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Title: Out in the Open
Author: Rebecca Stunell

Ballykissangel 4.1 alternative script

Scene:	Int.  Day.
Fitzgerald's kitchen, early morning.  Assumpta is pouring milk into Fionn's bowl.  
She strokes him and makes him sit before putting the bowl down.   
Peter walks in and Assumpta turns round and smiles.  Peter goes over and 
kisses her.

Peter:		Morning.
Assumpta:	Morning.

She gives him a big hug.

Peter:		You okay?
Assumpta:	Yeah, fine.  Still getting used to being able to do
Peter:		I know.

There is a knock at the door.  Assumpta groans.  Peter raises one eyebrow and 
Assumpta goes to the door.  It's the postman. 

Postman:	Morning Assumpta.
Assumpta:	Morning.

She takes the letters from him.

Assumpta:	Thanks.

She shuts the door and flicks through the post on the way back to the kitchen.  
She separates the post into letters for her and ones for Peter.  She hands one 
letter to him.

Peter:		Thank you.

She stands next to him as she opens one of the letters.  

Assumpta:	Ah, they've got to be joking.
Peter:		What?
Assumpta:	Bill from my beer suppliers.

She opens another letter.

Assumpta:	Electricity bill.

She throws it onto the table and opens another one.  

Assumpta:	Tell me your post's more interesting than mine.
Peter:		Bank statement.  Hardly compulsive reading.

Assumpta reads her final letter and grins, then she turns and shows it to Peter.

Peter:		Who's this one from?
Assumpta:	The solicitor.  Anything between me and Leo is void. 
		Officially, I never got married.
Peter:		That's brilliant!

He hugs her tight, lifting her off the floor.  There is complete relief in Assumpta's face.


Scene:	Int.  Day.
The restaurant.
Liam and Donal have been roped into waiting on tables.  Shamie is teaching them the basics.

Shamie:	So, Liam, you be the customer.
Liam:		(Posh voice)  Good evening.  I'd like a table for two, please.

Donal looks confused.

Donal:		There's only one of you.
Liam:		We're pretending there's two of me.
Donal:		Ah, right.  Certainly sir, come this way.

He leads Liam to a table by grabbing his wrist.

Shamie:	You don't have to drag him, it's not like it's his last meal.
Donal:		Sorry.  Sit.

Donal points to a chair.

Liam:		What?
Shamie:	Ah, he's not a dog, Donal.
Donal:		What?  Sorry.  Please be seated, sir.
Liam:		Thank you.

Donal talks to the imaginary character in the seat opposite Liam.

Donal:		And what would you like?
Shamie:	Donal, there's no-one there.
Donal:		I know, but I didn't want to ignore him.

Shamie sighs.


Scene:	Ext.  Day.
Peter and Assumpta's morning walk.  Fionn is bounding around the
field while Peter and Assumpta walk across to the gate, holding

Assumpta:	So.  When can we set a date?
Peter:		What for?
Assumpta:	Oh, come on, you're not going to back out on me now. 
		The wedding.

Peter seems uncomfortable.

Peter:		Oh.  I didn't think you'd want to do anything about
		that for a while.
Assumpta:	Why not?  Peter, you're the reason I did this in the
		first place.  You're not going to let me down.
Peter:		I'm not!  I wouldn't.  I'd never let you down.  I
		just thought it was a bit soon after Leo.
Assumpta:	I know.  I'm sorry, I just don't want to delay it.  I
		have a clear idea of what I want to do and for once
		in my life, I'm going to do it.
Peter:		Okay.
Assumpta:	So.
Peter:		Assumpta, you can't just set a date here and now.
Assumpta:	Why not?
Peter:		There's a lot to organise.
Assumpta:	Such as?
Peter:		Well, who's going to do it.  Where's it going to be. 
		Reception.  Invitations.
Assumpta:	You do still want to do this don't you?

Peter stops and holds both her hands.

Peter:		I'm not saying I don't want to do this.  I do.  I'm
		just saying slow down.  I want to make sure it's
		right.  I mean when you... didn't get married the
		last time, you weren't in your own country...

Assumpta:	If we get married here, you won't be in yours.

Peter:		I've got nothing in England any more.  I want
		whatever you want, but I want it to be special.

