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Ballykissangel: Final Episode
by Michele Lyons

Distance shot of Sean Dillion's truck traveling on the road from Cilldargen 
to BallyK.   It is a bright, sunny day with a few dark clouds on the horizon. 
 Switch to close -up of Emma driving.  There is a passenger along side her 
who is not seen, only his right hand gripping the dashboard as Emma dives 
fast and erratically. 

Emma:  A social worker in BallyK you say?  Hey, we're moving up in the world!

Passenger:  Mmm..(hand still clutching the dash at every jolt of the truck)

The clouds win over and a sudden downpour washes over the truck.

Emma: (Slowing the truck down  a bit) Would you look at that! There's Ireland 
for you.

Passenger (Peter Clifford): Yea, forty shades of gray.

       Roll titles

It is mid afternoon in BallyK and the streets are fairly empty.  Fitzgeralds 
is also empty, in between serving hours.  The Dillon's truck pulls up across 
the street from the pub.  Peter gets out and pulls his bag from the back .  
He smiles at Emma and thanks her for the lift.  The truck pulls away and 
Peter is left facing  Fitzgeralds.  For a moment Peter has second thoughts 
about accepting the job here.  When he had heard that the county social 
service office in Cilldargen had recently decided to open a branch in BallyK, 
he felt it was a perfect opportunity for him.  He missed the people that had 
become family to him and he still considered the village home, despite what 
had happened to Assumpta.  He had thought that he had healed enough and that 
it was time to move on.  But now, standing in front of the Fitzgeralds, Peter 
has a wave of doubt wash over him. He stands and looks at it for a moment 
then slowly starts to cross the street.

Cut to Kathleen watching him from inside her shop window.

Cut back to Peter as he reaches the door.  He takes hold of the door knob and 
pauses.  Peter draws in a breath then opens the door and enters. He closes 
the door behind him and with his hand still on the knob, leans back against 
it.  He glances around, half expecting to see Assumpta, and is disturbed by 
the stillness of the room.  Peter then walks to his familiar spot at the bar, drops his bag and leans with both hands against the bar, his head bowed.  
He has a flashback to the last time he was in this spot: 

Cut to scene from "The Reckoning" where Peter tells Assumpta that he loves 
her .  Flashback ends before Assumpta goes into the cellar.  At that moment, 
Niamh bustles in from the kitchen and they both startle each other, then they 
laugh and embrace.

Niamh: Peter! You gave me such a fright!
Peter:  How are you Niamh? (she smiles and nods)
Niamh:  Where have you been off to all this time?!

Peter goes to answer but Brendan bursts through the front door.

Brendan:  There's the man then!(grabbing Peter's hand and shaking it)
Peter:  How'd you know..?
Brendan:  I was just in the shop and Kathleen said..
Peter:(smiling) It is good to know that some things haven't changed.

Just then, Padraig rushes in and exclaims:

Padraig: Kathleen said you were back.

They all laugh.

Cut to a few minutes later.  Sioban has also arrived and Niamh is pulling 
pints for them all.  She sets a glass down in front of Peter.

Niamh:  So you never answered my question, where have you been?  We have 
wondered how you were getting on. (Everyone turns to look at Peter)

Peter takes a sip of his pint, thinks for a moment, then speaks.

Peter: Well, after I left, I spent some time with my brother in Manchester.  
Then I signed up with the International Red Cross. Ya know, food, water, 
medical supplies where it was most needed. (He takes another sip)
Padraig: Tough work there Peter.
Peter:  Yeah, I needed get some distance and immerse myself:  to keep from 
Niamh:  How is it that you ended up back here then?
Peter:  After some time, and a few close calls, the numbness started to fade. 
 Even amidst everything there, I began to see that life, even hers, (glancing 
at Brendan) did have meaning. (Then looking at Niamh)  Then I remembered 
someone telling me to fight my demons amongst my friends. 

They all share a smile, Brendan pats Peter on the back, then they all return 
to their pints.

Cut to later that evening.  The Pub is bursting with well wishers celebrating 
Peter's return and new job in BallyK.  Peter has wandered away from the crowd 
to a picture on the wall of Assumpta.  He slowly raises his hand and runs one 
finger the face in the picture.  Niamh get a lull in the orders and notices 
Peter.  She slowly approaches him.
Niamh:  You really loved her didn't you? (Peter pulls back his hand shyly, 
then nods his head in reply.)
Peter: You know, I didn't even have a picture of her. (Niamh puts her hand on 
his shoulder)
Niamh:  She felt the same about you.  She never actually said so, but she 
did. (They both tear up and embrace) I miss her too!
Brendan :  Hey Niamh, stop hogging the guest of honor. ( he waves Peter over 
to the table with himself, Padraig, Sioban, Liam , Donal, and ect. Peter 
gives a weak smile, nods to Niamh , and rejoins the party). 

