Simpsons Trivia II

Your best bet is to print this page out and refer to the answers pages.

251) Who was Lisa's first kiss with?
252) What did Nelson and his bully friends throw at Principal Skinner's house?
253) What was the name of the hurricane the destroyed the Flander's house?
254) Where did Ned Flanders check himself into when he brokedown?
255) What behavioral problem did Ned have when he was a child?
256) Who directed "Oh, Streetcar!"?
257) Who played the lead male role in this play?
258) What color is Marge's pearl necklace?
259) What color is Lisa's pearl necklace?
260) What daycare doesn't allow passifiers?
261) How many alarms was Ned Flanders' chili (supposedly)?
262) From what country were the peppers Chief Wiggum used in his chili from?
263) Who was the voice of the talking coyote in Homer's out of body experience?
264) What was the name of the lighthouse robot?
265) Who turned out to be Homer's soulmate?
266) What did the power plant workers trade in their medical plan for?
267) How much was Homer's heart bypass surgery supposed to cost?
268) What was the phone number on Doctor Nick's surgery commercial?
269) What did the extra "B" stand for?
270) How much was Dr. Nick's offer for any operation?
271) What's the name of the hospital on the Simpsons?
272) What unique traits does Krusty have on his chest?
273) What song did Aerosmith and Moe sing at Flaming Moe's?
274) Who narrated the Springfield Files (X-Files parody)?
275) What's the name of the senior's home on the Simpsons?
276) What arcade game did Milhouse spend 40 quarters to play?
277) Who does Homer share his birthday with in Springfield?
278) What 3 recognizable TV and movie characters appeared in the alien police lineup?
279) What planet are the aliens on the Simpsons from?
280) What color is Smither's bow tie?
281) What U-Haul type company do the Simpsons use?
282) How much did it cost for Barney to bail Homer out of jail?
283) Where does Jacques, the bowling instructor live?
284) What fellow employee of Homer's despised everything he did?
285) What happenned to this person when he was 18?
286) Who joined the Simpsons household the same time Poochie joined Itchy and Scratchy?
287) Who are the members of the Springfield Investorretes?
288) What Mexican wrestler did they sponsor?
289) What franchise did Marge invest in?
290) What was Disco Stu's franchise called?
291) How much was Marge's franchise fee?
292) How much did Marge charge for her pretzels?
293) How many kids does Cletus have?
294) Who was the founder of Marge's franchise?
295) What is a good fire drill time for the power plant?
296) Where was the power plant retreat held?
297) What was Krusty's parody of "Mad About You" called?
298) Why was Marge losing her hair?
299) Who does the voices for Itchy and Scratchy?
300) What voice did this person start out her career as?

301) What is the name of the collectibles store on the Simpsons?
302) What was the first episode of The Itchy, Scratchy and Poochie show called?
303) How did they write off Poochie from the show?
304) What is Kent Brockman's editorial segment on the news called?
305) Where was the Super Barto Drawing held?
306) What did the Simpsons try to sell to pay the gas bill?
307) What was this item in actual fact?
308) What is the name of the homosexual Homer was afraid of?
309) Where did he work?
310) What names did Homer say the "gays" ruined?
311) Who runs the Ajax Steel Mill?
312) Where was Krusty the Clown's Prison Special held?
313) What is the newspaper called on the Simpsons?
314) What kind of work does Sideshow Bob's brother do?
315) Where did he go to college?
316) Where did Sideshow Bob and Edna Krabappel have dinner?
317) What's the name of Cletus' ol' smell hound?
318) How much money had Sideshow Bob's brother embezzled out of the building of the dam?
319) Where did Bart get his novelty iron on shirt patch?
320) What was the name of the Christian bowling team?
321) What 2 couples made up this team?
322) What's the name of the bowling alley on the Simpsons?
323) What was Moe's generalization about old people?
324) What 2 toys was Otto trying to win from the vending machine?
325) What 4 people made up the bowling team "The Stereotypes"?
326) Who was the illegal alien Mr. Burns wanted to work at the power plant?
327) What's the name of the duck that works at the power plant?
328) What's the worst name that Moe's ever heard?
329) Who's the cartoon mascot of the nuclear power plant?
330) Where did Bart donate blood on Thanksgiving?
331) Does the Simpson house have a fireplace?
332) What rank is Lou the cop?
333) What city did Springfield steal the idea for an upscale shopping promenade?
334) Where was this promenade build?
335) How old was Frank Grimes?
336) Who were the contestants in the Children's Nuclear Design Contest?
337) Who won the contest?
