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On December 27, 1979 The world was introduced to a television show that looked in on the California lifestyles of the neighbors living on the same cul-de-sac in a small community called Knots Landing. Every week for fourteen years viewers followed these people through marriges, divorces, murders, suicides, and many other storylines that kept this one of the most successful dramas ever.

Knots Landing Files
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) Knots Landing: The Saga of Seaview Circle.  About  the 1986 Book On Knots
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) Best moments Of Knots Landing.  A Photo gallery of actual Knots Scenes.        
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) Knots Landing Photo Gallery - Photos of different Knots Cast Members.
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) Pictures of the Cul-De-Sac - Photos from different Knots' Locations.
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) Knots Landing Games. - Different Games including Knots Quizes and Puzzles.
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) Knots Landing Sounds - Different MIDI Sound files you can download.
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) Knots Landing Cast Photos -  A Gallery of Group Photos from different seasons
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) The 1997 Contest.   Different Entries for a Contest given on this site.
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) Gallery of Ads.  A gallery of Ads for Knots Landing that appeared in magazines.
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) Knots Landing TV Guides - Covers, and articles, relating to Knots Landing

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Knots Landing Articles

            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) Articles about Back to the cul-de-sac Articles about the 1997 reunion.
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) An article about Knots from "TVacations"  
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) Loose ends-The Knots Landing Cliffhangers  Reviews Knots'  season endings
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) Landing on Her Feet, Stacy Galina  May 1993 article on Stacy Galina. (Kate)
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) Michele Lee is committed to TV   Talks about a new generation of TV
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) David Jacobs Promises David Jacobs Talks about Knots' Finale
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) Knots Landing   A 1980 Review of Knots Landing
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) Kathleen Noone's Emmy Curse  Sept. 1990.
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) Kevin Dobson   He's on TV and Working.  Knots' nicest guy. (late 80s)
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) Lisa Hartman   Article with Lisa Hartman, talking about her Television Roles.
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) How Teri Austin Got On 'Knots'   Teri Austin 1986
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) Joan Van Ark Like you've never seen her For her 1998 TV Movie
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) We couldn't agree more: An article about Donna Mills. (Late 80's)
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) Ted Shackelford, Whats the deal? Late 80s, Ted Shackelfords TV History.
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) Michele Lee "Destiny and choice really nothing to do with my  career"
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) Nicollette Sheridan - A 1991 article about Nicollette Sheridan
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) Stacy Galina's Happy 'Landing' - An Article on Stacy Galina, USA Today
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) An Interview With Hunt -  A Short article interviewing Hunt Block
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) Douglas Sheehan, Douglas Sheehan, 1986 TV GUIDE article.
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) 'Knots' drives into uncertain future  An Article about Knots' dying stories
            Buton.gif (1023 bytes) 'A Last Happy Landing' 1993 Article about the Knots Landing Final Episode

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