Assumpta's avoiding eye contact.  Peter puts one finger under her
chin and makes her look at him.  He stares her out for a second. 
Assumpta nods and forces a smile.


Scene:	Int.  Day.
Niamh and Ambrose's house.  
Brian is sitting in Niamh's kitchen with Niamh running around
making tea for him and warming a meal for Kieran at the same

Niamh:		You're not getting bored of it already?
Brian:		I'm not saying I'm bored, I just need another interest.
Niamh:		Another investment, you mean?
Brian:		Well...

Niamh can see where the conversation is going.

Niamh:		Dad, it's my money.  Why don't you let the restaurant
		make a profit first and then invest in something else?
Brian:		It'll take years to get enough profit to do anything
		with.  The more business ventures I have going at one
		time the more I... you...
Niamh:		Stand to lose?
Brian:		The more profit I have to re-invest.

Niamh puts a cup of tea in front of him and takes Kieran's food
over to the car seat where he's lying.  Brian takes a sip of the

Brian:		Niamh?
Niamh:		Yes Dad?

She has just put the spoon to Kieran's lips.

Brian:		Sugar?
Niamh:		Oh, for heaven's sake, it's like having two children.

She gets up again and fetches the sugar bowl, dumps it on the
table, then walks out, taking Kieran with her.


Scene:	Int.  Day.
Peter and Assumpta are behind the bar.  Siobhan, now fairly
heavily pregnant, is having lunch and discussing the news of the
solicitor's letter.

Siobhan:	When's the big day then?

Assumpta looks at Peter.

Assumpta:	There's a lot to organise yet.
Peter:		As long as we make sure it doesn't clash with the
		christening, will you be coming?
Siobhan:	Try and keep me away.

The door opens.  It's Niamh, with Kieran.  Kieran is crying. 
Niamh passes him over the bar to Peter and puts Kieran's food on
the bar.

Niamh:		Look after him for a second, would you?  Dad's
		driving me crazy and I need to hear myself think.
Peter:		Yeah...

Niamh is out of the door.

Peter:		Sure.

He looks at Kieran, then at Siobhan.

Peter:		D'you want to get some practice in?
Siobhan:	No thanks, I'll leave it to an expert.

Peter laughs then starts to feed Kieran.   At first he's
reluctant to take it.

Peter:		Ah, go on Kieran.  Just do this for Uncle Peter, eh?

He starts making aeroplane noises.  Assumpta gives him a sideways
glance, but Kieran takes the food.

Siobhan:	Can I book you for babysitting in advance?
Peter:		It's a long waiting list.

Siobhan smiles.


Scene:	Int.  Day.
Niamh and Ambrose's.
Niamh flounces back in.

Brian:		Where did you go?
Niamh:		Out.  
Brian:		What's so wrong about me wanting to re-invest.

Niamh sighs.

Niamh:		It's not your money you're re-investing with, it's mine.
Brian:		You know I'll make it work.
Niamh:		Dad, I don't even know what it is you're asking me to invest in.
Brian:		That's because I don't know that myself yet.
Niamh:		So why ask me?  Find something you want to do and I'll look at it.
Brian:		Good girl.  You know it makes sense.
Niamh:		I only said I'd...

Brian is out the door.

Niamh:		Look at it.


Scene:	Int.  Day.
Assumpta is standing by the bar doing her accounts while Peter
holds Kieran and  talks to Siobhan.

Siobhan:	I keep thinking I feel it turning round.  Scares me
		half to death.
Peter:		You nervous about the birth?
Siobhan:	A bit.  Don't know why.  I've seen plenty of farm
		animals do it perfectly well without any help.
Peter:		Is Brendan going to be there?

Siobhan takes a sip of orange juice.

Siobhan:	I don't think he's too keen.
Peter:		D'you want him to be?
Siobhan:	I'm not sure.
Peter:		He is the father.
Siobhan:	I know.  

She hesitates.

Siobhan:	Would you talk to him?
Peter:		It's not my place to intervene now.

Siobhan looks him straight in the eye.

Siobhan:	You were always more of a friend than a priest.

Peter considers it.

Peter:		I'll have a word.
Siobhan:	Thanks.

Peter wanders across to Assumpta, talking to Kieran as he goes.

