Simpson Trivia I

Your best bet is to print this page out and refer to the answers pages.

1) What street do the Simpsons live on?
2) Who is Grampa Simpson's long bearded friend?
3) How much does Homer weigh?
4) How many puppies did Santa's Little Helper and his mate have?
5) Who is Milhouse Van Houten's psychiatrist?
6) What is Mrs. Van Houten's first name?
7) Where does Mr. Van Houten work?
8) Name the 4 Duff Beers (7 dwarfs equivalent) that appeared at Duff Gardens.
9) What 2 exotic creatures has Moe been shown to be holding captive?
10) What was the Babysitter Bandit's real name?
11) What did Mr. Burns make a beret out of?
12) What is the name of Aunt Patty and Aunt Selma's pet iguana?
13) From whom did they inherit this iguana?
14) Where did Otto find there to be "rank false advertising"?
15) What is the name of the one armed military store owner?
16) What folk singer sang to Homer and his fellow astronauts while they were in space?
17) Which celebrity appeared in Hans Moeman's movie "Man Gets Hit In Groin By Football"?
18) What is the name of McBain's movie that is a mixture of action and comedy?
19) What is Troy Mclure's sexual preference?
20) What are the names of the two space aliens?
21) What was Lisa's future husband's name?
22) What did Homer want this man to wear at the wedding?
23) Whati is the name of the nutty professor?
24) What is Springfield's rival town?
25) What was this town formerly known as according to Grampa Simpson?
26) Where did Homer and Marge concieve Bart?
27) What are the call letters of the local radio station?
28) Who are the two DJ's at this staion?
29) Who is the traffic reporter in Springfield?
30) What kind of beer did Homer find in his concert jacket?
31) What town/city did Marge find her outfit that got the Simpsons into Springfield's elite?
32) What area of the nuclear power plant does Homer work in?
33) What day of the week is pork chop day in the Simpsons household?
34) What is the name of the Japanese restaurant in Sprinfield?
35) What song did Bart and Lisa do karaoke to in this restaurant?
36) What was the name of the exotic belly dancer that Homer got caught dancing with?
37) What was the name of the foriegn exchange student that Simpsons hosted?
38) What was his codename?
39) What was the name of the hamster Principal Skinner found dead in "Who Shot Mr. Burns Part One"?
40) Where does Marge's mother live?
41) What is the name of Reverend Lovejoy's daughter?
42) WHat is the name of the X-rated video RUth Powers had?
43) What store did Bart get caught shoplifting from?
44) What game was Bart trying to shoplift?
45) What is Chief Wiggum's first name?
46) Who did Barney get to sing on his King Plow commercial?
47) Name the four members of the B-Sharps.
48) Which member was replaced and by whom?
49) What was the hit song for the B-Sharps?
50) What 80's TV sitcom character returned in pog form?

51) How much money did Bart get for his Krusty-O settlement?
52) Who did Homer want to be in the Witness Relocation Program?
53) What were Bart's first words?
54) What are the ingredients of Homer's patented, space age moon waffle?
55) What is Moe's last name?
56) What religion is Moe?
57) Where did Homer and Marge go for their marriage retreat?
58) What was the name of the hand puppet that almost ruined Krusty's career?
59) What is a balding, North American ape with a short temper called?
60) Why couldn't Homer go to the ballet with Marge?
61) Where is the mystery wall?
62) Who is Bart's hero?
63) What is the brand name of cigarettes on the Simpsons?
64) Who is the mascot for this company?
65) Who is Homer's hero?
66) What kind of car does Hans Moeman drive?
67) How much did it cost for Dr. Marvin Monroe's family therapy session?
68) What song did the DJ's at the radio station accidently play on Valentine's Day...twice?
69) Who is the self proclaimed greatest actor in Springfield Elementary?
70) What sis Bart's big brother give him to take to show and tell?
71) Who is the queasy kid Bart had to sit next to on the bus?
72) How many layers of swimsuits was Martin wearing in the swimming pool?
73) Who was Marge's other grad date?
74) Who is the principal of Springfield High School?
75) What drink does Bart specialize in making?
76) What did the Springfield Cat Burglar steal from Patty and Selma?
77) Who was Lisa runner up to in the national essay writing contest?
78) Where was the World's Fair that Bart and his friends went to see on Spring Break?
79) Who is Lisa's teenage hearthrob?
80) Who is Lisa's black schoolmate?
81) Who is the psychic that tried to help find Principal Skinner?
82) What kind of gun does Grampa Simpson own?
83) What is Flanders' store called?
84) What is the secret ingredient in Flaming Homers (Moe)?
85) Where did the Simpsons relocate to with the Witness Relocation Program?
86) What is McBain's real name?
87) Who is the original creator of Itchy?
88) What is Jebediah Springfield's historic phrase?
89) What color are the firehydrants in Shelbyville?
90) What type of hair formula did Homer use?
91) What was the title of Bart's entry to hte Springfield Film Festival?
92) Who is McBain's enemy?
93) Who is the Clint Eastwood like character that the Simpsons watch on TV and in movies?
94) Who portrayed Bart in the made for TV movie about his gangster connections?
95) Who is Herbert Powell?
96) What is the name of the Springfield Cat Burglar?
97) What appears on the Simpsons' kitchen curtains?
98) What is the name of Bart's evil twin?
99) What water amusement park did Bart and lisa insist that Homer take them to?
100) What was the Michael Jackson impersonator's name?

