The Realm is moving to a new server,, so please take a moment to update your bookmarks!!

In the meantime, the old page will still be available on Geocities, but PLEASE make sure you have the right URL to access it:, NOT

Why? Because Geocities tends to lose the "~zakiyah" URL a lot, giving instead a 404 Not Found "Whoops, We can't find your page!" page, and kept people away from my site for over a month. Not that I'm sore at them or anything.... *cough*CHEAPDUMBSTUPIDBONEHEADS!!!*cough* ...but I've decided that Earthlink has a much more reliable server, intelligent programming, more flexibility, more support for CGI/java etc, no ads, no restrictions on content, no little hidden javascript thingies you can't get rid of, and intelligent customer service staff who answer your questions with more than form letters which don't actually answer your question.

Please also note that as soon as I move, my old email address "" will also cease to function. However, will reach me, so please use that instead (and be creative with the "anything" bit...*grin*).

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