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Cory Tilbrook - 12/31/97 02:27:17
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Thanks For More Xena!

dagmom - 12/28/97 19:21:32
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Include more pictures! Maybe a photo page.

venta - 12/28/97 11:16:34
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cool page!! i know where i'm going when i'm next in NZ:-)hehehehehe Xena & Gab kick ass!!!!!!

Phil Yuris - 12/27/97 21:15:36

This Web site has lots of hours behind it. EXCELLENT JOB!!!

Ariadne - 12/22/97 17:32:36
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I'm one of those fans who got hooked on the relationship of Xena and Gabrielle. After having just read the latest Whoosh! data on how the eps are progressing, how the girls are going to end up hating each other because Hope causes the death of someone clo e to Xena, I realized how hooked I had become. It was a total shock followed by depression. I cannot believe I let a tv show get to me like this. It certainly never happened before. I guess that along with a million or so other viewers this fantasy show/r lationship had assumed outsize proportions. It was a reality check for me.

BRIAN SHORT - 12/18/97 23:12:49


Michael Middleton - 12/16/97 21:49:45
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I'am pretty new at this website stuff, but out of all the websites I've seen this is the best!!!!!!!

R.Grist - 12/15/97 13:40:15
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I think Unco should become the female "James Bond 007".

Withnell Wyatt - 12/14/97 17:29:40
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Xena kicks Bacchae ASS! Congrats on the engagement!

SJA - 12/13/97 19:41:33

Just Want to say I love the show and love Lucy(I got to see her in GREASE and she was great) Battle On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robin Kinney - 12/12/97 22:13:55
My Email:rk41@mailexcite.com

Great sight!! I loved the amount of info given, I have not been able to find some of these facts anywhere else.

R.Grist - 12/10/97 13:47:16
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Lucy and The Spice Girls should team-up to make a female version of "Predator."

Steven Haston - 12/08/97 18:55:45
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Xena is my favorite show because it is funny.

anela - 12/07/97 23:07:45
My Email:anela@iinet.com

Merry Christmas Xenites. I have been lurking around since the inception of XWP. I am amazed by all the goodness the show has inspired. BATTLE ON XENITES! May you all have the dreams you desire.

PHHE - 12/07/97 19:50:16

I'm so happy that lucy didnt sell out to play boy. She turned them down. She is truly a hero to all young girls for the fact that she turned play boy down. She has shown that you can be successful without taking your cloths off. Thank you LUcy from a person who now has become a fan b/c of your one and single choice.

Brian Robinson - 12/07/97 04:25:25
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Lucy is one radical woman

Natassja Voltin - 12/06/97 03:47:12
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Xena is my favorite show. I think Lucy Lawless is very good at playing Xena. Lucy Lawless is my Favorite show.

Martina - 12/03/97 13:55:13
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Hi everybody!! This is great site and I think that all of us who share Xena's adventures are very special people!Big thanks to creators of these sites.

David Lee - 12/03/97 07:44:40
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Greetings from Singapore. I can't wait for Xena to come on every Sundays. She's a hot, hot babe and that costume drives me wild.

Lee Anne - 12/02/97 01:12:51
My Email:lae1701@hotmail.com

Xena is cool and I am so glad that I got into the show. It was by mistake that I found the show. Just flipping through channels and happened to stumble on it. I am glad I DID!!!!

Lee Anne - 12/02/97 01:05:21
My Email:lae1701@hotmail.com

This is the best website for info on Lucy. Everytime I want to know when she will be on TV for an interview I come to look at this website.. This site has everything. Keep it up and BATTLE ON XENA!!!

- 12/01/97 20:11:48

I think that Lucy, Renee, and Hudson should become the female version of "The Three Stoodges". With Lucy playing Moe; Renee playing Larry,and Hudson playing Curly.

Kieran Nicholson - 12/01/97 01:02:44
My Email:Patn@ansonic.com

I need help I am Xena mad and I dream about both Lucy and Renee all the time, this could prove to be a rather large problem seeing that I am about to undertake year 12 at school and cannot go 10 minuets without thinking about Xena.

Julie Rutan - 11/26/97 16:56:24
My Email:julierutan@mailexcite.com

Your web site is great. Maybe you could throw in a little info. on Renee O'Connor. She's the only person I think who could play the role of Gabrielle. She and Lucy Lawless seem to have a wonderrful rapport.

R.Grist - 11/26/97 13:36:45
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I think Lucy and Julia Louis - Dreyfus should team -up to make a female version of the movie " Twins."

R.Grist - 11/26/97 13:20:19
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Lucy has come a long way since her waikikamukau days in Oz

Michael So-C! - 11/24/97 23:24:38
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Lucy Lawless is thee greatest role changing character I have seen in years. She can destructive one day. Then change to an ever so tender loving little lady. She has a wonderful goofy side. That's the best part of her. She enjoys her role and doesn't try o over act. She plays herself!

R. Grist - 11/24/97 13:54:25
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I think Lucy should be the next Terminator

The Purple Smurf - 11/13/97 06:00:11

NICE site! It has a "breath of fresh air" feel! It's simple, yet effective! Keep Battlin' On!