Peter:		How's it going?

Brian walks in.

Assumpta:	Not good.

Brian reaches the bar and looks at what Assumpta's doing. 
Assumpta puts her hand over the books, trying to guard them.

Brian:		Driving you out of business, am I?
Assumpta:	You haven't opened yet.
Brian:		I know.  If it's bad now, just imagine what it'll be like when I do.
Assumpta:	I'm sure I can handle the competition.
Brian:		Have it your way.
Assumpta:	Oh, I will.

Brian looks to Peter.

Peter:		What can I get you?

You can see Brian thinking about something.

Brian:		Nothing.  Thanks.  I'll take my Grandson while I'm here.

Brian walks out with Kieran and Peter just looks confused.


Scene:	Int.  Day.
Niamh and Ambrose's.
Brian opens the door and goes down to the kitchen.

Brian:		I found this at the pub.

Niamh takes Kieran and puts him in his car seat.

Niamh:		I hadn't abandoned him or anything.
Brian:		I've got a proposal for that re-investment.
Niamh:		That was quick.
Brian:		Fitzgerald's.
Niamh:		What?
Brian:		The pub.  We know the business, Assumpta needs a bit
		of financial help.  Why not?
Niamh:		Assumpta doesn't know about this, I take it.
Brian:		Not exactly. 
Niamh:		Dad!

Niamh picks up Kieran and walks out for the second time.

Brian:		What?


Scene:	Int.  Day.
Niamh walks in and hands Kieran to Peter.

Niamh:		D'you mind?
Peter:		No, sure.  we're old mates, aren't we Kieran?

Niamh walks round to the other side of the bar and approaches

Niamh:		Assumpta, we need to talk.
Assumpta:	Sure.  What is it.
Niamh:		In the kitchen?
Assumpta:	Okay.

Niamh and Assumpta go into the kitchen and Peter and Kieran just look at each other.


Scene:	Int.  Day.
The Church.  
Father O'Connell has just finished taking confession.  He walks out of the box and
goes down towards the sachristy.  Right at the front, Brendan is sitting in quiet
contemplation.  Father O'Connell clears his throat and Brendan turns round.

Fr. OC:	Are you all right?
Brendan:	Yes.  Fine.  Thanks Father... Just got a lot of things on my mind.
Fr. OC:	Anything I can help with.
Brendan:	Not rea...  You know Siobhan's not got long until the baby's born?
Fr. OC:	Your baby?
Brendan:	Yes.  Do you think I should be at the birth?
Fr. OC:	You're not Siobhan's husband, are you?
Brendan:	No, Father.
Fr. OC:	So what makes you think you should?
Brendan:	I'm sorry?
Fr. OC:	Siobhan is a single woman.
Brendan:	With all due respect, I don't see what difference
		that makes.
Fr. OC:	Mr Kearney, I am a Catholic priest.  I don't know
		what you expect.  I can't approve of the
		circumstances in which this baby was conceived.  
Brendan:	I expect some impartial advice.
Fr. OC:	I suppose that's what my predecessor gave?  I will
		always side with the Church, Mr Kearney.

Father O'Connell walks out by the sachristy door.  Brendan looks annoyed.

Scene:	Int.  Day.
Fitzgerald's kitchen.
Assumpta is putting the kettle on.

Niamh:		My father seems to think you need financial help.

Assumpta looks insulted.

Assumpta:	Excuse me?
Niamh:		He's looking to re-invest some of my money and he
		reckons the pub would be the perfect place.
Assumpta:	Oh does he now?
Niamh:		Is it true?
Assumpta:	My finances are none of anyone else's business.
Niamh:		Assumpta...

She tries to coax the truth out by staring at Assumpta.

Assumpta:	I'd like to stick a couple of noughts on the end of
		the takings, but who wouldn't?
Niamh:		You can handle it?
Assumpta:	Yes, Niamh, I can handle it.  Believe me, I'm fine
		and even if I did need help, no offence or anything,
		but your dad would be the last person I'd turn to.
Niamh:		Okay.
Assumpta:	Tea?
Niamh:		Yeah.  Thanks.  

Assumpta starts to pour the tea.

