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Welcome to All-Star Wrestling
2000 & 2001 Fed of the year as voted by the E-fed Hall of Fame

Updates for 03-26-04
The Wednesday Showdown Results are up. There were things going on that will keep you glued to the action every single minute. This is a show you don't want to miss!!

Updates for 03-24-04
The Sunday Slaughter Card Is Up!! There are major contender matches going on as well as the debut of a new wrestler taking on a former tag champion in the opening match. See you at the show!

Also ASW has a new angle board to help everyone better understand what is going on. The angles are posted there by the staff for all to see. We will see how it works.

One more thing. If you are not getting matches you want, use the challenge board and call out the wrestler you want to face. Not all challenges get signed but if you don't make a challenge it can never happen. It also helps give matches wrestlers want. USE IT!

Updates for 03-22-04
The Sunday Slaughter Results Are Up!! There were title matches as well as contender matches. Then there was the debut of a new wrestler that told all the wrestlers just how it is going to be. See you at the show!!

Updates for 03-20-04
The Wednesday Showdown Card Is Up!! There is a major title on the line along with contender matches and regular matches with 15 minute time limits. It's a card you don't want to miss. See you at the show!!!

Updates for 12-08-03
The ASW Chat Room link is below. Someone from the staff will be in the chat room from 8:15 PM to 10:15 PM EST. I hope to see all my ASW Wrestlers there. Prez. Rose


Updates for 12-01-03
Once again the Demon Warrior makes an appearance with Sweet Sexy Rose. We have finished the long awaited Awards Show for 2002. This was our third year and things continued at the same pace as the first two years. There were alot of wrestlers that entered ASW in 2002 but only a few can be called superstars. Now is the time to see just who the superstars are.... The link follows. And again I say thanks Rose to you and all the wrestlers in ASW, past and present, because ASW is alive and doing fine.


Updates for 8-10-03
Once again tonight the Demon Warrior makes an appearance with another announcement. With more help from Prez. Rose I have finished the Awards Show for 2001. This was our second year and things were moving full speed ahead so go see for yourself who took home the awards. The link follows. And thanks Rose to you and all the wrestlers in ASW, past and present. Good night.


Updates for 8-10-03
Just when you thought it was safe outside a Demon Warrior appeared. Well ASW as owner I am back to say a few words so sit back and listen with all the power of your attention. As you all know some of the links on the site don't work such as the ASW awards section. With much help from your Prez. Rose we have gathered all of the information to restore the 2000 Awards show along with all of the plaques. The link will follow as well as be placed on the page as soon as possible so enjoy a little ASW history. But while you do this there is yet another suprise. I have finally found all of the information and finished the 2001 Awards show. We are working on this as we speak and it will be up later this evening. Now for the 2000 Awards.


ASW Champions

World Heavyweight

Jay Jackson

North American


Canadian Heavyweight

Cody Frost

TV Champion
Ernie Green

Hardcore Champion


Shawn "Snow Kid" Walters

World Tag Team

Snowflakian Untied

Women's World

Shania "Snowbabe" Walters

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