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The Dukes of Hazzard aired from 1979-1985 Friday nights at 8:00.(There was one season that John Schneider and  Tom Wopat went on strike. That was a dark time in the history of Hazzard. It was a joyful day when they returned. They left for a number of reasons such as: feeling they were not receiving a cut from the merchandise, and the low quality of some of the scripts.) It is now on again in reruns on CMT , (check your local listings), On April 25th the Dukes of Hazard Reunion aired. It was like revisiting old Hazzard county. Not much had changed since the last episode (Opening Night at The Boar's Nest) aired so many years ago.  A second reunion movie aired May 19, The Dukes Of Hazzard: Hazzard to Hollywood. It was a great movie, though didn't really revisit Hazzard  most the time was spent in Hollywood, though still great Dukes. Then there was the motion picture... I can't say anything nice so I won't say anything at all.

Hazzard County

Hazzard County is small town in in the hills of Georgia, where anything can happen, and usually does. People come into Hazzard thinking that its just like any other small town, just another hick town, nothing could be further from the truth - things are done differently in Hazzard. A normal day in Hazzard usually consists of Boss Hogg being involved in some money making scheme, and Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane chasing the Duke boys all around the county, trying to frame them for one thing or another. Where else could you see a car jump through a truck load of outhouses or across the creek? There is many great fishing holes in Hazzard which also serve as car washes for the patrol cars, that winding up there when trying to catch the Duke boys.

The Dukes lived on farm that was owned by Dukes for 5 generations. Cousins Bo, Luke and Daisy were raised by their Uncle Jesse. Uncle Jesse use to run moonshine and was one of the best moonshine runners in all of Hazzard. Bo and Luke continued with the family "trade" until one day while they were running shine and they were caught while they were making a run. Uncle Jesse made a deal with the government that the Dukes would never make or run any moonshine again if Bo and Luke could stay out of jail, so the boys were put on probation. Thus, they couldn't cross the state line without permission or use any firearms, so they used bow and arrows. They built a car for racing the General Lee, the fast car in all of Hazzard, with help from their friend Cooter Davenport. Daisy took a job at the Boars Nest, to help get the loan for them to get the car, which is owned by Boss Hogg. Bo and Luke were always being framed by Boss Hogg cause they would ruin his money making schemes. Boss Hogg was always trying to take their farm away, by trying to make them miss the loan payments with some crazy scheme.

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The Dukes

Lukas (Luke) K. Duke: The older and more rational Duke boy. He had Marine training. He did more of the crazy stunts, like jumping from one moving car to another. He is the one who usually came up with the ideas to get them out of trouble, which he contributed at getting them into. While in the Marines he took up boxing, though he gave it up after winning the championship match. He is a little better of a fighter then Bo, mostly because he had combat training. He was usually more quiet and not as out going as Bo. His handle is: Lost Sheep #1. Tom Wopat played his part.

Beauregard (Bo) Duke: Was the youngest Duke cousin.  He drove the General the most of the time. He was always willing to jump the General Lee no matter the distance, once he jumped 32 cars. He was the first to ever drive the General, and race the General, also he was the first jump it across a creek. Bo is always very friendly and out going though is quite quite naive at times. His handle is: Lost Sheep #2. John Schneider played Bo Duke. He was only 18 when the show started.

Daisy Mae Duke: She could shoot like Annie Oakly, drive like Richard Petty, and knew the words to every Dolly Parton song. She always helped the boys get out of trouble. She works at the Boar's Nest, because that way they could get a loan from Boss for 15% interest. Her handle is: Bopeep. She was played by Catherine Bach.

Uncle Jesse L. Duke: Ran the Duke farm, everyone in Hazzard respected him, he would never lie about anything. He was one of the best ridge runners in Hazzard and still could out drive most people. He always helped his boys get out of trouble. His handle is: Shepard. Devner Pyle played his part. Unfortunately he passed away on Thursday December 25, 1997.

General Lee: It may be a car but they still consider it a part of the family. Bo and Luke built it from the ground up. They built more into the car then just plugs and pistons. They built an engine with every ounce of know how they have. They got the car from an impound yard, the car had been used in a robbery and was banged up pretty bad, but they fixed it and put in the engine they built. They painted it orange "because' it was the only colour Cooter had, then the painted a rebel flag on the roof, stuck in a dixie horn, and uncle Jesse came up with the name General Lee. The General could beat or catch anything on the road given half a chance.

Cooter Davenport: Even though he is not a Duke, he is a Duke a heart. He is the Dukes best friend. He is a mechanical genius and can repair anything. He often helps get the Dukes out of trouble. His handle is: Crazy C. This part was played by Ben Jones.

The Law

Boss Jefferson Davis (J.D.) Hogg: He use to run moonshine with Uncle Jesse, now he runs the county. He is crooked he always is trying to make money illegally and skimming money from the county. He wants to send the Duke boys to jail because they ruin all his plans, so he is constantly trying to frame them. He was played by Sorrell Booke, who sadly passed away February 11th, 1994.

Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane: He use to be an honest lawman, one of the best in the state, but went crooked when he lost his pension. He does anything his brother in law Boss Hogg tells him do, at least most the time. He sets up phoney speed traps to catch the Duke boys, which usually ends with him in the Hazzard pond. He was played by James Best.

Flash:Was Rosco's dog he order her from a police gazette. She was suppose to be able to smell a crook a mile away, but all she really ever did was lay there. She hated Boss though so I guess she really could smell a crook.

Deputy Enos Strate: Was the only honest lawman in Hazzard. He would obey orders though and did chase the Duke boys, he to usually ended up in the pond. He left for about a year to work in L.A police department. He was played by Sonny Shroyer.

Deputy Cletus Hogg: Filled in when Enos was gone. He was Boss Hogg's 8th cousin. He would usually go along with Boss's plans, but sometimes helped the Dukes. He was played by Rick Hurst.

Other Characters:

Ballender- Waylon Jennings
Lulu Hogg- Boss Hogg's wife
Miz Tizzdale- post office lady
B.B Davenport- Cooter's cousin
L.B Davenport- Cooter's cousin
Sheriff Little- Chickasaw Sheriff
Jeb Stuart Duke- A cousin of the Dukes
Judd Kane- Luke's brother
Coy Duke- charisma impaired  "Bo "clone
Vance Duke- charisma impaired "Luke" clone


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