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Stormy, Stormy Night        by Michele Lyons

Two weeks have passed since Assumpta's home coming.  Life in BallyK is 
settling back down as the village adjusts to Peter and Assumpta being back.  
Niamh has talked Brain into returning the Pub to Assumpta, who has moved back 
in. Niamh and family have moved back into the garda house.  Peter is staying 
with Brendan.  He doesn't want to rush things between he and Assumpta, and 
just wants to take things slowly.  Peter is feeling very apprehensive at the 
thought of the physical part of their relationship evolving.  Celibacy has 
been a way of life for him for so long.  
At this point, Assumpta needs to get her bearings, to  feel settled.  Peter 
has been putting time into to the job he has just started, while spending as 
much time as possible with Assumpta, being careful not to crowd her.  
Assumpta is deeply touched at how sweetly he has been treating her, he 
reminds her of a school boy with his first crush.

It is early evening and Peter and Brendan are inside Brendan's house.  They 
are both sitting and reading, the dinner plates piled high on the table. 
Peter is distracted from his reading as he hears the far off droning of what 
sounds like an airplane engine.  He looks up at Brendan who doesn't hear it,  
so he goes back to his reading.  A few seconds later, Brendan hears the sound 
as it grows a bit louder.  He glances at Peter who, deeply absorbed in his 
book , doesn't take notice.  A few seconds later, the sound of the engine 
grows a great deal louder and they simultaneously look at each other with a 
look of curiosity and confusion.  The sound of a failing airplane engine 
suddenly fills the room and they both leap to their feet in an attempt the 
leave the house, but collide and knock each other down.  As they scramble 
about, the engine begins to sputter.  Finding  their legs , they dash from 
the house.  They run a few yards while looking up at the sky and stop and 
stare in amazement as a small aircraft (WWII Spitfire) plunges into the 
house.  They notice a man in a parachute waving as he floats towards the 

Pilot:  (as he descends)  Don't worry, I'm O.K.

Peter:  (to Brendan) I'm glad we didn't bother doing the dishes.

Roll Titles

Peter, Brendan, and the pilot enter Fitzgerald's .  The pilot, who is dressed 
in vintage  WWII British paratrooper garb, seems unaffected by the scene 
which just unfolded.  Peter and Brendan on the other hand, look pale and 
shaken.  Assumpta looks up and notices the look on their faces.

Assumpta:  Is his cooking that bad Peter?
Brendan:  (As he and Peter collapse onto bar stools) Three pints Assumpta.   
Peter:  Do you have anything larger?
Assumpta:  Peter! (surprised by his out of character statement)
Pilot:  And one phone please miss?
Assumpta:  (motioning him towards the phone) What's with the Red Baron?
Brendan:  Let's just say we had an unexpected guest drop in.

Cut to a few hours later at the pub.  The pilot, an eccentric wealthy 
American,  is talking to the crowd which has gathered around him about his 
adventures in Europe.  As a WWII enthusiast, he had decided to spend some of 
the profits from his business trying to relive the war.  He is quite a hit 
with his amusing tales and endless  rounds of drinks.  Liam and Donal enter 
and join the party. Liam addresses Brendan.

Liam:  We have the crane out there now and tarps over the roof in case it 
rains.  We'll pull the plane out tomorrow morning.

Cut to later that evening in the pub.  It is getting close to closing time 
and only the regulars remain.  In the distance a storm can be heard rolling 

Padraig:  If a cat has nine lives, where does that leave us?
Siobon:  It leaves each of these two with one less. (motioning to Brendan and 
Assumpta:  (Looking at Peter and trying not show how much the near miss had 
scared her ) That makes us even.
Peter:  Assumpta! (Assumpta smiles innocently at him).
Padraig:  Well, I'm off then.  I'll be by to help you tomorrow Brendan. 
(Brendan nods to him)
Siobon:  (to Brendan) We had better get back too.  The baby sitter has 
probably just about had it!  Aisling hates thunder storms.
Brendan:  You sure you don't mind now?
Siobon:   Are you kidding, Aisling will get a kick out of having Daddy at her 
beck and call all night! 
Brendan:  Can't wait! (he gets up to follow Siobon but leans over to Peter, 
glancing upstairs and smiling) At least you haven't far to go.  Don't do 
anything I wouldn't do!
Peter: (mumbles) Or that I've never done.
Brendan:  (not having heard him) What?
Peter:  (Surprised that he had said that out loud) Nothing, goodnight.
Peter looks up at Assumpta and by the way she is looking at him, he knows 
that she had heard him.  He blushes.
Assumpta:  (smiling devilishly) Don't worry, I'll be gentle.
Peter:  Assumpta!
Assumpta:  I'm sorry, I couldn't resist!  Any way there is a whole hallway 
between us, and we're not teenagers you know.
Peter relaxes a bit and smiles at her.