Marnie Darby - 11/06/97 01:18:06
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Xena Kicks ASSSSS Man I Love that Show you have to be mentaly impared not to watch Xena or Hercules(i like Xena more don't tell Kevin he he he :P ha he) well if there are any more cool things email me!! c-ya Buh-Bye:)!

Nia - 11/05/97 10:58:18
My Email:arniati@hotmail.com

Great site, so complete !! Keep up the good work and I think Lucy is the best there is to play Xena..

edna "eddie" montoya - 10/28/97 20:46:07
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no comments, just trying to get info.

Becky and Keri - 10/28/97 20:26:46
My Email:dull@juno.com

Xena:Warrior Princess is the best show on tv Xena is our idol!

jamie - 10/24/97 17:07:32
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super show lucy, but tell me, is renee really single?

emerald cousin - 10/22/97 19:17:16

daise's birthday is at the end of july.

Kara Codd - 10/15/97 20:34:03

Interesting info. I also think this site was realy rad. I am also determinded to be Zenas # 1 fan.

Lynn Janet Kosick - 10/13/97 15:44:13
My URL:http://teddy bears 4 u
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I think the show XENA is an outstanding show and it is somewhat hilarious at times w/Gabrielle and the other characters on the show. Please watch the show maybe someday you will be a XENA fan like me and my husband. Watch out she might be the next ROCKY!!!!

Öhhhh... - 10/12/97 15:10:25
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I love Lucy but I can't mail her on this computer!!! But I love this link!!! Someone who wants to mail me? Xenallover@hotmail.com

Jolanda oosterbaan - 10/12/97 14:27:27
My Email:andoos@wish.net

Like it a lot. Keep up the good work. I'll be back here a lot. Jolanda

Melli - 10/11/97 00:24:37
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Aiyaiyaiyaiyaiyaiyaiyaiyaiy!!! XENA is super cool!

Lee Anne - 10/08/97 19:40:43
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Lucy, I have been watching your show for a very short time. The show is simply fantastic and the character is a positive role model for all ladies.

Agatha P. Tutko - 10/05/97 02:40:35
My Email:analyst@gte.net

Absolutely great site....I'm a professional handwriting analyst and can't begin to tell you how I appreciate the excellent sample of Lucy's handwriting. I'll be back to this site. Lucy's star will shine for many years to come!

XenaWP2000 - 10/04/97 16:21:45
My Email:XenaWP2969@aol.com

Xena is the coolest show I have seen in the last few years and I'm looking forward to see the tird season. Battle on Xena. XWP2000

e.p. - 09/28/97 16:26:32
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Lucy I love your show!

Carol - 09/28/97 16:07:16
My Email:[changing in a few days - sorry.]

Great site. I really like your choice of photos for the main page. The layout has an elegant simplicity which I personally prefer to some of the more graphics and backround heavy sites out there. Please keep up the good work and know that your efforts are appreciated.

Peggy - 09/27/97 17:21:35
My Email:mgmb518@aol.com

Great web page!! Just ran across it!! Thanks for the VCR alerts, this way we can keep track of Lucy and not miss anything!

k.j.simpson - 09/14/97 00:05:18
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Dobrodruh - 09/12/97 17:20:19
My Email:Aupaire@erols.com

Xena is really cool!!!Lucy's been doing great job.She's got many and many fans also back at my home,Czech Republic.

HOPE RABIDEAU - 09/12/97 15:58:30


Wite Dwarf - 09/10/97 01:54:51
My URL:http://dwarf.simplenet.com
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Great site dedicated to Lucy! You have everything covered here. Terrific. Keep up the great work! Love it!

Steven P. Santos - 09/09/97 21:58:10


andy schleppi - 09/08/97 21:26:19
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herman squires - 09/08/97 18:58:54

I think This site is cool Its not like shows where people create and engineer dinosaurs. Xena is rather a nonfiction woman. Anyway I love this web site and I hope That Lucy will be as popular as ever

Heba M. El-Badawi - 09/08/97 17:22:41
My Email:hebae@remedystaff.com

Thank you!

Fate Gruizenga - 09/07/97 01:35:03

Heard "Grease!" is coming to Kalamazoo, Michigan. Can't wait to see it! I heard Lucy had opera training. How much? (I would assume this to be classical opera) Did she have to learn Italian? Just curious. I, myself, only know English and Russian. Not that t is a big deal. And, yes, my real name is Fate. No joke!

kareem - 09/04/97 11:02:27
My Email:kareem_n@hotmail.com

xena series is very bad. but LUCY LAWLESS is terrific .I LOVE YOU LUCY:).

Jaimee Imrie - 09/04/97 00:52:22
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I'm the number 1 fan of Lucy Lawless

brian brawner - 09/02/97 12:14:26
My Email:bbrawner@tecinfo.com

good morning, i watch your show most every week and enjoy it for the action and the people and verbal exchanges. i hope the show continues to be successful for you and your fans. your fan, brian brawner

Gemini - 09/02/97 06:56:32
My Email:Tschick@xtra.co.nz

Kiwi to kiwi, congratulations on acheiving your long and over-due successes. I'm finally glad to say that I knew you had the talent and the drive to make your dreams come true. Kia Kaha Lucy.

