Welcome to CollinWeb, my online tribute to the TV classic Dark Shadows.

Some former parts of the site-- including The Big Lou Site, and the official Nancy Barrett site--are now part of Dark Shadows Online (www.darkshadows

At Dark Shadows Online, you'll be able to purchase photos, books and more--signed by the stars of Dark Shadows.

-- Craig Hamrick

A note about dianamillay.com
Sometimes the "behind the scenes" world of Dark Shadows fandom seems more like a soap opera than the show itself. :-) Diana Millay and I wanted to respond to some silly rumors that have recently surfaced.

For several years, I ran Diana's official website, dianamillay.com, as part of CollinWeb. This year I decided to split CollinWeb up, because I was designing the new site (Dark Shadows Online). As I noted above, some of the content went to DSO, some stayed right here, and some went away completely. Diana wanted her site to stand alone. We both decided it would be a good time to make some changes. Our mutual friend Alane Megna generously agreed to become Diana's webmaster.

There have been rumors that all these changes were the result of bad feelings between Diana and myself, and that couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact, we are currently working together on a new project soon to be announced right here on CollinWeb.

 Why Dark Shadows?

People are always asking me, "Why are you a Dark Shadows fan?" Lots of kids ran home from school every day to catch the show back when it originally aired...but I was too young to do that. Instead, I read the Paperback Library DS books. Click here to read about the impact Dark Shadows had on my childhood, and how it helped me come of age.


Conversations: Over the years I've gotten to interview several of the stars of Dark Shadows. Included here are transcripts of some of those interviews, including conversations with Alexandra Moltke Isles, Lara Parker, Jonathan Frid, and Nancy Barrett--plus Dan "Marilyn" Ross, author of the Dark Shadows novels.


The Victoria Winters Website

With the phrase, "My name is Victoria Winters..." actress Alexandra Moltke kicked off the four-year run of Dark Shadows.
This site includes photos and fiction featuring this pivotal DS character who came to Collinwood in search of her roots. Included is a story by Dan "Marilyn" Ross -- about who Victoria's parents would have been in the Paperback Library Series, if she hadn't been written out when Moltke left the show.
The site is an online adaptation of "Victoria Winters: A Dark Shadows Anthology," which I published in the early 1990s.

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