Jughead Zone Running Fun Awards


Katie of Katies World awards Jughead The Wow Award for a super duper awesome website.


Krystal Awards Jughead The Wylds Award of Excellence for the Super Excellent Work he did on his Website 




Laurie Awards Jughead The M07 Award for A great visit his Site


Web Award

Cheryl Awards Jughead The Buffalo Room Award for a Super Great Site.




Chris & Mike Award this to Jughead for enjoying their stay at his site.



Redneck Woman Awards Jughead The Cowpoke Award for a Cool Site




Wiley & Becky Award Jughead The Lazy C Ranch Award for Great Design





Kim Bartlett Awards Jughead The Fishinmoms Award for lots of interesting Things at his Website.



Margaret & Marty Stine Award Jughead for a great Family Viewing Site



Jellie Awards Jughead the Whadda Site Award for Putting Effort into a great website


Kristen Awards Jughead The Puddleduck Award For The Foundation Set For a Wonderful Site

Gary & Dorothy Award Jughead The Great Site Award for Neat & Fun Things on the Pages He Built

Ron & Rebecca Awards Jughead the Out of This World Award for a Site they enjoyed very super


Nancy Martin Awards Jughead The Great Site Award for the Super Great Content & her enjoyable visit to the site.


Cynthia Awards Jughead the Flaming Snow Award for a great page.


Joyce Awards this to Jughead for one of the Coolest Home Pages


Flo Awards Jughead The Award of Excellence for a Site She loved seeing.

Fran Awards Jughead The Horse Award of Excellence for the enjoyment of his Webpage and the great work he did at it.


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