Cut to Peter and Assumpta walking upstairs to go to bed.  The sound of 
thunder has grown louder. They pause and give each other a tender but brief 
kiss before going into separate rooms. Assumpta lightly closes her door and 
smiles to herself.  Peter closes his door soundly and leans with his back 
against it and exhales deeply.

Cut to Siobon's house with Siobon and Brendan entering.  Siobon picks up 
Aisling, gives her a kiss, and pays the baby sitter, who then leaves.
Siobon:  (handing Aisling to Brendan) Goodnight then, I've got an early call 
in the morning.
Brendan opens his mouth to protest, but Siobon is already  half way up the 

Cut to a few minutes later.  Assumpta, who has changed into a nightgown with 
a robe over it, is trying to close her window, as rain has started to blow 
in.  Her door had blown open.  The window is stuck so she gives it a hard tug 
, but it doesn't budge and she falls backwards into her night stand which 
goes over with a loud crash.

Cut to Peter who has his pajama bottoms on and is just beginning to button 
his top when he hears the crash form Assumpta's room.  He runs out to the 

Peter:  Assumpta?! Are you all right?
Assumpta:  I'm fine Peter , but I could use a hand.
Peter walks into her room as she straightens up the night stand.
Assumpta:  I can't seem to get that window closed; would you give it a try.
Peter:  Sure. ( He works at the window for a moment then it slides shut).
Peter:  Are you all set then?
Assumpta:  Yes, but you're not! (She motions towards his pajama top which he 
had mis-buttoned in his haste to check on her.  Assumpta smiles and goes to 
fix it) You've got it buttoned all wrong.
Peter:  It's all right, I can·(trying to fix it himself)
But Assumpta has already begun to unbutton his top, with every intention of 
straitening it up for him.  When she gets to the last button, the front of 
his shirt falls open. In an attempt to get a hold of both sides of the night 
shirt, her fingers accidentally brush against his chest.  Peter gasps and 
gently grabs her wrists.  At that instant , a bolt of lightning hits near by 
and the lights flicker out.  
Peter:  Assumpta? (He is painfully awkward and is acutely aware of his 
complete lack of experience.  He searches for her face and gets brief 
glimpses of her as the flashes of lightning illuminate the room).
Assumpta:  Peter, it is all right. (His hands release her wrists and drop to 
his sides.  She lifts her hand and places it on his chest over his heart.  
She can feel the connection between them and is astounded by the power of it. 
She then says in a whisper).  Do you have any idea, · Of how much I love you?

With that, Assumpta slides her hands inside Peter's shirt and embraces him.  
Peter wraps his arms around her and listens to his heart pounding in his ears 
as strobes of light illuminate the room around them. Assumpta steps back and 
slides his shirt the rest of the way off.  She then removes her robe 
revealing a white sleeveless night gown.  Peter gets a glimpse of her in 
another flash of lighting and pulls her to him and kisses her face and neck.  
Assumpta holds tightly to his shoulders to steady herself as the waves of 
passion begin to flow.  She begins to kiss his bare chest and runs her hands 
along his back and arms.  Assumpta steps back again and gently pulls at the 
draw string of his bottoms which then drop to the floor.  Peter watches her 
intensely as she pulls her gown over her head.  They move together and for a 
long moment, just hold one other; in complete surrender to their feelings, 
marveling their past and at where they now are.  Assumpta gently takes 
Peter's hands and walks backward towards her bed.  She kneels on the bed and 
pulls Peter up to  face her. Gentle caresses soon give way to intense passion 
and with nature's own accompaniment, Peter and Assumpta finally express their 
love .  As the storm ends, and the crickets begin to sing, they lay entwined, 
deep in sleep.

Cut to Brendan, that same night, pacing around Siobon's house comforting  a 
crying Aisling.

Cut to the next morning.  The morning sun fills Assumpta's bedroom.  Both are 
still sleeping.  Peter stirs, which wakes Assumpta.  He raises himself up 
onto one elbow as she looks up at him.  They both grin happily at each other. 

Cut to Siobon's kitchen in the morning.  Aisling and Siobon are bright and 
cheery.  Brendan walks in, exhausted.  Siobon holds out a cup of tea which he 
takes without pausing then drops into a chair, smiling grimly at his 
Siobon:  Good morning , sunshine.  (Brendan just grumbles a reply as Siobon 

Cut to Brendan's house later that morning.  Brian is dealing with the pilot 
who is on the phone with his insurance adjusters.  Liam is overseeing the 
crane operator as the crane lifts the plane out from the roof.  Brian is 
watching absently until he notices that Donal is inside the cockpit of the 

Brian:  (to Liam) What is he doing in there!?
Liam:  He's always wanted to fly a plane Mr. Quigley.
Brian: (dryly) And that's about as close as he'll get.