Cut to the next morning.  Peter is up early and walking through the village 
cemetery.  He stops on occasion to look at a headstone and is obviously 
looking for one in particular.  He notices Fr. Mac approaching.  They meet 
and shake hands.
Fr. Mac:   Ah Peter, I heard you were back.  It is good to see you.
Peter:  How are you Father?
Fr. Mac:  I'm fine.  I was told you were off feeding the poor and hungry.  
Very admirable.  You can take away the collar , yet the man remains. (Peter 
smiles at the compliment)
Fr. Mac:  Out for a walk?  
Peter:   I was looking for ·Do you know where she is buried? (Peter is unable 
to speak Assumpta's name in association with death)
Fr. Mac:  Assumpta?  Oh not here.  I assumed that her next of kin took care 
of the arrangements. (He pauses and puts a hand on Peter's shoulder) I am 
sorry Peter.

Later that morning Niamh is wiping off the bar when Peter enters.  

Niamh:  You were up early, out for a walk?
Peter :  Yeah, to the Church yard to see her. 
Niamh:  Assumpta's not there, and you can say her name you know.
Peter looks uncomfortable.
Peter:  Do you know where she is?
Niamh:  Don't know.  Leo took care of everything.  It didn't seem to matter 
anyway, she was gone.
Peter:  Well, I need to know.  I didn't come back to grieve.  I came home to 
start my life again.  I need       closure.
(Niamh nods her head in understanding).
Peter:  So I'm off to Cilldargen to check her records.  I can stop in at the 
social service office while I'm there, to let them know I've arrived.
Niamh: (drops her towel and comes around bar) I'm coming with you.
Peter:  I thought it didn't matter to you were she's buried.
Niamh:  Well, now you've got me wondering!

Peter and Niamh are at the mortuary in Cilldargen where Assumpta had been 
taken after her death.  The secretary is searching through files.  He finds a 
folder and pulls it out.  
Secretary:  Here we are then. (Looking at the date on it) Right before I 
started working here.  (Looking inside the folder) That's strange, the 
admission forms are here, but no sign of a death certificate or transport 
notes.  (Peter and Niamh look puzzled).
Peter:  What does that mean?
Secretary:  Well, I guess they could have been mis-filed.  Leave me a number 
and I'll call if I find anything.

 Cut to Peter and Niamh in Niamh's car driving back t BallyK.

Peter:  You heard what he said Niamh, it was just mis-filed.
Niamh:  I can't help thinking..what if?
Peter:  Niamh (very seriously), I was with her, I saw her. (His voice trails 
Niamh:  I'm sorry Peter,

Later that afternoon, Niamh and Peter are in the Pub.  Niamh is behind the 
bar, Peter is going through some paperwork that he had picked up in 

Brendan:  Ah, there you are Peter, care for some fishing?

Cut to Peter, Brendan, and Padraig fishing below the bridge in the River 
Angel.  Brendan is teaching Peter how to fly fish and Padraig is sitting 
down, serving them beers.  There are quite a few empty beer cans laying 
around.  Brendan is taking the whole matter quite seriously.  Padraig is 
commenting and drinking.  Peter is tipsy but trying to concentrate on what 
Brendan is saying.

Brendan:  That's it Peter, nice and easy now.  (His line sails neatly into 
the river).

Peter tries in earnest but accidentally catches Brendan's fishing hat and 
casts it into the river.

Brendan:  Hey!  That Îs my lucky hat. (He splashes in after it).

Padraig , laughing hysterically, rolls backwards .  Peter, laughing, tries to 
regain his composure as Brendan wades back out.

Padraig:  Another drink there Peter?
Brendan:  Not until I take away his weapon! (He grabs Peter's pole).

By then Peter is laughing so hard that he can not respond.

Brendan:  Well, I'm glad I can be of some entertainment to you.  So you still 
can then can you?!

Cut to Pub.  Peter walks in wearing  Brendan's hat carrying a tiny fish on a 
string .  He is looking quite jovial.  Niamh is on the phone making 
arrangements for airline tickets.

Peter:  I've caught dinner Niamh!  (She holds one finger up)
Niamh:  That's right, a flight to London, O.K. Thank you. (She hangs up)
Peter:  (Sobering up a bit) Why are you going to London ?
Niamh:  I called Leo, asking about Assumpta.  He told me it was none of my 
business and hung up on me!  I'm not gonna let him talk to me like that!  He 
is up to something  and I'm going to find out what it is!
Peter:  (Seriously)I'm going with you.

Niamh hands him his bag which she had already packed and grabs her own.  
Peter looks surprised.

Niamh:  I thought you might say that!  Let's go then.

