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6/28/04 - Iraq is a sovreign state, therefore I write again!

Whoa! I know what is on EVERYONE's Mind right now! Where did that Saheb guy go? Well, I have been....uuuhhmmmm...around :) No really. I have been going through one of the best years of my life right now. I made it through my first year of marriage and it is AWESOME. All y'all Bachelor's can keep your life! I find it much more fulfilling, and it keeps me out of trouble. Well anyways...I digress

So where has he been? I have been finishing my last year at the God forsaken University of Emory. Yeah, they are one of the most respected Universities, and exceptionally liberal. Which brings me to the next point. Being liberal is NOT bad. It is moral issues that they make liberal that paves the way to this could be said in Saheb says place. But anyway, I graduated with a BS in Math and BA in Music (if you don't know what BS and BA mean, don't worry. They mean nothing more than you payed your dues and went through enough hoops to get a piece of paper.). I am right now on a Job search. I plan on being an Actuary (Sorry kiddies, I cannot be a karate instructor forever). Hopefully everything will work out, and prayers are difinitely appreciated.

I don't know if I am going to be back forever at this web address. Furthermore, I don't know who is going to be looking at this. Maybe no one much. I am going to start a clean slate here. Hopefully I'll see everyone later.

   - Saheb
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