Germany - 2 (Flounder/Sebastian)
TLM-standee from Germany - 3 (Ariel/Seahorses)
TLM-standee from Germany - 4 (Ariel/Flounder/Sebastian)

TLM at Oktoberfest 2001 - Flounder
TLM at Oktoberfest 2001 - Ariel and friends
TLM at the Oktoberfest '98 - 1
TLM at the Oktoberfest '98 - 2
TLM - Ariel/Flounder, Oktoberfest
TLM - Merman from TLM, Oktoberfest
TLM - Flounder + treasure, Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest '98-Mermaid 1
Oktoberfest '98-Mermaid 2

10 Ariel-drawings in black and white
9 Melody-drawings in black and white
Flounder-plush at V-Markt and Circus Fliegenpilz-mermaids

Ariel by Mark Dallman
Ariel's and Eric's wedding (cel by Mark)
Melody and Sebastian by Mark Dallman
Sabrina, the Teen-Witch (cel by Mark)

Want to contact Mark Dallman? Want to buy such a cool hand-made cel?
Read this text to get more infos about how to order!:
Mark Dallman Info and How-to-order-Cels

Cute Flounder ! FLOUNDER Obsession Page

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