This is a brief run down of skate movies we've watched. This page will be updated when we watch more.


Issue 19 (45 Min.) 3 stars
Profiles- Daewon Song and Lavar McBride
Rookies- Pat Chinnita
Wheels of Fortune- Brian Gaberman and Jeremy Deglopper
Hard Rock Vert and Monster Mash contests
Long advertisments with skate shots, First Division, Supernaut, and Fairman's
Visalia skate camp
A lot of adds but most aren't boring
A small slam section

Big Brother

Untitled (45-60 Min.) 5 stars!!
Do you like blue midgets? How bout people poopin and peein in depends? Or some crazy guy at a gay convention calling everyone a fruit cake and taking pictures of them all? I thought so. This video is a little old, but it kicks ass. Half of it is skateing, the other half is the skaters being bad-asses. They steal flags from resturaunts, steal some old ladies glasses, its got it all. Its a must see for any skateboarder or non-skateboarder.


The End (35 Min.) not yet rated
This video features Rick McCrank, Andrew Reynolds, Willy Santos, Heath Kirchart, Steve Berra, Bucky Lasek, Jeremy Klein, and of course, Tony Hawk. I haven't watched this video yet, give me a day or two. Rumor has it its real tight.


Shorty's Hardware Team (25 Min.) 3.5 stars
This is an ok video from Shorty's. It has a lot of technical tricks and a variety of skaters. This video also has some drunk bums on it, they aren't all that funny though. It is about 66% street skating and 33% vert skating. This video doesn't have a slam section, but it needs one. After a while of watching this video you lose intrest and tired of it quick. It has good music though. Rosa, the Shorty's postergirl, is at the end for about 3 Min. It's not bad, but not great either.

Fulfill the Dream (45 Min.) 4 stars
This is a good video from Shorty's. It shows you why pros are pros, they can skate anywhere and do anything. This is 100% street skating, no vert at all. This video shows a good variety of tricks, a lot of tecnical stuff. This video Features Chad Muska, Steve Olson, Peter Smolik, Sammy Baptista, Toan Nguten, Jesses Silvey, Aaron Snyder, and Brandon Turner.

Toy Machine

Jump off a Building (48 Min.) 2 stars
This video features Brian Anderson, Mike Maldonado, Chris Senn, Ed Templeton, Elissa Steamer, Bam Margera, and Kerry Getz. I haven't seen this one yet either, but I do have it.


Thrill of it All (21Min.) 2.5 stars
This one features Adrian Lopez, Scott Copalman, Wade Burkitt, Erik Ellington, Jamie Thomas, Aaron Harrison, and Matt Mumford. Have watched this one yet either.

last update 1/18/99