Roger Smith - 09/01/97 02:03:38
My Email:jules@nettally

Best wishes on Broadway - Hopefully you will decide to make a XWP the movie - possibilities are astounding We are glad to be fans Roger and Julie jules@nettally

Eugene - 08/31/97 19:18:41
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If this is Lucy's guest book email me

Yael - 08/30/97 09:56:45
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Hollywood/Hills/1489/
My Email:assaf_d@netvision.net.il

I love that site. I think it's the best I've ran into so far. Keep up the great work that you're doing!

L. Allen Kohl - 08/29/97 15:53:26
My URL:http://www.concentric.net/~fuzz57
My Email:fuzz57@concentric.net

I love the series and please keep up the GREAT work.

Lynn Kosick - 08/28/97 17:37:23
My URL:http://teddy bear lover
My Email:I don't have one

Miss Lawless, I have been watching your show Xena:Warrior Princess for long time and I think you and cast of the show is very outstanding and very funny and serious at times but I really do like your character on the show because you sure know how to get the evil people to become good sports at the end of the show. Thank you for letting me be your number 1 fan for watching Xena on TV everynight.

Krista Rodriguez - 08/27/97 18:20:42
My Email:raffy@home.com


Jenny - 08/26/97 23:47:18
My Email:jr.welch@csj.net

I love your web site!!! It has a lot of GREAT info. Great job on all the Xena stuff! Lucy Lawless is the BEST and ALWAYS will be!! Keep it up!! Just another Lucy fan - Jenny Welch

Jim Bimson - 08/26/97 14:54:18
My Email:jabimson@hotmail.com

would love to photograph you. Know that you could be a pro model anytime you want to be...

Kimbo - 08/22/97 01:32:01
My Email:sappanwood@msn.com

Cool site! I like the idea of the vcr alert. Thanks.

Narciso Rodriguez - 08/20/97 01:38:43
My URL:http://www.caribe.net
My Email:nrodrig1.mail.caribe.net

Lucy is awesome!! She's portrait as a rude battlelady when she's a lovely mother and tremendously beautiful and lovely woman. I would like to exchange impressions with such a woman. Along with that, her sensual look shocks me!! I think I really have an i on. Changing theme, when can we see Lucy out of the Xena plastic box. I do not reject that she earned her fame from this TV series, but she projects to be a great actress.

ashley Irons - 08/19/97 20:47:44
My Email:none

xena you are the best woman in the world I really wish I could see you . I think you are a miracle because youre eyes are my birthcolor.

Evik - 08/19/97 00:09:10

This is a cool web site and LUCY LAWLESS rocks. PEACE!

Marissa - 08/16/97 19:45:06
My Email:Missa33@hotmail.com

Interesting site and full of information. I have not yet viewed every link, but look forward to each. How could I talk to Lucy Lawless?

charlie - 08/16/97 06:00:08
My Email:crandtootie@worldnet.att.net

like your web page; love your show; please reply back to me

Chris Root - 08/12/97 16:04:22
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Betty Bishop - 08/11/97 17:58:11
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Sam - 08/11/97 05:43:48
My Email:sam@neznam.demon.co.uk

Thank you for feeding my hunger to find out as much as poss about Xena/Lucy.

Reid Hopkins - 08/10/97 23:44:01
My Email:rwhopkin@edisto.cofc.edu


Danny - 08/08/97 18:40:16
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Evy - 08/07/97 17:41:24
My URL:http://members.aol.com/xenawp27/27index.html
My Email:XenaWP27@aol.com

WOW I love your page. you have so much info!!!!!!!!! keep the good work
Evys Xena page ("I have many skills")
Xenites helping Xenites http://members.aol.com/lucyXWP/XHX.html

Jay Fro - 08/07/97 00:59:06
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/SouthBeach/Sands/6513/lucylawless.html
My Email:jayfro@tlh.fdt.net

I see Yahoo added us both today. Nice page and info on Lucy! She rules. Check me out at http://www.oocities.org/SouthBeach/Sands/6513/lucylawless.html

Little P. - 08/04/97 16:45:54
My Email:PatricCon@aol.com

Hello there, I'm a fellow neighbor and Xenite. I like your page. Is different.
The information you provide is important to me as a Lucy Lawless fan,
as I am sure is very important to all other of her fans.
Thank you for this refreshing approach at web page.
Sincerely, Little P.

Claud - 07/29/97 22:17:20
My Email:Krzygirl@webtv.net

WOW where'd you get all that info? Anyways cool page. That's her actually sig. on the top of
your page isn't it?? Well that's all!!
Just another fan, Claud

Ben Campbell - 08/02/97 02:28:42
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Hollywood/Academy/2639
My Email:skyrock931@aol.com

Hi..I like your page. Very good page design and information. Lucy is the COOLEST!!!
if ya have time look at my page. Its just pics of Xena, Callisto, and Gabrielle.

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