338) What was Chief Wiggum's spinoff show called?
339) What city was it situated in?
340) What was Principal Skinner's character named?
341) What's the top rating on the love tester?
342) What's the lowest rating?
343) How many messages were on the answering machine at the police station?
344) What military school was Bart sent to?
345) What poet were the students studying in the military school?
346) WHat barrack did the boys have to move in with when Lisa arrived?
347) Who was the girlish cadet before Lisa arrived?
348) What was the school motto at this military school?
349) What was the final requirement cadets had to complete in order to pass?
350) Who is the Simpsons' dentist?
351) Who were the two Frenchmen that took Bart in as a foreign exchange student?
352) Where did Patty and Selma go for vacation before Krusty was arrested for armed robbery?
353) How many carousels of slided did the sisters bring over to show the Simpsons?
354) Who substituted for Kent Brockman to report Krusty's arrest?
355) Who hosted the Cable Ace Awards in Springfield?
356) Who is the Godfather type leader of the Springfield Mob?
357) Who was Mr. Burns' competitor when he ran for governor?
358) What's the name of the mini golf park that Bart and Todd competed at?
359) What did Homer name Bart's putter?
360) What are the names of the two people who work in the library?
361) Who was Bart's semi-final opponent in the mini golf tournament?
362) Who was the undersecretary for the International Protocol Brat and Punk Division?
363) Who was the Prime Minister of Australia in "Bart vs. Australia"?
364) Who was the Member of Parliament?
365) Who was the boy and father who were the brunt of Bart's prank in Australia?
366) What airline did the Simpsons fly to Australia?
367) What time did they arrive in Australia?
368) What did Bart have written on his butt when he mooned the Australians?
369) Where did Homer and Marge go when Child Welfare was inspecting their house and children?
370) What has Principal Skinner and his mother been said to be fighting over?
371) What game did the Flanders and Bart, Lisa and Maggie play while they were foster children?
372) Where did Ned Flanders try and baptize Bart, Lisa and Maggie?
373) What is Lisa's favorite subject in school?
374) What was the name of the car that Homer created with the help of his long lost brother?
375) How much did this car cost?

376) What 3 magazines did Homer buy Lisa when she was sick?
377) How much did Homer's "Assasins" cost?
378) What phrase did Marge have stiched on the sacred Bouvier quilt?
379) Who was the instructor at the dog obedience school?
380) Where did Homer buy his jumbo macadamian nut cookie?
381) Who is Lisa's music teacher at school?
382) What kind of car did Snowball I get run over by?
383) What time did Bart wake Lisa up the day after her birthday?
384) What mental institution was Homer committed to after he wore a pink shirt to work?
385) What was Route 401, the Michael Jackson Expressway formerly known as?
386) Where was the Michael Jackson impersonator from originally
387) What was the name of the vibrating chair Homer's brother bought for him?
388) Who said, "More testicles mean more iron"?
389) Where was the Carnival of the Stars held?
390) What is the name of the pig who can't ride in the back of the truck with the watermelons?
391) What TV celebrity appeared at the Springfield Auto Show?
392) What store did Barney hand out brochures for, wearing only a daiper?
393) What time did Homer's first Mr. Plow commercial air?
394) What was Mr. Plow's phone number?
395) What channel did this commercial air on?
396) Where did Barney get trapped in an avalanche?
397) What game did Homer, Marge, Bart and Milhouse play at the Flanders' summer home?
398) What is the number address of Flanders' summer home?
399) What was the name of the new high tech gadget store that openned up in Springfield Mall?
400) Who was Homer's manager when he became a boxer?
401) Where is Moe's office?
402) Who was the Don King type character on the Simpsons?
403) How much was Moe's cut of Homer's boxing wins?
404) Who was Homer's first opponent in the ring?
405) When did this fight take place?
406) Who is the Mike Tyson type character on the Simpsons?
407) What bar did Homer discover that female country singing sensation?
408) What type of beer did they sell at this bar?
409) Who was on stage before Homer's future client?
410) What is the secret ingredient in Marge's pork chops?
411) What does S.N.U.H stand for?
412) What was the name of Bart's hockey team?
413) Who was Apu's assistant coach on the hockey team?
414) What was Bart's favorite childhood toy?
415) How much did the Dimoxinil Action Pack cost?
416) What was Homer offered instead of Dimoxinil since he couldn't afford it?
417) What room did Homer have to report to after being promoted to junior executive?
418) Who made Homer say "I love this, I am nature's greatest gift!"
419) What is the Japanese art of self management?
