12 September 2003
John Ritter, the GREAT Jack Tripper and star of a looooooot of other TV Shows (like the new 8 Simple Rules) passed away today!!!! When I saw the news this morning here in Italy I could't believe it!!! John Ritter was my favourite actor, I felt for him like if he was part of my family!!! I invite you to pay a tribute on the guestbook and I suggest you a link of a friend of mine's site, the best John Ritter site on the net...
I really can't believe it, I don't know what to say! :-((((((((  
John Ritter Fan Page
If you want to write something to John's family, please use this address:

SUSAN WILCOX (John's Assistant)
15030 Ventura Boulevard
Suite 906
Sherman Oaks, CA
91403 USA
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