Cut to London.  Peter and Niamh are getting out of a taxi cab in front of  
Leo's residence.  The house has  stairs leading up to a porch.  The door is 
recessed in the middle of the porch.  They start up the stairs together, then 
Niamh stops and looks at Peter.

Niamh:  Maybe it would be best if I went up alone first. 

Peter nods in agreement and steps back down to the street.  Niamh walks up to 
the door and is about to knock when Leo opens the door on his way out.  He 
shocked to see her  and is about to tell her to go away, but then changes his 
mind and silently motions her inside.  Leo leads Niamh to the kitchen and 
closes the door behind them, he seems quite nervous.

Leo:  Niamh, what are you doing here?!
Niamh:  What do you think?!  I just want to know where you had Assumpta 
Leo:  I told you, it is none of your business!  I'm her husband!
Niamh:  And I was her best friend!

Cut to Peter who has become restless waiting in the street and has wandered 
up onto the porch.  He walks to the right side and can hear the muffled 
sounds of Leo and Niamh's argument.  He begins to pace back and forth .  As 
he walks to the left side of the porch he absently gazes at a window whose 
curtain is parted.  Something catches his eye and he can't help but lean 
closer to get a better look into the sitting room of Leo's house.  With and 
astonished look on his face he stumbles towards the door to let himself in.

Cut to Niamh and Leo still arguing.

Niamh: (in tears by now) Do you have any idea what losing her did to me.  
It's as though my life has fallen apart. I loved her too! (Leo's defenses 
seem to melt away)

Leo:  (Leo drops his head and turns away for her) I'm sorry Niamh.  I had no 
idea. I shouldn't have kept the truth from you.

Cut to Peter who had entered the house .  He can hear the muffled voices of 
Niamh and Leo behind the door on his right.  He looks to his left and moves 
towards the sitting room.  He reaches the doorway and looks in to see the 
back of a woman sitting in a wing back chair.  He can't see her face. She is 
so engrossed in a book (The Thorne Birds) that is oblivious to what is going 
on around her.  Peter moves slowly around the chair. keeping his back against 
the wall.  He strains to get a look at her face and whispers questioningly:

Peter:  Assumpta?

The woman takes a fright and  spins around in her chair .  Peter sees  her 
face as she exclaims:

Assumpta:  Do ya get a kick out of sneaking up on people?

Peter stumbles towards the chair and his legs seem to give out underneath him 
as he falls to his knees beside the chair.  

Peter:  (with shock and disbelief) Assumpta!

Assumpta, confused,  looks at Peter seemingly without recognition. 

Leo:  What is he doing here Niamh?! (Niamh and Leo have just appeared in the 

Assumpta turns to look at them and a wave of recognition begins to come over 
her when she sees Niamh.

Assumpta:  Niamh? ·Niamh! (something clicks in Assumpta's head)

She is still staring wide eyed at Niamh when she remembers the man kneeling 
next to her .  Ever so slowly she begins to turn her head towards Peter.  
Finally her eyes meets his and with tears beginning  to well up in her eyes  
she says:

Assumpta:  Peter?

Assumpta suddenly puts her hands to her head in pain as her memory rushes 
back.  She passes out from the shock and Peter catches her as she collapses 

Leo:  Look what you've done to her!!

Peter:  No! Look at what you have done to her!

Leo starts to move towards Peter and Assumpta but Niamh tells him to go call 
the ambulance.  Niamh goes to help  Peter with Assumpta. 

Cut to the waiting room of the hospital.  Peter and Leo are pacing at 
different corners of the room with Niamh standing  between them with her arms 
folded.  Peter and Leo shoot an occasional  glare at each other , but they 
are all silent.  The doctor finally walks in to give them an update.  He 
addresses Leo.  Peter steps back as the doctor speaks, feeling out of place.

Doctor:  Your wife is doing fine.  Her memory just came back a bit too fast.  
She just needs a some rest.
Niamh:  Can we see her.
Doctor:  Yes, the nurse will be out in a moment .

Leo waits expectantly for the nurse as Niamh goes to stand by Peter.  The 
nurse arrives, shuffling through papers on her clipboard.

Nurse:  Ms. Fitzgerald would like to see the gentleman in the waiting room· 
(Leo goes to move forward, as the nurse looks down to read the name)· Peter.

Leo backs up and turns away  as Peter follows the nurse though the doorway 
and into Assumpta's room.  The Nurse enters and takes a tray out leaving 
Peter standing just inside the doorway.  He is uneasy, not knowing what to 
expect.  Assumpta looks a him, smiles, and holds her hand out to him.  He 
hesitantly moves towards her.

Assumpta:  I won't bite you know. (smiling at his uncertainty)

Peter smiles shyly and walks to take her hand and sits down next to her on 
the bed.  Peter stares at her in disbelief.  He holds her hand tightly.

