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Title: You Had Me From Hello
Author: Jason Lundy

Some months ago someone requested that a Fanfic be written that had more 
of Peter and Assumpta's thoughts and feelings. It has been more difficult 
than we thought because I constantly had to fight my husbands desire to 
shoot Father Mac, have him run over by Brian's golf course lawn mower or 
give him a heart attack while in a compromising situation with Kathleen. 

Series 3 before all the angst and rotten ending. 

'You had me from hello' 

This was turning out to be a terrible day. Peter had had another one of 
those dreams last night. It had seemed so real. When he woke and saw that 
it was only 1:30, he knew that it would be hours before he could drift off 
again, and it was, falling to sleep only minutes before the alarm. When it 
sounded it left him startled and jittery, feeling out of sync all morning. 
Even when he was saying mass his thoughts began to wander, drifting back 
to events in the dream. He had to make an effort to pull himself back. He 
wondered if any of the half dozen congregation had noticed. He was 
embarrassed and ashamed. In the afternoon he was called out to the home of 
one of the mountainy men. The tiny house had been cramped, far from clean 
and full of strange overpowering odors. Soon after he left the mountainy 
man the car began to act up. He coaxed it for several miles before it quit 
all together, at least 10 miles from town. Generally he enjoyed a good 
walk, but he had little sleep last night, it was pouring rain and of 
course he was wearing the wrong shoes. He sat in the car for sometime 
hoping for either the rain to let up or for someone to pass by. Finally 
without hope of rescue, he started out. It would be long dark by the time 
he reached town. His mind turned again to Assumpta. It was bad enough when 
she had only haunted his nights, but now she was taking over the days as 
well. He gave in and let the fantasy play as he walked. About a mile from 
town a farmers van stopped for him. When it dropped him off he realized he 
didn't have his house key. Peter turned and trudged down the street. The 
warm beckoning glow from Fitzgeralds windows put him at ease for the first 
time all day. 

Assumpta had, had little business all day. The heavy rain had kept people 
home. It was now, when she was alone, the bar closed that she realized how 
much she missed having someone to share her life. Why did she stay in this 
tiny town where couples were chosen almost from birth, and there had never 
been someone for her. Why wasn't there someone for her. Peter. How 
different things might have been, should be. Her thoughts turned to him so 
often lately. Yesterday they had been talking, she had looked into his 
green eyes and lost all track of the conversation. What would it be like 
to kiss him. Hold him. Luckily they hadn't been alone, she didn't need the 
whole town to know what she felt. She had already locked the door, she 
might just as well go up to bed. Not that she would sleep, for months now 
Peter had been showing up in her dreams. He was getting in to the habit of 
doing some very unpriestly things. There might not be a ghost of a chance 
for the waking Peter and Assumpta but the dream ones were doing nicely, 
thank you. She stepped into the kitchen to turn off the light when she 
heard a tapping at the door. A customer. Too late, she wasn't in the mood. 
They'd just have to go home. 

The door was locked. Was nothing ever going to go right today. He knocked 
lightly on the door. Assumpta opened it: 

A: Peter, you're soaked, come in 

P: Thanks, I was afraid you were closed 

A: What's happened to you? 

P: My car quit on me again 

A: Let me get you a drink and a towel 

P: Lovely 

A: How long were you out in that rain 

Peter took off his shoes and jacket. After drying off he helped Assumpta 
push the chairs closer to the fire. For over an hour they sat and talked. 

Sitting there watching him, she thought this is how it should be. The two 
of them by the fire, talking, being that missing part of the others life. 
He was exhausted. He closed his eyes. She felt a huge wave of affection 
for him. Right now he really did look like that young boy she was always 
on to Niamh about. 

Peter had hardly closed his eyes when the dream began. Assumpta was 
calling his name, her hand on his shoulder, he fought it but his eyes 
opened. There she was, only inches away. He wanted to reach out for her, 
but he didn't. 

A: Peter, why don't you stay here tonight. Any room you want. 

He stood slowly, they exchanged a very charged look, his hand took hers. 
They stood for several seconds just looking at each other. He pulled her 
close, kissing her lightly and then with a fierceness that surprised her. 
She stopped thinking and he stopped fighting his conscience. After a while 
they went upstairs outside her bedroom door she broke off the kiss. 

A: Still time to change your mind 

His answer was another kiss, he opened the door and carried her through. 

She had made love with other men but this was different. She felt a 
connection to Peter that would make any other man irrelevant. She was 
truly in love with Peter. 

He kissed her again, he saw a look in her eyes that he had never 
recognized before. Peter knew that this was where he was meant to be. Home 
was here in her arms. 

Morning Fitzgeralds kitchen, Peter and Assumpta are sitting at the table. 

P: You know, you had me from hello. 

A: What! 

P: That first day, in the rain, when you stopped for me, I thought you 
were probably the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen 

A: What do we do now Peter, you're still a priest? 

P: Fr Mac will be back from his conference on Friday. I'll give him my 
letter of resignation then 

A: There will be an awful lot of talk 

P: If Niamh could take the pub, we could go away for a while 

A: Are we going to tell anyone about us? 