Niamh:		How's it going with Peter?
Assumpta:	It's going great.  I had a letter from the solicitor. 
		I can get married as soon as I like.
Niamh:		That's fantastic.  You've not named the day yet then?
Assumpta:	No, but we're working on it.

Niamh goes over and hugs Assumpta.

Niamh:		I'm so happy for you.
Assumpta:	Thanks.  Maybe you'll be able to make it to this
Niamh:		I wouldn't dare miss it.

Peter knocks on the door, then comes in holding Kieran.  Niamh
goes over and hugs Peter as well.

Assumpta:	Hands off!
Peter:		What was that for?
Niamh:		You're getting married.
Peter:		I know.  That's generally what being engaged means.

Peter genuinely looks like he doesn't have a clue what she's going on about.

Niamh:		Assumpta's letter.
Peter:		Oh, right.
Niamh:		When's it going to be then?
Peter:		I don't know.  We've got a few things to arrange first.

Peter and Assumpta exchange 'how many times have we said that today' glances.


Scene:	Int. Eve.
Assumpta and Peter are behind the bar, with Siobhan and Brendan
sitting at the far end.  Peter is watching them.  Assumpta is
watching him, watching them.

Assumpta:	Would you ever stop spying on our customers?
Peter:		Shh.  Siobhan wanted me to talk to him.  
Assumpta:	About what?
Peter:		Can't tell you.
Assumpta:	This isn't confession any more, Peter.

Peter looks slightly hurt.

Assumpta:	Sorry I didn't mean...
Peter:		It's okay.  She just told me in confidence, that's

Siobhan leaves to go to the bathroom and Peter sees the
opportunity.  He approaches Brendan.

Peter:		How is she?
Brendan:	Fine.
Peter:		Not long to go now.  Are you planning to be at the
Brendan:	Ah, well...
Peter:		Well what?
Brendan:	I had a word with our friendly neighbourhood priest this afternoon.
Peter:		And?
Brendan:	He wouldn't give me an answer because Siobhan and I aren't married.
Peter:		What?
Brendan:	I know.  Told me that I shouldn't expect impartial advice from a Catholic priest.
Peter:		So you're coming to me instead.

There is a pause.

Brendan:	Peter, it was never meant to happen like this.  Me
		and Siobhan are just friends.
Peter:		It's still your baby.  I wouldn't miss it for the
		world if I were you.
Brendan:	Yeah, but it's different for you.
Peter:		How?
Brendan:	You're good with babies.
Peter:		You're good with kids...
Brendan:	I'm good with kids who can walk, talk and recite
		their times tables.
Peter:		Anyway, that's not the point.  Forget about the baby. 
		Siobhan needs someone there.
Brendan:	Peter, it's a personal thing for Siobhan.  I'm her
		friend, but I don't feel close enough to her to do
		that.  What do you think?
Peter:		I don't think it's me you should be talking to.  I
		think you should tell her this.  Talk to her,
		Brendan, that's all I'm asking.

Brendan nods.

Brendan:	Now that lecture's  over, can I have another stout?

Peter smiles.

Peter:		Sure.


Scene:	Int.  Day.
The church.  Father O’Connell is taking confession.  The voice of 
a young person is heard, who turns out to be Con O’Neill.

Fr. OC:	How long has this been going on for?
Con:		A few months.  Father Clifford said I should think
		about it.
Fr. OC:	What did he mean by that?
Con:		He wanted me to think about what I was doing.
Fr. OC:	And did you?
Con:		Yes.
Fr. OC:	And?
Con:		I didn't see anything wrong with it.
Fr. OC:	You were being disobedient to those caring for you.
Con:		It was only extra sandwiches.
Fr. OC:	I don't care what it was.  I want you to stop it
		right now.  Do you understand?
Con:		That's not fair, Father!
Fr. OC:	It's what's right.

Fr. O'Connell storms out of the confessional and leaves the
church still in his confessional attire.


Scene:	Int. Day.
The pub is nearly empty and Assumpta is cooking.  Fr. O'Connell
walks into the bar and clears his throat.  Assumpta looks up. 
Her expression changes to one of contempt.

Assumpta:	What do you want?
Fr. OC:	I'd like to speak to your... Mr Clifford, please.

Assumpta walks out of the kitchen and round the end of the bar. 
She looks Fr O' Connell up and down, when she sees what he's
wearing.  She goes to the foot of the stairs and shouts.