101) Who is Radioactive Man's sidekick?
102) How many hairs does Homer have on top of his head?
103) What catch phrase won Bart his elephant?
104) What did Bart name this elephant?
105) How much was Homer going to sell his sugar for?
106) How much did Marge say the store sold sugar for?
107) What country music sensation did Homer discover?
108) What killed the robots in Itchy and Scratchy land?
109) Where did the Simpsons go for lunch in Itchy and Scratchy land?
110) Who is Apu's brother?
111) What celebrity took over the Kwik-E-Mart after Apu got fired?
112) Who is Mr. Burns reminded of when one of Santa's Little Helpers' puppies stands up?
113) How old is Maggie Simpson?
114) Who is Blinky?
115) What did Bart get tatooed on his arm?
116) Who was helping Homer guard the bee?
117) Who are the twins in Bart's class?
118) What did Ralph Wiggum lose in the swimming pool?
119) What brand name of shoes did Homer buy after seeing Ned Flanders wearing them?
120) Where is Lionel Hutz's office?
121) Which prank phone call backfired on Bart?
122) What color crayon did Ralph Wiggum eat?
123) Who are the Flanders kids?
124) Which one is which?
125) What did Homer and Apu encounter when they deboarded the plane in India?
126) What was Homer's bowling team called?
127) Who were his teamates?
128) Who replaced Bart as the school's hall moniter?
129) What are the names of the two policemen Chief Wiggum always talks to?
130) What shirt was Marge wearing when she got back from graduating from police academy?
131) Where did the Simpsons dump Maggie when they toured I&S land?
132) What was Lisa's hamster named?
133) What substitute teacher did Lisa have a crush on?
134) How much did Mr. Burns sel his power plant for?
135) What did the Germans plan to do with their remaining money?
136) What is Mrs. Krabbapple's first name?
137) Whose picture did Bart use as Mrs. Krabbapple's love interest from the classifieds?
138) What musicians appeared in Hullaballoza?
139) What did Homer sell in order to raise money to enter Lisa into the beauty pageant?
140) Who did he sell it to and for how much?
141) What color are Bart's shoes?
142) Who did Homer's guardian angel take form as first?
143) What recognizable character to Homer did this angel then change into?
144) What TV show was Smithers rushing home to watch in "Who Shot Mr. Burns?"?
145) Which one's Itchy and which one's Scratchy?
146) When Lisa's saxaphone was stolen, what did Homer give hre in the meatime to replace it?
147) How long did the Spinal Tap concert last?
148) How much money did Homer earn from being a Santa Clause?
149) What occupation was Marge's father shown to have (others have been mentioned but only one was shown)?
150) What occupation does Martin Prince's father have?