P: Lets wait 

Exterior early morning Assumpta is putting suitcases in van, hugs Niamh 

A: Don't let Kieran forget his auntie Assumpta 

N: What are you going to do with yourself 

A: I'll tell all when I get back 

Assumpta drops the keys into Niamh's hand 

A: Just don't burn it down 

Assumpta looks back at Fitzgerald's then at the town, catches her breath, 
gets in the van waves and slowly drives away. 

Day interior Fr Mac's study 

P: I've made my decision 

FR. Mac: I hate to see a priest of your ability throw his vocation away 
especially on someone like Assumpta Fitzgerald. 

Peter stands leans across his desk 

P: I realize that you think I'm making a mistake, but I wont have you 
saying anything against Assumpta, she's blameless in this 

FR. Mac: Women like Assumpta are never.... 

Peter reaches out pokes Fr Mac's lapel 

P: Not another word...ever. You have my letter of resignation please 
forward it to the bishop. 

Peter crosses to the door 

P: I love the church Father and you know that I really made every effort 
to get along with you. But if I ever hear one thing against Assumpta my 
respect wont stop me from coming back here. 

Peter exits. Fr Mac gets very red in the face, gasps for breath and grabs 
his chest with one hand and fumbles for the pills with the other. 

Cut to exterior of Fr Mac's house, Peter slams door and walks out to 
Assumpta's van, takes a deep breath gets in. 

Interior of van 

A: I wont ask 

P: Good 

A: Are you okay 

P: I am now. I thought for a minute I might throttle him 

A: Why 

P: Doesn't matter, he's no longer a thorn I have to bare 

A: Where to 

P: 3 of my former fellow seminarians said they would marry us. All we have 
to do is decide which one 

They turn look at each other with sudden revelation 

A&P: Tim MacAnally 

Weeks later 

Night interior bedroom, dark phone rings, hand fumbles to answer 

P: Hello 

N: Is this the number for Assumpta Fitzgerald? 

P: Just a moment 

Peter turns on the light hands Assumpta the phone mouths "Its Niamh" 

A: Hello Niamh 

N: Assumpta how did you know it was me 

A: Is everybody okay? 

N: Were fine but there's a problem with the bar 

A: What 

N: We had an electrical fire tonight 

A: Was anyone hurt 

N: No but the bars a mess 

A: Can you have Brian start things for the insurance? 

N: Assumpta who answered the phone?? 

Weeks later 

Morning exterior Garda house. Door opens Niamh steps out heads toward 
Kathleen's shop, sees Assumpta's van parked by Fitzgerald's. Goes in shop, 
hurries out with small purchase. Goes back into her house, back out, 
crosses street unlocks door to Fitzgeralds. It didn't look like Assumpta 
was up yet. Niamh was so glad Assumpta was home she could hardly wait to 
talk. She walked into the kitchen and put the kettle on. She made two cups 
of tea and started upstairs. She had her eyes on the cups as she entered 
and didn't look up until she was fully in the room. 

Assumpta had heard the downstairs door. She climbed out of bed, and put on 
a robe. She had to intercept Niamh before she stumbled across Peter. As 
she passed the bed Assumpta saw Peter was awake. His hand reached out for 
hers, he pulled her over for a kiss. It was quite a kiss. 

N: Assumpta....Oh my God! Niamh's shouted and the crashing cups broke their 
kiss. Niamh quickly back peddled out of the room and down the stairs. 

A: Niamh, wait, Niamh!! 

Niamh had almost reached the door when Assumpta caught her. 

A: Niamh, please wait. 

N: Assumpta a priest! 

Peter comes downstairs pulling on a shirt. 

P: Shall I make some more tea. We need to talk. 

Cut to interior kitchen Peter making tea 

P: Its good to see you Niamh, how are Ambrose and my namesake. 

N: They're fine. Oh my God.... 

Assumpta goes to stand by Peter, he takes her hand 

P: Assumpta put her mind to rest. Assumpta looks at him and chuckles.. 

A: I haven't fallen quite as far a you seem to think Niamh, Peter left the 
church two months ago. 

Exterior night Fitzgeralds sign on door "Grand Reopening Tonight" cut to 
interior totally redecorated, very crowded. Assumpta behind bar, rings 
bell, raises hand. 

A: A bit of hush if you will. First, I am very glad to be home. I've missed 
you all. Second, Brian what a wonderful job on the bar. The place never 
looked so good. Its nice to have toilets that flush, lights that don't 
start fires and the redecorating you did on my private rooms upstairs is 
lovely. Third, Niamh you are my best friend, if it wasn't for you Id be 
lost. Now for the most important item. As only a few of you know while I 
was away I visited Fr Mac's nephew Fr Tim. He was generous enough to 
perform my wedding. Since I couldn't invite you all to the wedding, I 
thought we could call tonight the reception. Niamh if you'll open the 
kitchen door Id like to introduce the Groom. 

The kitchen door opens and Peter steps out. Everyone brakes into applause 
and cheers. 

P: A round on the house he says. 

No one notices for a while, by then it was to late.. 

Over in the corner Fr Mac had grabbed his chest and slumped over!?!?