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Saturday 12/19/98
Just as I thought. I lost my whole site. Well, I wasn't paying for it, and the things I had uploaded were bigger than the space I have here. So, just to let you know.
Friday 8/07/98
Two days in a row that I have now edited this page. Ok well I put up some new movies in my movies section. You think, oh big deal. Well when the movies take about 30 minutes to upload then it is a big deal. Also keep on voting for Eric Cartman, person of the century. We need to pick him back up, and maybe to number one.
Thursday 8/06/98
I put a new survey up on the surveys section. Check that out and state your opinion. You never know it might get somewhere. Probably not but you can imagine if it did. This page will be updated again when I get a chance. I say that everytime but you know something? I don't care. Your gonna hear that every time.
Saturday 8/01/98
Holy S***! It's August already. Oh well, what have you? Let's see, oh yes I finally have made enough updates that I have to put some updates on a seperate page. I'm going to make some new surveys. They aren't up yet, but they are very simple to make. I was thinking to other day, and I thought about how many days one serving of WeightGain 4000 would last somebody. Check out my thoughts here. I also put it up in the table. I don't know when the next time is going to be that this site will be updated, due to the fact that my cd rom drive is broken. I have to get it cleaned and what not. Check out my recent updates and enjoy my site.

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