420) Where did Homer buy the monkey's paw that grants wishes?
421) Where did Homer buy his Moo-moo when he was obese?
422) Which one of Marge's sisters is known to snore?
423) What is Smither's allergic to?
424) What number did Mr. Burns wear when he tried to play football with Bart?
425) What deprogramming company did Homer and Marge go to in order to get Bart back from Mr. Burns?
426) Where did this deprogramming take place?
427) Who did they deprogram by acccident?
428) How long did the deprogramming take?
429) Where were Springfield Elementary's career aptitude test sent to be scored?
430) What was the name of the machine that tabulated the scores?
431) Who was Gabbo's human partner?
432) What was the name of the horse that Krusty and Liz Taylor invest in?
433) Who is Krusty's half brother?
434) Where did Sideshow Mel go to work after Krusty got cancelled?
435) Who was the manager of this place?
436) Who's spoken word album was called "These Things I Believe"?
437) Who does Apu worship?
438) Who is the chief of the Springfield Volunteer Fire Department?
439) What present did Ralph leave of Lisa's doorstep?
440) What was the first thing shown that Bart bought with his credit card?
441) What porno movie did Chief Wiggum bust Krusty watching?
442) What flavor of ice cream did Ralph spill on Lisa's dress?
443) What side of his uniform does Chief Wiggum wear his badge?
444) What did Groundskeeper Wille's father get hung for?
445) What was the amusement park for kids where Lisa was influenced to become a vegetarian?
446) What brand of soup did Mrs. Krabappel buy at the Kwik-E-Mart?
447) Who was the leader of the Twirl King Champions (Yo-yo performers)?
448) What were the names of the goldfish Bart killed with his yo-yo in the classroom?
449) Where was Mrs. K stood up by "Woodrow"?
450) What movie did Bart go to see while she was waiting?
451) What is the address of the Simpsons' home?
452) What foods did Patty and Selma bring over to Thanksgiving dinner?
453) What is Principal Skinner's nickname according to his mother?
454) What is Springfield A&M's mascot named?
455) How much was Homer's body double that he threw over the waterfall?
456) What was inscribed on Homer's tombstone Patty and Selma had made?
457) Who tried to give Bart advice on being a quarterback?
458) Where was detention for Homer and Marge in high school?
459) What word makes Homer giggle like a school boy?
460) What is the name of the babysitter Homer allegedly sexually harrassed?
461) Who portrayed Homer in the TV version of this scandal?
462) What was Groundskeeper Willie doing when he was videotaping Homer grabbing the Gummy Demilo in the car?
463) What two people have double "O" positive type blood in Springfield?
464) What blood type is Homer?
465) What blood type is Smithers?
466) What does Hypohemia mean?
467) Who did the voice for Akira the Japanese waiter?
468) What parking officer did Homer have to pay his fine to when Barney left his car in New York?
469) What times did this officer operate?
470) What Broadway show did Marge take the kids to see while in New York?
471) How did Homer get the boot off his car?
472) How much money were Homer and Bart suing Mr. Burns for hitting Bart with his car?
473) Which Happy Little Elf were the others trying to save from Captain Kook?
474) Does Homer's shirt have a pocket?
475) Can Sideshow Mel talk?
476) What is the name of Maggie's arch nemesis (the baby with the one eyebrow)?
477) What color is Maggie's pacifier?
478) On which episode did the King of the Hill cast make a cameo?
479) How many suitcases did the babysitter bandit carry with her to the Simpsons house?
480) Where did Bart have his 10th birthday party?
481) What video game did he play there?
482) Who was the conductor of mechanical mascot band that sang Happy Birthday to Bart?
483) What I&S episode was dedicated to Timmy O'Toole?
484) What song replaced the smash hit by Krusty and his celebrity friends?
485) What duo sang that song?
486) What headline replaced Timmy O'Toole's being stuck down a well?
487) What is the name of Groundskeeper Willie's shovel?
488) What product was Dr. Nick Riviera selling on Amazing New Inventions?
489) How much did Troy McLure convince him to sell this product at?
490) Which arm did Martin break in his soap box derby accident?
491) Who were the judges for Lisa's talent show when she played the "Wacky Sax"?
492) What did Milhouse do for the talent show?
493) and Bart?
494) What was the name of the boy who balanced on a stack of chairs with one hand?
495) Who runs King Toot's Music Store?
496) What song did Lisa attempt to play despite her broken reed?
497) How much did Homer spend on Lisa's pony?
498) How much was the stable to keep the pony in?
499) What kind of car does Apu drive?
500) Who is the creator of the Simpsons?