My account of Mel and Sue's tour!

They're very lovely!!

On 17th April 1999, a range of CakeShoppers, including me, subbes, jaz, saff and SE went to see Mel and Sue's tour in Swindon at the Wyvern Theatre. We got our groovy little bags of stuff, and settled down to watch the show! I saw this woman walking on in front of the stage with long black hair, a raincoat and a backpack on. Then I realized who it was. IT WAS SUE!!!! Doh!!! That was how they started.They did amazing sketches, Sue's singing voice is FABULOUS! Kahooners were felt on a regular basis, improvisation is obviously one of their strong points!

And then we met them! They were really nice, we got photos, autographs, subbes gave them lovely pieces of origami and some Jaffa Cakes, I gave them a Kinder Egg each (Mel had to open hers there and then to see what the toy was) I gave them both a big cuddle and there we go!

WONDERFUL show, really really nice people, I loved every minute of that evening!


Yes, here they are! Just click on the ickle piccies to see the real thing!

I'm too jealous, I'm off!

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