Assumpta:	Peter!
Peter:		Yes?
Assumpta:	There's a man in a frock to see you.

Peter gives her a slight glare, comes down the stairs and sees Fr
O' Connell.

Peter:		Thanks Assumpta.  Father O' Connell.
Fr. OC:	Mr Clifford, why did you tell a certain young
		parishioner to carry on stealing from his carers?
Peter:		Excuse me?
Fr. OC:	I said...
Peter:		Yeah, no, I heard what you said, I just don't know
		why you said it.
Fr. OC:	I have just taken the confession of a young man who
		is taking extra lunch because you simply told him to
		consider what he was doing.  Do you not think that
		irresponsible behaviour for a Catholic priest... ex
		Catholic priest.
Peter:		Father, I don't think it's wrong to advise people to
		listen to their conscience.  However, I think you'll
		find that telling anyone else about a person's
		private confession is very clearly labelled as 'not
		on'.  Now, you tell him anything you like, but if he
		doesn't understand why it's wrong to do it, that very
		much defeats the purpose.  Shut the door on your way
		out, Father.

Fr. O' Connell looks like he's just been put firmly in his place
and he walks out.


Scene:	Ext. Day
Fr. O' Connell passes Brendan in the street.

Brendan:	Afternoon Father.

Fr. O' Connell says nothing and carries on walking.  Ambrose

Brendan:	Afternoon Brendan.  Nice to see you.
Ambrose:	Afternoon Brendan.

Brendan turns towards Fitzgerald's.


Scene:  	Int. Day.
Brendan walks in to see Peter in a thoroughly bad mood.

Brendan:	Problem.
Peter:		Only Father O'Connell.  Telling me how I should have
		done my job.  I mean what is wrong with advising
		people to think for themselves?
Brendan:	Nothing.  It's just that he and Father Mac don't see
		it yet.  

Peter says nothing.

Brendan:	Just for the record, I think you were the best friend
		anyone in this community's ever had.  Anyway, I can't
		stay, I just popped in to see if Siobhan was here.
Peter:		You going to talk to her?

Brendan nods and walks out.


Scene:	Ext. Day.
Siobhan's house
Brendan approaches the house and rings the doorbell.  After a
short pause, Siobhan opens it.

Siobhan:	Come on in.  I was just making some tea.  D'you want
Brendan:	I think we need to talk.
Siobhan:	Sure.  What about?

Brendan follows Siobhan into the kitchen.

Brendan:	Peter  said you wanted me at the birth.
Siobhan:	Ah, he did talk to you then?
Brendan:	I don't know.  He always has this habit of making you
		think you're talking to him... anyway...
Siobhan:	I want you there if you want to be there.  It is your
		baby too.
Brendan:	I'm just not sure how comfortable I am with it.
Siobhan:	A hell of a lot more comfortable than I will be.
Brendan:	Sorry.
Siobhan:	Just think about it.  Only try and make your mind up
		before the event.
Brendan:	D'you fancy a pint?
Siobhan:	Of orange juice, yeah...


Scene:  	Int.  Eve.
Peter and Assumpta are saying goodbye to Siobhan and Brendan
before shutting the doors.  Assumpta closes the door behind her
and leans back against it.

Peter:		Long night.
Assumpta:	Yep.  I've still got the books to finish.
Peter:		D'you want any help.
Assumpta:	No, it's okay.  You can finish up here while I do
		that, if you like.
Peter:		Yes boss.

Assumpta goes into the kitchen while Peter tidies up the bar.

In the kitchen, Assumpta appears troubled at the books.  She
tears a page out of the back of the book and begins to write a

Water tank

He watches her though the open door.  She's looking depressed. 
He finishes drying a couple of glasses, then starts folding a tea
towel.  He rolls it halfway up one side, then does the same from
the other end, then he folds it in half.  Holding the two
opposite ends, he walks into the kitchen.  He stands to one side
of Assumpta and pulls the ends of the tea towel.  He stops when
it looks like an oven-ready chicken.  Assumpta looks up and

Assumpta:	Another party piece?
Peter:		Kinda.
Assumpta:	Is that what I'm paying you to do?
Peter:		You're not paying me.
Assumpta:	I can't afford to.
Peter:		Am I that expensive?
Assumpta:	Ah, now, would I ever put a price on you?