Assumpta:  What..?
Peter:  I would never have left you ...I thought you had died. (breathlessly)
Assumpta:  You can't get rid of me that easily! (Peter gives her a weak smile)
Peter:  (seriously) I was sure you were gone. I stayed with you..( Assumpta 
begins to realize the pain he had gone through).
Assumpta:  I'm sorry.  I can't imagine how that was for you. (she gently 
strokes his face and his emotions take over as he breaks down.  Assumpta 
holds him in her arms as he quietly sobs).

Cut to Niamh and Leo, still in the waiting room, in the middle of a 

Leo:  Went I went back to Cilldargen to claim Assumpta's body, I couldn't 
believe it, the medics were working on her!  They said she just started 
breathing!  She was in a comma, but alive.  I brought her back to London, to 
a special clinic.  Everything seemed normal, she just wouldn't wake up.  I 
didn't even think of calling you, all I cared about was her.  Then one day, 
she woke up.  I was there and she knew me.  Her memory was limited.  She 
thought we were still together; right after school.  The doctor said it was 
best not to push it , to let her memory come back in its own time.  But it 
didn't, and we were happy.  She remembered me Niamh! (Leo walks towards 
Assumpta's room and Niamh follows).

Cut to Peter and Assumpta.  He sits up wiping his eyes, regaining his 

Peter:  What do you remember?
Assumpta: (slowly, trying to sort it all out) These months in London seem 
like a vague dream from which I have just awakened.  For me, it was yesterday 
that we made plans to be together .

Peter draws in a sharp breath of disbelief.  He had been afraid to hope that 
she would again choose him over Leo after all that had happened.  Assumpta is 
unsure of what  Peter is thinking so she continues.

Assumpta:   Peter where have you been since then?
Peter:   All that doesn't matter now. (Still trying to absorb what she had 
just confessed). 
Assumpta:  (guardedly) Yes, it does.  Time had passed for you Peter.  Your 
life has gone on.  I would understand if you feel differently now.

Peter looks at her with shocked disbelief and takes her hand in his and holds 
it to his chest. 

Peter:  Assumpta, you have always been with me.  I have never, could never 
stop loving you. (They smile deeply at each other as reality sinks in).

Leo, who has been standing in the doorway, turns to leave.  He seems 
genuinely moved by what he has just witnessed.

Niamh:  Where are you going.
Leo:  To see my solicitor.
Niamh:  (suspiciously)  What for?
Leo:  To do what I should have done long ago, to set her free.

Cut to Niamh picking Assumpta up from Leo's house.   Assumpta is carrying a 
small piece of luggage.

Niamh:  Is that all you're taking?
Assumpta:  Nothing in there is mine.  Time for a fresh start.

Cut to Peter talking on the Hotel phone to Brendan.

Peter:  Brendan, its Peter.  (smiling) Ya better sit down!

Cut to interior of Fitzgeralds.  It is late at night and the pub is closed. 
Peter, Assumpta, and Niamh enter.  The pub is decorated for Assumpta's home 
coming celebration, planned for the next day.

Assumpta:  I'm glad we didn't tell them we were taking an earlier flight in.  
(wandering around the pub)  I'm not in for a crowd tonight.

Niamh opens a bottle of champagne and fills three glasses. They each take 
one.  Assumpta walks behind to bar and smiles as she scan's the familiar 
room.  Peter moves to the fire place to stoke the fire.  Niamh watches them 
both and takes a final sip of her drink.

Niamh:  I'm off to bed now.  Welcome back Assumpta. (They embrace and Niamh 
says goodnight to Peter and Assumpta  then goes upstairs).
Peter is watching Assumpta intently as she walks from behind the bar toward 
him.  He raises his glass to touch hers as she joins him in front of the 

Peter: (tenderly) Welcome home Assumpta.

She smiles up at him and they each take a sip. They set their glasses down 
and join hands.

Peter:  Ya better pinch me, I'm afraid I'm dreaming.
Assumpta:  I have a better idea.  (She slides her hand behind his head and 
gently pulls it down as she tenderly kisses him).  Still think you're 
Peter:  No! (his voice his nothing more than a small squeak out of the back 
of his throat )

They both laugh at his reaction to the kiss.  Peter then becomes serious and 
her softly holds her face between his hands.  They look intensely into each 
others eyes, there are no words that could be spoken now.  Peter bends 
forward and nuzzles her hair then kisses her forehead.  He pauses another 
moment then moves to kiss her deeply on the lips.  They give into the kiss, 
their arms wrapping around one other, as their passion takes control.  After 
a time, the kiss subsides into an embrace, with Assumpta's cheek against his 
chest and Peter's face buried in her hair.