Yes sir'ee, all of the pictures on this page were taken by the awsome "SNAPPY"! This little takes clean, internet prepared*, "snaps" of video. The snappy fits right into the printer port** and then, hook a few wiers, and presto! Your ready to take vidio "snap shots" with your snappy. This can be used in a veriety of ways, like: Taking pictures from a camra, live action, tapes, even your fav vidio games! Not to mention, if you edit the pictures, you can put yourself in anything! You know what else? It comes with three GREAT programs! One to make cards, books, menus, or whatever. One to morph two pictures together, like Daria and Quinn(I have this done, it looks great!). Plus one to oddly distort pictures***(lots of fun).

*If you choise .jpg format
**printer and snappycan't be connected at the same time unless you have a dual printer port conecter.
***requiers Win 95 for this program

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