Peter thinks for a minute.

Peter:		Twenty quid.
Assumpta:	What?
Peter:		When I was your slave.
Assumpta:	You still are.  Anyway, twenty quid for three hours
		was being seriously overpaid... you couldn't still do
		that water into wine thing, could you?
Peter:		'Fraid not.  Lost that crucial contact now.

Assumpta smiles slightly, then looks back to the books.

Peter:		What's the matter?
Assumpta:	Just figuring out what needs doing around here.

She hands the list to Peter, who reads it.

Peter:		Expensive stuff.
Assumpta:	Yeah.  And Brian's offered the money.

Peter is surprised.

Peter:		That's very kind of him.
Assumpta:	Niamh's money, as a business venture.  He'd want some
		kind of stake in it.
Peter:		You're thinking about it?
Assumpta:	Ah, this place doesn't make enough of a profit on
		it's own to do all that.  And the bills just keep
		getting bigger.  I can't carry on paying them at this

Peter sits down.

Peter:		Is it that bad?

Assumpta shrugs.

Assumpta:	I want to keep this place.  I grew up here.  I want
		to keep it going and I want to stand on my own two
		feet but if that's what it takes...
Peter:		You don't want to take money from Brian?
Assumpta:	I wouldn't mind if it was his money, but it's not,
		it's Niamh's.  No, actually, I would mind if it was
		Brian's money.  I'd have to be forever grateful to
		him.  He'd always want something from me.  This
		place'd just be another of his little enterprises.
Peter:		What if it was my money?

Assumpta laughs.

Assumpta:	You don't have any... Unless your were taking a
		percentage of the donations.
Peter:		Assumpta!  It's from my Mum's will.
Assumpta:	Peter, I...
Peter:		She had quite a lot of money from my dad, then she
		passed it on to me.  Then there's the house.
Assumpta:	That's your money.
Peter:		Yeah.  It's my money and I'll do what I like with it. 
		How about if I buy a small share in the pub?
Assumpta:	Are you serious?
Peter:		Of course I am.  You won't let me pay you anything
		for my room.  I love this place.  I want to give
		something back.

Assumpta considers the offer.

Assumpta:	Okay.  A very small share in the pub.

They shake hands on the deal and Peter kisses her.

Assumpta:	Now can we talk about the wedding?

He looks reluctant.

Assumpta:	What's the matter?
Peter:		I don't know.  I just think...
Assumpta:	What?
Peter:		Maybe we should just slow down a bit.

Assumpta looks devastated.

Assumpta:	I knew it.  You're going to back out on me aren't
Peter:		No.  I'm not.  I just think we need to get to know
		each other.  
Assumpta:	I think it's a bit late for that.
Peter:		You said yourself you hardly know me.
Assumpta:	Ah, I was joking.
Peter:		But it's true.  I do love you, but there are loads of
		things I still don't know about you.
Assumpta:	Most of them it's probably best you don't.
Peter:		Please, be serious.
Assumpta:	I am.  I thought we'd both made the decision to just
		go along with whatever we felt.
Peter:		That's what I'm doing.  I love you.  I want to marry
		you.  But you don't marry someone you don't really
Assumpta:	I married Leo.

There is an uncomfortable silence.

Assumpta:	What is there that you don't know about me?
Peter:		Lots of things.  How did you come to run the pub? 
		What happened to your family?  How come you hate the
		clergy so much?
Assumpta:	Peter...

Peter cuts her off.

Peter:		I need to know where you're coming from.

Assumpta sighs and gives in.

