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Title: Alternative Episode 4.6
Author: Anne

'Hi Assumpta,' Siobhan smiled, bringing Aisling in.
'Hi Siobhan. I'd get up, but Peter told me to stay put.
'How are you feeling?'
'Large. Isn't that how a nine month pregnant woman is supposed to feel?'
Siobhan laughed. 'It's all worth it, believe me.'
Assumpta nodded and jerked.
'What? Are you okay?' Siobhan asked, worried.
'I'm fine, the baby keeps kicking that's all.'
'Did you get the pictures?'
Assumpta nodded. 'On the kitchen table.'
Siobhan handed over Aisling and went to get them. Meanwhile, Doc Ryan entered.
'Hello Assumpta.'
'Hi Doc.'
'How are you today?'
'How's the expectant father?'
'I thought mothers were supposed to be overprotective.'
Michael laughed. 'Never mind. Soon you will have a new baby around the place.'
Siobhan returned with the pictures. 'These are great Assumpta.'
Peter came downstairs. 'All finished,' he told Assumpta.
'What's finished?' Siobhan asked.
'The nursery,' Assumpta answered.
'It's finished?' Niamh asked, arriving with Kieran following her.
Assumpta nodded.
'Pint please Peter,' Michael asked.
Peter went and began pouring the pint and he and Michael were talking.
'Do you want to see it?' Assumpta asked Niamh.
Niamh nodded.
'Right.' Assumpta got up and they all went upstairs.
Peter shook his head.
'What?' Michael asked.
'She is the most stubborn woman...'
Michael laughed. „What took you so long to work that out Peter?'
Peter smiled. 'Good point Michael.'

'It's all gone Mr Quigley. All of it,' Liam explained.
Donal and Liam winced as they left the room.

'Assumpta it's beautiful,' Niamh commented as they looked at the nursery.
'All of the baby stuff like the crib and table was mine.'
'I think it's wonderful,' Siobhan smiled.
'Where did the rocking chair come from?' Niamh asked. 'I don't remember that ever being in your house.'
Assumpta smiled. 'Peter made it for me.'
'I made what?' Peter asked, coming in and hugging his wife.
'The rocking chair,' Assumpta told him.
'You did a very good job,' Niamh said.
'Niamh!' a call came up the stairs.
'That'll be Ambrose,' Niamh said, rolling her eyes.
Assumpta smiled as Peter kissed her. 'Shouldn't you be working?'
'Aren't I allowed to kiss my wife?'
Niamh came bursting back in. 'Assumpta can you and Peter watch Kieran for awhile. I have to go to Dad's.'
'Sure,' Assumpta replied. 'Is anything the matter?'
'He thinks he's been robbed.'

'So what do you think was taken?' Ambrose asked.
'Ambrose are you thick! I KNOW things were taken because they're not here!'
'Dad calm down,' Niamh placated him.
'CALM DOWN! That's over ten grands worth of materials missing!'
Ambrose looked at Liam and Donal. 'Did you see anything?'
Liam shook his head. 'We didn't see anything.'
'Well....' said Donal, but after a glare from Liam he stilled.
'Donal, spit it out,' Mr Quigley growled.
Donal looked worriedly at Liam.
'It was Sean Dooley,' Liam stated. 'He said he'd kill us if we told you so you better protect us Ambrose.'
Ambrose raised his eyebrow. Niamh, satisfied that everything was alright turned to her father.
'Dad, I am going back to the pub to help Assumpta and Peter. Call me if you want anything.'
Brian nodded. His eyes flamed with fury. 'I'll get Dooley for this,' he growled.
Ten minutes later, he found his yard full of playthings with a note attached.
*Just to let you know that I'm still around Quigley. Dooley*

