Nick Names:
Hyper(party name)
Hyper Kandie (yahoo)
Suave(I AM the Suave Prince)
Watrosfan(I love Cynthia Watros)

A Brief Summary:
Well, I see you want to know a little more about me. My Birthday is October 17, 1981, which makes me a libra. I am almost 6'1 and around 150 lbs. I grew up in Massillon, Ohio. I have lived in Uniontown, Ohio, Worthington, Ohio, and La Marque, TX. La Marque is about 45 min. south of Houston. Lola, Mom, Scott, Chacha, boo boo's, Lady, and Cleo are about all I miss about Texas. My favorite thing to do in Texas was going to Hyperia. It was a techno bar in Houston that dosn't exist anymore. Galveston Island was fun to visit during the day. I used to love to go to raves and clubs and dancing my ass off to great DJ's back in the late 90's early 2000's. Texas was the best place for that but I have some memories of parties in OH. and PA.

My first job was K-mart, which I worked for about 5 years. I have also worked for Meijers, Tan-It, and Old Navy. Currently I'm living in Portage Lakes and coach gymnastics at Gymnastics of Ohio. I also work at McDonalds. I'M LOVIN' IT!!!

I love food! Who dosn't? I love Japanese Hibachi, Chinese, hot dogs, pasta, pizza, taco bell, cerial(lucky charms, fruit loops, coacoa puffs, frosted flakes, life...), sliced peaches, chilies, pineapple chunks, chicken, vanillia ice cream, and most of all KANDIE (pb cups, smarties, suckers, skittles, life savors, those sugary orange slices...) There is a bunch of food I am taking off my little list, but u get the point. Although I like food, I don't cook much. LOL

My friends are Travis (my twin brother :-P), Cameron, Lola, my best friend my other half i miss her so much, Melanie (still #1!!!), my unrelated brother Lamar(work it...i need a glass of water), Dannielle, Holli (you're my bestest friend in the whole wide wide), Sara (I miss you sooo much), DJ Heather (I'm a raver I'm a raver where the hell are you?), Micheal, Mikey, Mike, Mike, Mike, Chris Marshall(DRUNK!!! LOL), Christopher, Chris, Keith (/\/\0_0/\/\ AHHHH ;-) ), Jeff and Becca (love you guys), Chrissy, Lori H, all my raver friends, all my friends at fazolies and ex fazolies employies. All my friends from college esp. Andy, Amy and Brian. All my friends from K-mart. Michelle (HEEEEEY), Amy the stupid slut (and you know I mean that with love), Donna(where is she...who knows), Jessica, Kisha, Adam the DJ, Sherri the sk8er, Charley the Mutant Piranha, all my chatters online, my very few new friends from Texas especially Scott, Y-Town wassup!!! and all my peeps at the gym and McDonalds.