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Get Sponsored life goes on, we get older and learn to accept the changes which might have occured in the past. I would just like to say farewell to a dear friend, Nina (20/12/81 - 4/5/99), who took her life on 4 May 1999. May you rest in peace and take care where ever you may be!

Born:10 November 1978
Place:Cape Town, South Africa
Brothers/sisters:2 Brothers (Craig - 23, Gareth - 14), 1 Sister (Lauren - 4)
Old High School:Wynberg Boys' High
Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts
Other activities involved in: Plays
Chairman of Marine (Piscatorial) Society
College:The Cape Technikon
Course:ND: Information Technology
Competitions:Represented Western Province in the South African Tae Kwon Do Knockdown Championships (Final Position: 3rd)
Acted In:Golden Grahams Breakfast Cereal - TV Commercial
Hobbies:Stamp Collecting
Roller Blading
Doing nothing
Webpage Design
Reverse Engineering stuff
Also enjoy:Swimming (when the water temperature is about 28 degrees C) *grin*
Fav Food:Pasta
Job title:Technical Assistant for Engen SA (Product: PeopleSoft)
Job description:Installations and Technical support as well as doing some HR work
Fav Work SnackToasted Cheese and Ham with a nice cup of coffee and muffin
Music:Any Dance music
Best CD:What's HOT in Derek "TheBandit's" Box
Websites Created:SHAWCO
Heltronic (Cape)Ltd (Printing machinery and Services)
Tracie Keller
Websites Helped:Lillian Bygdnes
Marc Schatz (GI-Joe)
Gavin Jewell
Weaver's Place
Programs written:Everything inside the Freeware section
Rare Enjoyments:IRC, chatting
Nicks:JayT, JayTe
ICQ Number:1633948

This photo was taken on 16 October 1998

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