Brendan arrives.
Brendan:  Is my skylight ready yet Brian?
Pilot:  (looking up from his phone conversation)  That could be arranged.
Brian:  (to Brendan) He's not kidding either.

Assumpta's van arrives with Assumpta driving.  Brendan turns and walks 
towards it.  Peter and Assumpta get out of the van.  Assumpta is calm and 
cool as usual, but Peter's face has the last night's events written all over 
it.  Peter, of course, is oblivious to this fact.
Brendan:  (smiling coyly)  Sleep well Peter?
Assumpta shoots Brendan a threatening glare.
Peter:  (watching the plane being lifted) Yea, I did thanks.
Brendan smiles again and looks at Assumpta, who, still glaring at him, cracks 
a little smile.  She then follows Peter's gaze to the plane.
Assumpta:  God, that was close!
Peter turns to look at her.  The join hands and he kisses on the cheek.
Peter:  I'll be back later. 
They gaze at each other for a bit, then Assumpta leaves.  Peter turns to 
Brendan who is still smiling at him.
Peter:  What?
Brendan:  Nothing , nothing.

More people from the village show up to see the sights.  Peter and Brendan 
join Brian who is still waiting for the pilot to finish his phone 
conversation.  Brian nods to them both, but does a double take when he looks 
at Peter.
Peter:  (cheerfully to Brian) Some storm last night.
Brian:  Oh, is that what they're calling it these days? (Brendan tries not to 
Peter:  (questioning) Sorry?
Brian:  Nothing.

Cut to later that morning  Brian is happily wheeling and dealing with the 
pilot  and his insurance agents.  They have papers and estimates lying all 
over the front of Brian's truck.  Brendan and Peter are rooting around in the 
house .  Wooden posts support  the roof and second floor.  Peter is gathering 
anything of his that he can find.  Brendan is doing the same.  They notice 
that the chairs they had been sitting in the night before are totally 
destroyed.  Then they notice that the kitchen table, with all of its dirty 
dishes, has come through unscathed.

Brendan:  Well doesn't that just figure!  Now I'll have to wash them after 
Peter starts to laugh. At first Brendan remains sour, but the absurdity of 
the situation gets to him and they have a good laugh together.

Cut to Fitzgeralds where Assumpta is readying the bar for the lunch hour.  
She is contentedly humming as she works.  Niamh walks in and stops and stares 
at her friend.
Assumpta:  What are you staring at?
Niamh:  I've just never heard your musical talents before..(Niamh waits for 
an explanation, but Assumpta only smiles and shrugs her shoulders.  Niamh 
gives her a dry smile and leaves.

Cut back to Brendan's house where the pilot is shaking hands with Brendan.
Pilot:  Sorry again for any inconveniences; I'll be sure to make it up to you.
Brian:  (contentedly leafing through the settlement papers)  He certainly 
The pilot and agents leave, as Brain continues to glow as he looks at the 
numbers on the papers.
Peter and Padraig are loading Brendan's things into Padraig's truck.  Liam 
and Donal can be seen in the distance playing war with the plane.  
Brian:  (Annoyed)  Would you two get back to work.  We're not building a 
playground here!

Padraig:  (to Peter and Brendan)  Can I give you boys a lift?
Peter:  (as he jumps into the truck)  Yea, could you take me back to 
Brendan:  (out of Peter's earshot) Oh, the lure of a woman.
Padraig:  I think you've lost your house guest.

Cut to later that evening at Fitzgerald's.  Peter is helping Assumpta out 
behind the bar and  talking to Padraig.
Peter:  Do you have any cars you are looking to sell?
Padraig:  I'll give you a great deal on an old motor bike.
Assumpta:   Not that again, don't encourage him Padraig. (she smiles at Peter 
who smiles back)
She looks at her watch and rings to bar bell.
Assumpta:  That's it, everybody finish up!
Everyone moans and complains that she is closing a lot earlier than usual. 
Assumpta:  Have you no lives of your own?

The patrons file out with Brendan and Padraig the last to leave.  Assumpta 
locks the door behind them and goes to stand across the bar from Peter. She 
leans against it.
Peter:  (gazing at Assumpta) I never knew a day could last so long.
Assumpta:  (smiling coyly at him)  I know.

Cut to just outside of the Pub.  Brendan and Padraig are standing facing the 
locked door, looking like two lost little boys.
Padraig:  Want to go to my place?  I've got something I brewed up myself.
Brendan:  Yea -  I think we'll be making a habit of it.

Roll credits