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  Growing up in Cleveland, I remember too often running home from school so that I could sit down in front of the television, push the big "Power" button, and dial (yes, kiddies, dial!) the tv to WUAB, channel 43, in time for what was possibly the greatest cartoon in history (at least to my young mind), Star Blazers!

Star Blazers was an amazing show, and yet even at that young age, I could tell it was so much more than just some cartoon.  Here was a story, and a real story, one filled with human wants and needs, filled with love and passion and anger and hatred and all the other emotions that make us what we are.  Animation had never been more than silly animals bonking each other on the head to me until then, and suddenly here's a show that was real.  I was hooked right away, and have been ever since.

As you all know, Desslok the Destroyer, ruler of Gamilon and the forces opposed to the Star Force, is possibly the finest example of a fiendish (yet eerily stylish) ruler ever in the history of media, cartoons or otherwise.  In this site, I hope to pay homage to this greatest of villians we loved to hate as children (and some of us, sadly, still today!)

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 Images are all from the comic book series, Star Blazers: The New VoyageMy thanks to Argo Press for allowing me to use them!


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