Assumpta sat, watching Peter and Niamh served the evening crowd.
'I'm helping,' she told Peter.
'Assumpta, don't get up,' he pleaded with her.
'Too late,' she told him as she stood up. Then she frowned.
'See I told you not to get up,' Peter told her, serving another customer.
'Uh Peter?'
'The baby's coming.'
Peter looked at her, trying to sustain if she was serious. 'Oh god!' he exclaimed when he realised that she was serious. 'Niamh get an ambulance. And Doc Ryan.'
Peter lay Assumpta down in the kitchen. She was in a lot of pain.
'Okay, uh Assumpta, I have to look and see if we can see the baby yet,' Peter told her.
She nodded.
'Uh Niamh?' Peter asked. 'What do you call it when you can see the baby's head?'
Niamh gasped. 'I'll get Doc Ryan.' She came back a few minutes later. 'He's half an hour away. Now he told me what to do.' She pulled Peter to one side.
Brendan, Ambrose, Padraig, Siobhan, Brian, Liam and Donal stood there, listening in.
'He says the reason why her labour is going so fast is because she skipped the first part and went straight into the second. That's why its so hard.'
'That's our Assumpta,' Brendan muttered. 'Always has to do things the hard way.'
'Would someone mind telling me what's going on?' Assumpta called.
Niamh explained it to her. Suddenley, the realisation dawned on Assumpta.
'I am not having this baby in my bar!'
'No offence there Assumpta, but you don't have a choice,' Ambrose told her.
Assumpta was about to retort when another contraction hit and her face twisted in pain.
'Someone's going to have to deliver it,' Brian said. He looked at Padraig.
'Don't look at me. I wasn't in the same country when Kevin was born.'
'Hey I watched Siobhan give birth.That was enough.'
'I deliver animals.'
'Ambrose delivered Kieran,' Niamh offered.
'Ambrose is not delivering my child!' came the fast and furious cry of Assumpta's.
'You'll have to do it then,' Niamh told Peter.
'Me? I know nothing about it.'
'I'll advise you,' Ambrose said.
Peter nodded.
'Right, so Liam and Do...' Ambrose stopped. Donal had fainted.
'Ah, Liam and Mr Quigley look after him. Brendan, Siobhan and Padraig towels and warm water. Niamh hold Assumpta's hand. Peter come with me.'
Brendan, Siobhan and Padraig brought some towels and water. Liam was splashing Donal with water when Doc Ryan arrived. 
'Where is she?' he asked Liam.
'Kitchen,' Liam answered, splashing Donal again.
'Michael thank goodness your here,' Ambrose said.
'How are you doing Assumpta?'
'Never been better,' she replied sarcastically.
'You don't do things the easy way do you?' he asked, seeing how far along they were.
'Why be dull?'
'Okay, Assumpta on the next contraction I want you to push. Okay?'
'Sure not much else to do,' she answered.
'Okay. Push.'
'Come on Assumpta,' Brendan said, encouragingly.
'Shut up Brendan,' Assumpta managed to get out.
'Okay, we can see the baby's head now. Next push and we should get the shoulders out. Then it'll be all smooth sailing.'
Donal, who had just come back, took one look at the goings on and promptly fainted again. 
'Ah Donal,' Liam said.
Suddenly a cry echoed throughout the pub.
'Congratulations, Peter, Assumpta, you have a healthy baby boy,' Doc Ryan smiled.
'He looks like his dad,' Niamh said.
'I am very proud of you,' Peter told Assumpta as he kissed her.
'What are you going to call him?' Ambrose asked.
'James, after his grandfather,' Assumpta said.
A wailing could be heard outside the pub.
'Who called the ambulance?' Padraig asked.
'I did,' Michael said. 'On my way here.'
'Looks like we arrived a little late Doc,' one of the ambulance officers smiled.
'Which one do we take?' the other asked, pointing to a very pale Donal.
'So have you found what you were looking for?' Peter asked his wife.
Assumpta nodded. 'What more could you ask for?' 
Peter smiled as James cuddled up to his mother and fell asleep.