Assumpta:	I'm like you.  An orphan.  Mum and Dad split up when
		I was young.  Father Mac tried to force them to stay
		together Œfor the sake of the family'.  They just
		used to argue all the time.  I used to sit in my room
		and listen to them shouting at each other.  One night
		they had this huge row in the middle of the pub, in
		front of everyone.   The next day Father Mac asked me
		how it was going, like he'd done me some kind of
		favour.  He just made life hell for me...
Peter:		Which is why you hate him so much.  Fair enough.  Why
		d'you hate all priests then?
Assumpta:	How can I hate all priests considering what's gone on
		the last few months?
Peter:		So why didn't you hate me then?
Assumpta:	You're different.  You never forced people to do
		anything just because the bible said they should. 
		You looked after people because they needed looking
		after, not because they went to church.
Peter:		Okay, okay, enough of the ego boost!  How'd you end
		up running the bar?
Assumpta:	I went away to University, then my parents both died
		and I inherited the pub from my Mum.
Peter:		Pretty tough to just come and start running a
		business on your own.
Assumpta:	Especially when the business is ten years behind the
Peter:		Sorry?
Assumpta:	I, em, modernised it a bit.  BallyK hasn't always
		been like it is now, you know.
Peter:		How did you feel when your parents...
Assumpta:	Same as you do now.  Alone.

Peter takes her hand across the table.

Peter:		I'm not alone.
Assumpta:	But then I didn't have anyone.
Peter:		You had the whole village...  Niamh....

Assumpta laughs.

Peter:		What?
Assumpta:	Most of the village still thought I was the obnoxious
		kid I was when I was at school.  Niamh and I hated
		each other...

Peter smiles.

Peter:		What?
Assumpta:	I thought she was the spoilt little rich girl, she
		thought I was a manipulative schemer.
Peter:		Like her father, you mean?
Assumpta:	Something like that.
Peter:		So what changed your minds?
Assumpta:	When all the others our age left the village, we were
		the only ones left to relate to each other.  Times of
		crisis and all that.

There is a pause.

Peter gets up.

Peter:		Come on.  We'll finish this in the morning.  You
		going to bed now?
Assumpta:	Actually I thought I'd better finish the books.
Peter:		Wrong answer.  Try again.
Assumpta:	Yes?
Peter:		Correct.  Go on.  You can finish that in the morning.

Peter and Assumpta turn off the lights, then leave the kitchen.


Scene:	Int.  Day.
Peter and Assumpta are serving.  It's not terribly busy, but
Peter is serving Brendan while Assumpta serves a couple of
strangers at the other end of the bar.  

Peter:		Did you talk to Siobhan?
Brendan:	Yes.
Peter:		And?
Brendan:	She told me to think about it.  Even if I wanted to
		go, I'm a teacher.  I can't just abandon the kids.
Peter:		Get someone else to look after them.  Father Mac.
Brendan:	They're all scared of Father Mac.
Peter:		Father O'Connell?
Brendan:	Are you serious?
Peter:		Okay, maybe not.

Peter laughs.

Peter:		What about me.
Brendan:	Oh, they like you.
Peter:		There you are then.  Problem solved.  No excuse now.

Brian walks in.

Brian:		Assumpta, you thought any more about my offer?
Assumpta:	I have actually.  But there are other people
		interested in investing in this place.
Brian:		Oh yeah?!  Like who?
Assumpta:	Like Peter.

Peter turns and gives Brian a smile.  Brian looks slightly

Brian:		He doesn't have any money.
Assumpta:  	Oh yes, he does.

He looks shocked.  Peter starts walking over to them.

Brian:		So what's he going to do?   Buy you out?
Peter:		I'm taking a share in the pub.

Brian is near-speechless, but it doesn't take him long to

Brian:		Ah, well.  You do know business is going to be
		severely affected once my restaurant opens, don't
Peter:		I don't think we need to worry about that, Brian.
Brian:		Fine.  Just don't say I didn't warn you.

Brian walks out again.


Scene:	Int.  Day.
The restaurant.  Brian walks in to find Liam and Donal putting up
decorations for the opening night.

Brian:		Morning lads.

Donal nearly falls of a chair whilst trying to see Brian.

Liam:		Morning Mr Quigley.
Brian:		You all set for tomorrow?
Donal:		We thought we'd do that in the morning.

Brian is confused.

Brian:		What?
Donal:		Setting the tables.

Brian gives up.

Brian:		Ah, for heaven's sake, am I going to have to hire
		professional waiters as well?  Is Shamie around?
Liam:		He's in the kitchen.

Brian goes round to the kitchen.  Shamie, shoulder deep cleaning
a deep fat fryer, looks round.

