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Title: Little Business Ventures
Author: Anne
Summary: Quigley wants a new venture and Caroline and Keiran 
have one under way for a special cause.

'Caroline Clifford I expect you to be back in here by the time I 
count to ten or else!' Assumpta cried.
There was no answer from the five year old.
On the count of nine Peter walked in carrying a squirming red 
haired child into the room. 'Looking for this?'
'Yes. Young lady I want this breakfast finished,' Assumpta said 
'But Kieran will be here soon!'
'I don't care. You have to finish your breakfast before you can 
Caroline groaned and began eating her breakfast.
'Where's Sarah?' Peter asked.
Assumpta gestured to the plate and cup in the sink. 'She went to 
school with Aisling.'
A familiar voice could be heard. 'Uncle Peter?! Aunt Assumpta?!'
'In the kitchen Kieran!' Peter replied.
8 year old Kieran Egan entered the room. His blonde hair was 
mussed and he had a large grin on his face. 'You ready to go 
yet?' he asked Caroline.
Caroline nodded until her mother gave her a look.
'Dad?' Caroline looked to her adoring father.
'Sorry darling I'm with your mother on this one.'
Caroline grimaced and finished her breakfast.
'Let's go,' she smiled at Kieran.
'Bye mum! bye Dad!'
Assumpta shook her head as the children raced out of the pub. 
'She has so much energy.'
'A bit like Jeremy don't you think?'
Assumpta nodded. Their three year old son Jeremy was staying the
 night with his best friend Kara at the Egans.

'Right. Let's start with the alphabet again,' Brendan said. 
Just as they began, Caroline came in.
'Where were you?' Brendan asked.
'On my way to school Mr Kearney,' she replied.
'Caroline you live at the pub and your sister got here on time,' 
Brendan told her. 'I'll see you after class.'

After class, Caroline waited for Brendan to see the others off.
'Were you off with Kieran again?' Brendan asked her.
'If I tell, will he get into trouble?'
'That depends on whether he was late or not.'
'We were down at the Angel looking for worms to sell to the 
'Did you sell any?'
'Yes sir we made two pounds.'
'When you should have been at school?'
'No buts Caroline. That's the third time this week, I will have 
to speak to your parents. Now off you go home, your sister is 
waiting for you.'

'Are you in a lot of trouble?' Kieran asked.
'I heard that Dad is going to speak to your parents,' Aisling 
told her.
'So you are in trouble,' Sarah told her.
'I'm always in trouble,' Caroline retorted.
'Me too,' Kieran answered, kicking a rock.
'Here we are,' Sarah said, going into the pub. 'Coming Aisling?'
'No thanks. I better get home.'
Sarah nodded and entered the pub.
'Want to go down to the Angel and see if we can catch any more
 worms?' Kieran asked.
Caroline's face lit up. 'Let's go!'

'Where's Caroline?' Assumpta asked as Sarah came in.
'I think she went down to the Angel with Kieran,' Sarah replied,
 putting her bag on the floor.
'Did she not have homework?'
'Everyone did. But she and Kieran have to work on their 
Assumpta raised an eyebrow. 'Enterprise?'
'Yeah. They are catching worms and selling them to fishermen. 
They made two pounds last time.'
'Did they just,' Assumpta replied.
Peter came up from the cellar. 'What can I do for you?' he asked.
'Could you go down the Angel and bring Caroline home. We need to
 have a talk.'
Peter looked at her questioningly.
'I'll explain later,' Assumpta told him.

'I need something to invest in,' Brian grumbled.
'Dad you have a museum and the restaurant. What else do you 
'I don't know. But I'm itchy.'
Niamh sighed as she put Kara's hat on. 'Dad I have to return 
Jeremy to the pub. We can talk about this at a later date.'
Niamh leaves Brian looking sorrowful.

'Right now want to tell us about this little venture?' Assumpta 
asked Caroline.
'Do I have to?'
Peter and Assumpta just looked at her.
'Okay okay. Me and Kieran were going to make some money. Kieran 
asked his grandfather and he suggested this.'
'Should have know Quigley was in on this,' Assumpta said.
'Peter?! Assumpta!?' Niamh called.
Peter went out to the bar. 'Hi Niamh.'
'Returning your property,' she smiled, handing over Jeremy.
'Thanks,' Peter grinned. 'Hello sir. Did you have a nice time?'
'Ah Peter,' Brendan said, entering. 'Do you and Assumpta have a 
moment. It's about Caroline.'
'That I think would be a good idea. Thanks for looking after 
Jeremy last night Niamh.'
'No problem.'

'I know what I'm going to do.'
Niamh looked at Brian with a raised eyebrow. 'What?'
'Open a shop.'
'What kind of shop?'
Brian smiled and tapped his nose as he left.

'So that is where you've been during school?' Brendan asked her.
'I always come to school eventually!'
'Caroline,' Peter said. 'Who's idea was it to do it in the 
morning and in the afternoon?'
'Why?' Assumpta asked.
'I can't tell you.'
'Why not?'
'It's supposed to be a surprise for your anniversary.'
'Have you been trying to make money to buy us something for our
 anniversary?' Peter asked.
Caroline nodded.
Assumpta lifted her into her lap. 'Caroline you don't have to 
give us anything. Besides, you've already given us something.'
'You,' Assumpta smiled as she hugged her.