151) For parent/teacher interviews, what did Homer threaten to bring home for dinner if the teachers said they were bad?
152) What average grade did Bart need in order for Homer to allow him to go to Kamp Krusty?
153) Where did Krusty the Klown take the kids at his camp to in order to make up everything?
154) Who was tricked into tarring the Simpsons' roof?
155) What did Patty and Selma recommend changing Springfield's name to in order to attract tourism?
156) Who is the major donor at the sperm bank?
157) What math problem did Homer ask the idiot savante in the insane asylum?
158) What is Maggie and Lisa's favorite cartoon aside from I&S?
159) Where did the Simpsons move to when Dancin' Homer got promoted to the big leagues?
160) What is the name of the coach at Springfield Elementary?
161) What did Bart do as soon as he knew he passed the 4th grade?
162) Who was Homer a big brother to?
163) What was Homer's reason for wanting to be a bigger brother?
164) What was the name of the lighthouse that Homer was in while searching for his soulmate?
165) What did Homer and Marge find behind the bed?
166) What had the union exchanged their dental plan for?
167) How much did Homer sell his stocks in the power plant for?
168) What did the Stonecutters give Homer in order for him to get from his parking spot to the power plant faster?
169) What is Marge's maiden name?
170) What happenned to the old union boss?
171) Where do Patty and Selma work?
172) What was the main attraction at the Monster Truck Show?
173) Who was Marge's bowling instrtuctor?
174) What part of her saxaphone did Lisa need in order to perform at the recital?
175) WHat Barbie type doll does Lisa play with?
176) Who performed Homer's heart bypass surgery?
177) Who is the host of "Eye On Springfield"?
178) What did Principal Skinner serve Superintendent Chalmers for dinner?
179) Who is the hillbilly?
180) Who is his girlfriend/wife/sister...?
181) What is the giant catfish of Catfish Lake called?
182) Who were the three other couples on this marriage retreat?
183) What was Ned's last sip of alcohol? 184) How desperate for beer was Homer when he quit for a month?
185) Who was the boyfriend of Laura Powers?
186) What is the alien curse word?
187) What stuffed animal does Mr. Burns have standing in his office?
188) What did Sideshow Bob rename the expressway to gain the support of the seniors of Springfield?
189) What is Mr. Van Houten's first name?
190) Who is the jailbird/criminal?
191) What coworker fell in love with Homer?
192) Who moved in across the street after the Bush's mover out?
193) Who is the nurse at Springfield Elementary?
194) What did Kent Brockman propose to call the "Waiter v. Quimby" case?
195) Who was the first adult Bart confided in telling he was going to jump Springfield Gorge?
196) What did Bart get Milhouse for his birthday?
197) What was done with the money in the swear jar?
198) Who was voted out of the bomb shelter?
199) What was the name of the donkey the two Frenchmen had?
200) Who is the mayor of Springfield?

201) What is Sideshow Bob's brother's name?
202) What game was everyone playing when Mrs. Van Houten asked for a divorce?
203) What kind of car does Dr. Hibbert drive?
204) What kind of car does Ned Flanders drive?
205) Who is Mrs. Van Houten's new boyfriend?
206) Where is he from?
207) Who was Mr. Van Houten's new lady?
208) What did Krusty change his name to when he faked his death?
209) What song did Mr Van Houten write and sing?
210) Where did Homer and Marge get married?
211) How much did it cost for Homer to get a divorce?
212) How many cavities did Bart have on his best checkup yet?
213) How long was the prohibition law been in the book of records in Sprinfield?
214) What is the penalty for breaking the prohibition law?
215) How much was Lisa's babysitting doscount for mentioning the topic of the sermon?
216) What was the topic?
217) Who replaced Chief Wiggum after prohibition came into effect?
218) What did Lisa use up her birthday and Christmas present on when she asked Marge to take her to clean up an oil spill?
219) Who runs the burlesque house?
220) What was the Burlesque house also known as?
221) How old is Principal Skinner?
222) What music store did Homer go to check out the latest "BREAD" album?
223) What was this store formerly known as?
224) Who was the Simpsons' nanny?
225) What company gave Homer his new job that moved the family away from Springfield?
226) Where did that job move them to?
227) Who was Homer's boss at this new job?
228) What was the URL of the elementary school in this new city?
229) What were the names of Bart's classmates in remedial class?
230) What's Homer's least favorite country, France or Italy?
231) What's Otto's girlfriend's name?
232) What collectible item did Homepage buy after he got his new job?
233) What kind of car does Superintendant Chalmers drive?
234) What kind of car does Kernie drive?
235) Who is the coordinator of the Junior Achievers Club?
236) What is the title of Mr. Burns' most recent biography?
237) What year was Mr. Smithers' born?
238) What is Chief Wiggum's wife's name?
239) What professional wrestler bought Mr. Burns' mansion after he went bankrupt?
240) Who was put in charge of the power plant?
241) How was Lisa's 10% from helping Mr. Burns' rebuild his empire?
242) What was Mr. Burns' recycled product called?
243) What's the name of the church on the Simpsons?
244) What was the name of the Japanese product with Homer's face on it?
245) What is Reverand Lovejoy's favorite hobby?
246) Who was Marge's first caller when she volunteered at the church?
247) Who is the waiter at the Japanese restaurant?
248) What is Rev. Lovejoy's first name?
249) What did Lisa have to write for lines on the chalkboard when she got detention?
250) When Marge was a child, what did she want to be when she grew up?

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