Shamie:	Ah, hello Brian.
Brian:		You ready?
Shamie:	Sure.
Brian:		Good.  Because I want Assumpta Fitzgerald to know
		she's got a battle on her hands.
Shamie:	What?
Brian:		Oh, nothing.  Just make sure you do a good job.


Scene:	Int.  Day.
Fitzgerald's.   Peter and Assumpta are chatting behind the bar. 
Brendan is sitting at his usual end of the bar.  

Assumpta:	(whispered)  What’s going on with him and Siobhan?
Peter:		I told you.  It's confidential.
Assumpta:	I thought engaged couples weren't supposed to have

Peter considers this for a moment.

Peter:		Siobhan wants him to be at the birth.  I don’t think
		he's that keen.
Assumpta:	So?  I wouldn't let him get away with it.
Peter:		It's difficult for him.  Siobhan used to just be a
		friend.  Now he's expected to go and watch her give
Assumpta:	Whose fault's that?

Siobhan walks in.

Siobhan:	Evening.  My usual please, barman.
Peter:		Coming right up.

Siobhan goes over to sit next to Brendan.

Siobhan:	Where's Padraig tonight?
Brendan:	He's taken Kevin camping.  One last Father - Son
		thing before the summer holidays.
Siobhan:	Kevin's going to London then?
Brendan:	Looks that way.

There is a silence.

Siobhan:	Did you think any more about what we talked about?
Brendan:	The birth?  Yes.  
Siobhan:	And?
Brendan:	Peter's going to look after my class if it comes to
Siobhan:	You'll be there then?
Brendan:	I will.  Just don't blame me if I pass out.


Scene:	Int. Eve.
Niamh and Ambrose's house.
Brian is having dinner there.

Niamh:		Dad, just because you offer Assumpta the money... my
		money... doesn't mean she's just going to take it.  
Brian:		I know.
Niamh:		So why d'you instantly assume that everyone's just
		going to accept the money you start throwing at them?
Ambrose:	Niamh, calm down.
Brian:		It was a good opportunity for her.
Niamh:		No, it was a good opportunity for you.  She can see
		past you, you know.  Anyway, if Peter has the money
		and he wants to put it into Fitzgerald's, it's
		obvious she'd rather take his money than yours.
Brian:		I'm just saying she missed her chance.


Scene:		Ext.  Eve.
The street.
Peter puts Fionn's lead on him and steps out of the doorway,
followed by Assumpta.  He holds his hand out and she takes it. 
They walk across the road and over the bridge, where Peter stops. 
He and Assumpta lean on the bridge.  Fionn waits patiently at
their feet.

Peter:		You do understand, don't you?
Assumpta:	About what?
Peter:		The wedding thing.
Assumpta:	You want to be sure you know what you're getting
		yourself into?
Peter:		I want us both to know what we’re letting ourselves
		in for.
Assumpta:	Peter, I know all I need to know about you.  You care
		about everyone around you.  I don't need to know
		anything else.

Peter lowers his head.

Peter:		What about Jenny.
Assumpta:	Jenny?
Peter:		My friend from Manchester.
Assumpta:	What about her?
Peter:		Why d'you think I was transferred from Manchester?
Assumpta:	You... was it the same with her?
Peter:		No.  Not exactly.  

He turns to face Assumpta.

Peter:		I'm telling you this 'cos I think you need to know. 
		I asked to be transferred because I felt like
		something was going to happen between us.  I wanted
		to get out of there before it got out of hand.
Assumpta:	Was that how you felt about me?
Peter:		No.

There is a silence.

Peter:		I could feel it happening but I didn't want to go. 
		It felt different.  Like I was supposed to stay.

Another silence.  Peter turns and looks at her.

Assumpta:	Must've been a shock when she turned up.
Peter:		Just a bit.  She wanted something to happen.
Assumpta:	You didn't.
Peter:		I got transferred deliberately... to put some
		distance between us.
Assumpta:	Clear blue water.
Peter:		I wouldn't call it clear exactly.  She didn't know
		where she stood when I left.

A silence.

Peter:		She told me it'd happen again.
Assumpta:	Sorry?
Peter:		When she came over to see me.  She told me it'd
		happen again.  She knew there'd be a next time.

Assumpta looks up at him.  He gives her a hug and kisses her
forehead.  Fionn starts to bark and they walk away from the