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Rolf Harris Free Zone Picture Rolf Harris Free Zone Picture

This area has been declared as a Rolf Free Zone

Digitised pictures from the British Comedy show "The Goodies"

Version 1.2, last revised on September 1997
Soon to be the Goodies Windows 95 Themes page

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Many of these pictures will be going towards the theme as a grid of 6 x 6 pictures for the main backdrop. If you have any ideas for the theme pack or you can contribute, as I still need animated pointers and sounds for actions and pictures too, then email me.


Womens Lib Womens' Lib pictures.
Royal Command Royal Command pictures.
2001 and a Bit 2001 and a bit pictures.
Big Foot Big Foot pictures.
Robot Robot pictures.
Dodo Nuts Dodonuts pictures.
Change of Life Change of Life pictures.
Misc Miscellaneous episode pictures.
Theme A preview of the backdrop to be used for the win95 Goodies Theme.

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Check out the very cool Goodies pages at:
link image Alison Bean's Goodies Fan Club Lotsa stuff there.

Check out my Earthanasia HTML telescript complete with telesnaps (audio now available) at:
link image Earthanasia the Goodies episode.

And collect the audio track of the episode from here.
link image Earthanasia real audio file 1.5 megs, 26 minutes of audio.

Download some sound samples from various episodes
link image Goodies sound samples at my Goodies Sound Samples page

* New * (September 97) Mpeg audio/video clip from "Football Crazy"
Mock Advertisement Mock advertisement from the episode "Football Crazy". 1.6 Megs, 22 seconds.

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Feeling like a teapot? Bored as buggery? Email me:
email image Grayden Hanson.

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